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  • Hi! I'm Krissy and joining my first group here! I am a 30 year old wife and mom living in North Georgia. Been on this site since January with my sister as we encourage each other in our seperate goals! I am running my first 26.2 this weekend!!!! I have been an on and off runner for over 15 years (started with high school cross country). I have completed well over 50 5k and 10ks, 2 half marathons, and 2 sprint triathlons. Would like to find some more runner "friends". I am just here to keep myself in a healthy lifestyle.

    Good luck!!!!! I am so happy and excited for you! If happen to be running the Publix GA Marathon wave hello to me around Virginia Ave. I will be course marshal this weekend.

    Enjoy your journey!
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    Yep- that's the one! See ya there ;)
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    So happy to find this group of amazing people! I'm a future marathoner, and only started running nearly two years ago. I was 38 at the time and decided enough was enough and I was going to get in shape! The way I chose was to train for a 5k. Well, that really unleashed the beast inside of me. Since then, I've ran several races, 5k's, 10k, and 2 half marathons and have my training well underway for a 25k and my sights are set on the Grand Rapids Marathon this coming October! Best thing I ever did was decide to run. Not only has it helped me lose 50ish pounds (I fluctuate a lot!) but it's given me an entire community of the most awesome friends! This week I also started P90X because strength training has been half-hearted and I want to get RIPPED!!!! LOL... I'm a 40 (this Sunday) year old mom of two teenage boys... like it really matters if I have muscles! But somehow, it matters to me!!!!!
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    I'm Chris from Texas. I am 48 and have run 19 marathons. The last one being a 50K Ultra. My weight has been a challenge and I look forward to using the app on my phone to drop the 20 lbs. I am ready to toss. My next marathon is the NYC in November. I have 6 months and a lot of miles to log to drop the weight. I have also been working with a trainer to work on my strenght and core. I look forward to logging into a community of long distance runners.
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    G'day from the Ottawa Valley.

    After a long and highly successful career as a couch potato I took up running in my early 50s and, surprisingly, got hooked.

    In retrospect I'd say 5K races are the gateway (the proverbial "first taste is free") and I just ran my 3rd half-marathon last Sunday. I've got 3 more events lined up up for this year - a sprint tri in August, metric century ride (not a race - a fundraiser) in early September & the Army Run half-marathon.

    My wife is convinced I've lost my marbles as I've set my sights on running the full 26.2 at the Ottawa Marathon next year. No delusions of running with the lead pack (I actually saw them on Sunday when I was heading downtown - they were fast!) I just seem to enjoy the longer distances.....
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    Hi, I'm Crissie. I started running about 6 years ago as a way to reduce some significant life stres. It worked, and in the process, I found health and a love of running events. I ran my first (and only ) marathon in Chicago in 2010. And then took a break from running (felt like a chore, and not a joy anymore). After a year of focusing on Tri's and yoga, I want to focus on my running once again. I feel like I'm starting from scratch, but that's okay!
  • I'm Wendy. I started to really run on a regular basis about 7 months ago. It has quickly become my new love! I started to lose a few vanity pounds and tone my body for a February beach vacation. The more I ran, the more I enjoyed it. Once the weather warmed up and i started running outside, I felt like I was unstoppable! I am running my first half marathon in 3 weeks and I am completely prepared! This week I did my second 12 mile run (the first was last week) and I nailed it. I felt so good! I wanted to keep going for the 13, but I decided to save something for race day. After that my plan is to give myself 1 light week then start training for a full marathon. My heart is set on running the Columbus Marathon in October! It is a big feat, but I get so excited just thinking about it. I get tears in my eyes when I picture myself crossing the finish line.
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    I joined this group to get some inspiration and after reading the intros I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

    I've never been much of an athlete. I've raised 3 football players who went on to earn college scholarships but sweating somehow skipped my DNA. lol

    I started the C25K program last spring 201, made it to the end, ran a 5k and then turned slacker. I'd like to someday run a half marathon so I've started back running (with the help of NHS healthcare C25K podcasts). Week 4 begins in the AM and I'm determined to complete the program and not stop running this time.

    I'm looking for motivation, support and encouragement.

