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    Hi ladies - finally feeling a bit more caught up with work!

    I had a pretty lazy 5 day weekend, which was nice. Still feel like there is so much to do and so little time to do it in. The nursery is done so I guess I have that going for me... the 5 week countdown begins :smile:

    Seems to be like there is just too much to catch up on. I like the idea of a monthly thread as well... I think just keeping this one post would be a bit overwhelming.
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    Chel-you have to run 1.5 in less than 13 mins? That is really fast-about 6 miles per hour if you had 15 mins! or maybe not, I can't math :\
    I did a jog with some plyo, it was a thing I read about to run faster. You jog for 5 mins, then you alternate skipping, lunging, bounding, and side shuffle and grapevine. I felt a little silly doing that in the park but whatevs.
    Then I had a huge salad with roast beef, mushrooms, Gorgonzola and grapes and watched trashy tv. All caught up on Couples Therapy :p (I miss my other smilies, like the embarrassed one)
    Rest day today and then 5k tomorrow.
    Even though I said I was taking a break from logging I can't stop, it's a sickness :p
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    Amy I hear ya on feeling weird about taking a break, but I have told myself I will start the first Monday in November, it took me a couple days to completely quit. But, I really don't eat any different than I would if I was logging, I think it is just a habit now.
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    Yay for five week countdown, ramalem....your pregnancy, for me, went really quick!

    I lifted today. The end.
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    2 weeks (3 days in already) For Keto Diet. 15min HIIT workout 5 days a week minimum. minimum 1 gallon water daily I am at 30% Body Fat and want to get down to 22%/25% hopefully in 2 weeks. 5'5" age 26 140lbs, I am fairly heavy muscled for my height and have 98 lbs currently of lean mass.

    lean mass calculation is fairly simple if you want to find out yours:
    WEIGHT X BF= BF LBS (mine is 140X.30=42) then WEIGHT - BF LBS= LEAN MASS (140-42=98)

    Personally I love this as a guide, I only weigh myself to see what my bodyfat ratio is to my weight. I generally use the mirror to judge my progress. (I take front side and back photos) Below I my current 3 day gain on keto
    (also if you are doing keto and are also on depo provera please check out my discussion, i want to hear your story)

    My goal is to compete in a WBFF and NPC Bikini Competition in Spring 2015 20% body fat being the overall off-season goal (stage BF is 15%-18%)
    Add me if you want a motivation partner and my diary is public, I also include my supps and vitamins in my snack section. 77slok6r4xhz.jpg

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    I can tell a difference, edyn, nice work. I like your tattoos:) I don't have the discipline for keto diet. So you don't do any heavy lifting now?
    So, how would the monthly thread work? Anyone want to set that up? I can't figure out how to go back to discussions unless they are in a group, then I just go to groups and find us.
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    thank you. I am doing body weight hiit right now. I can't afford the gyms in my area with what I make monthly so I can only use what I got....me. :) I happen to absolutely love lifting though. and once I hit my 20% Body Fat mark I am going to switch to a high protein low fat version of keto and Lift heavy at that point. From what I've researched the high fat low protein ratio that is best for weight loss tends to not work very well for lifting in the initial phases. high fat ratio works better for really fast fat loss. high protein ratio keeps fat loss and continues but is slower and you can build muscle better.
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    The only way I know how to get to the thread is to go to the groups and find it through there. Do you guys mean you want to start a new group and then do a monthly thread? (Amy-like the lushes thread)? That may deter randoms from popping in and never hearing from them again ;)

    edyn- I did keto one summer and I felt like it made me smell weird
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    Edyn - already a noticeable difference, wow. very exciting that you plan to compete. I also love lifting, but have gotten away from it since not going to the gym. I did try some at home DVD's that use bodyweight & bands, but have not stuck with it. Working out at home does not work well for me. Also, I have started trail running so between that & my dance classes haven't had time for anything else.

    I actually haven't had a whole lot of time for the running either. I only hit the trail once this week on Wednesday. My friend & I were running & she fell, then about 5 mins later I fell. It wasn't bad & we were both cracking up, but my arm is still kind of sore. No more running until after Dracula which is this weekend & then I have to get serious if I am going to do a 12 mile mountain race in Nov.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Can anyone suggest a good resource for keto meals that cater to vegetarians?

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    Hooray it is Friday!

    This week was a no star week for me. I tracked and did well on Wednesday, yesterday I finished off the peach cobbler from last week and that put me over by almost 500 calories...I had also got into my boss's chocolate stash :blush: I had to work late as well and so by the time I got home it was nearly 7pm and hubby was already grilling.

    Today we have a dinner date with some old friends at a Thai restaurant that has amazing curry's...very creamy curry's LOL. I am going to try and eat light for the day, but we will see how that goes. I also hope to get out early enough to get on the treadmill and see how fast I can do my 1.5 miles w/o dying. I did my push-ups last night and felt stronger...need to keep at it. Also did some sit-ups. I think I quit at 50 but they were kinda slow so I need to put a timer on and make sure I do them faster. My quads are a bit sore this morning too, I guess when you go for speed...form can go out the window.

    Not sure on the weekend plans. We were supposed to have a long run on Saturday but with Ana coming, it is supposed to be raining all weekend starting this afternoon...Coach hasn't cancelled yet and it pretty much has to be a state of emergency for him to cancel...but I may bow out on this one ...which sucks b/c our 30K is next week.

    Got on the scale and holding steady at 145.6...well, at least I know I can maintain LOL
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    Sorry, Surf, I do not know of a vegetarian keto diet but surely there is something on google:)
    How do random people find this thread? Does it come up under recent discussions?
    I had a rest and a bit too much wine last night, and then I stayed up later than I meant to, looking at Pinterest. That is such a time suck for me. I can't put it down until I have seen everything on my home page, it's a problem!
    Got the scream scram tonight, then a pizza with friends, probably beer or wine too.
    Mexican food tomorrow. Sunday I should do something outside it is supposed to be nice out!
    Happy Friday, have a great weekend everyone!
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    I found this thread by looking at I think the top or new discussions? How did you find it amysj303? Did you start this one? I am a bit lost as to when the two weeks actually started for this challenge. Maybe it is just ongoing?
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    edited October 2014
    Ram - can't believe there is only five weeks left! like Beeps, it seems like it has gone by really fast. You must be getting so excited!

    Beeps - I lifted yesterday and hit a milestone. I was able to do a full set of lat pull-downs at 70lbs. It was a challenge set and my trainer wanted me to try 70 for a couple of reps just to see how it felt as a challenge to get to next level and I was able to complete the entire set there! I was very excited!

    Surfing - it is an ongoing thread. We set 2 week goals or weekly goals and have a calorie challenge and just discuss what/how we arr doing.