    Ellen from KY
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    I'm really a 5k runner and have done a few half marathons and been pretty happy with my results. But I've done 4 marathons and all of them have been a disappointment so far.

    I did my first marathon 3 years ago with my best friend (she lives in L.A., so it was the L.A. Marathon) because she asked me to come for a visit and join her in the race. We weren't prepared at all for the distance and she hurt her knee about 5 miles (8 km) in and we pretty much had to walk the rest of the way. I couldn't leave her behind, she's my best friend! We finished in over 7 hours!

    Then the second one I did with her the following year, we just took it easy and did a mix of running and walking. It's in L.A. and it's a fairly hilly race so we walked the hills and slow jogged the rest. Finished in 6:20, but we didn't push ourselves. We could've gone faster and physically we felt great afterwards, I wasn't sore or anything, just a blister. That one was only disappointing because I felt like we could have tried harder and finished in under 6 hours, but at least no one got hurt.

    The third one we did together was a nightmare. It was cold and raining the ENTIRE race - yes in L.A.!!! And the rain and wind steadily increased all day so that by the time we were in the last half, mile markers were blowing over, streets were filled with water and I couldn't feel my hands or feet I was so cold. We were soaked to the bone. It was a nightmare. They were treating finishers for hypothermia, it was just crazy. And I had trained well for that one too. I had run a half marathon four weeks earlier in 2:20 and felt like I could surely finish in under 5:30 if the weather hadn't thrown us for a loop. We just weren't expecting it to be like that. We finished in 6:40. Grrrrrr! :grumble:

    Because I was so frustrated at how badly that had gone, when I got back to Dallas I signed up for another marathon just three weeks later. That's right - I did 2 marathons in three weeks! I just thought that since my training had been going so well and we ended up walking so much of the one with the crappy weather, that I'd be ok to do this one. Well, it was a nightmare! My legs hadn't recovered and the race was in Dallas in April and it was unseasonably hot and so I went from one extreme to the other - I finished and it was 90 degrees outside! In three weeks I went from doing a marathon in the pouring rain in 45-50 degree weather to doing one in the full sun in 75-85 degree weather (90 degrees when I finished). I was calling my husband and crying during the last mile. My legs were hating me, it was hot as hell and I just didn't want to go on but I finished the stupid thing in, you guessed it, about 6:40 again! Ugh. :sad:

    So...that was last year and after enjoying just going back to my easy 5k's, I've finally decided I'm ready for marathon redemption! I just want to run the race that I know I'm capable of running. No more running with friends, no more slacking on my training, no more spur of the moment changes, I'm just going to do everything I'm supposed to do to be as ready as I can be. I signed up for the Dallas marathon in December of this year. Even though *kitten* happens - the weather could be awful, I could get sick the week of the race, my kids could have the flu, etc., etc. - I am determined to make this my best marathon yet. Based on my 5k finish times (usually right at 28:00), the Runner's World finish time calculator says I should plan on finishing a marathon in about 4:35 so that's what I'm training for. I started my training officially June 1 to give myself plenty of time to build up that weekly long run so I can get my pace to where it needs to be. I've made so many mistakes, some from ignorance and some from laziness, and had some bad luck as well but I feel like this time, luck is on my side and I'm going to do everything I need to do so I'm as prepared as I can be when I hit the starting line.

    Good luck to everyone else in reaching your goals - wish you all the best in your next race!
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    Hi. I am Michelle. I started running a couple of years ago and have run four marathons, but something always goes wrong and I do not stick to my training plan and end up having to walk some of it. I ran my last one in February and have cut way back on my running since. Felt like I needed a break. I am doing two sprint triathlons this summer, then going back into training for a December marathon. Hope to stick to my training plan and run all of this one
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    Hey everyone! My name is Jacquelynn and I'm from Sacramento, Ca. I fell in love with running about a year ago. I after I finished school, I realized I needed something to keep me busy. So I bought my first pair of actual running shoes with graduation money. Best investment I ever made (apart from the education, I guess. :tongue: )

    I completed my first 1/2 marathon on June 3rd. I ran the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll and finished in 2:47. I wasn't as disciplined with my training as I ought to have been and really think I could have done better. Now I'm training for the San Francisco Nike Women's Marathon in October where I will be doing the full 26.2. I'm a little intimidated and need to stick to the plan!

    I thought this group would be helpful for me to learn tricks and secrets for training as none of my friends are runners and have no wisdom to impart to me. I'd love the support of a running community to gather inspiration and goals from (I already read that someone finished their first 1/2 in 2:03. I have some work to do before Nike!) and hopefully motivate someone myself. If nothing else, we can share war stories of long, hard runs in 102 degree weather.

    I look forward to read everyone's progress and get to know some of you!

    Happy running!
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    Hi, I am Kerri. living and running in NYC...training for my 2nd marathon! would love to be friends with fellow runners that understand the "long runs" and eating habits of runners! :)
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    I'm Stacey, I am a marathon runner :D just like ya'll! I ran Galveston Marathon last year and it was my worst one yet. I was under trained, gained weight, and was not prepared for the ice cold rain and wind. I had hypothermia and if not for my hubby at mile 22 with a warm car and clothes I would not have finished! It was 5:39 and HOUR slower than planned. I was quite proud I did not give up! But I am here to shed about 10-12 pounds and kick Galvestons *kitten*!

    I would love to chat with others running this race or plans to run a race near the same time so we can encourage each other. My race is Jan 27th, 2012!

    oh and anyone live near kyle, tx???
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    Hi all! I'm Rick from beautiful Kamloops BC. Last year they resurrected the Kamloops Marathon and I thought that it might be cool to do something there - even 10K or 1/2 marathon. But at the time all it was was a thought.

    When my buddy trained for a year and finished the Ironman in Penticton on Aug 26, I was really inspired that if you stick to the program and pursue the goal, you have a good chance of making it. So I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring.

    About 20 years ago I was 289 and figured I'd better lose some weight and started jogging. The first jog was in the gym and I could do about two laps before collapsing. I devised a plan whereby I'd get up to 1km and do it Mon-Thur, and then on Friday go to 2km. Then I'd rest on Sat and Sun and next week do 2km till Friday when I'd do 3. In about 4 months I completed a 10K and was really proud but quit as I had achieved my goal. Lost 50lbs while doing it too, without changing my eating pattern.

    So here I am again, except starting at 317, and planning on doing something at the next Kamloops Marathon about 46 weeks from now. My plan is to lose a bunch of weight thru sensible eating and low impact aerobics (bike/elliptical/walk) from now till Jan 1 or so and then start working on distance. I reckon if I can stay injury free then 1/2 should be "easily" achievable. A couple years ago I had that pesky plantar fasciitis so am painfully aware of what happens when you go too hard when you're too heavy.

    One week at a time.
  • Hello,

    I'm Sheena and will be running my 4th marathon in less than 4 weeks! My goal time for this year was 3:30, however, due to my lack of motivation (thus training), it doesn't look so good.

    Started MFP to track my food intake so I can stay at good weight and run faster without getting injuries!

    Dreaming of running Boston and NYC someday...

    Happy training!
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    Hello All - I am Larry from Altoona, IA. I have run 3 marathons (Des Moines twice and NYC) with a PR of 4:05. I am working on getting below 4 hours, so took this year off from marathon training to concentrate on speed and strength workouts. I am thinking about running a half in October in Des Moines, IA to see where I am at. I am continueing to run with a group of friends at work mostly over lunch. It is always great to run with friends. I am also thinking about moving up to triathlons in the next couple of years, after I meet my marathon goal.

    I started using MFP just to make me aware of what I am eating. I have never kept track of calories or food before and it is very interesting.

    make it great run and have fun!!!
  • Hi All,
    I'm a newbie here :)
    I have done a couple of half marathons in my life when I was skinny, but also just recently at nearly 200lbs.
    Sometimes I feel no matter how much I run, it doesn't have any influence on my weight. This will change now. Healthy and clean eating and the marathon training starts.

    I will run my first marathon in April next year and I'm very exited about it.
  • Hi my name is Jenn and I am from Arizona and currently live in Santa Fe, NM. I am currently in week 5 of a 30 week program to do my third marathon in May of 2013, the Shiprock Marathon.

    Just thought I would stop in and say hi. :smile:
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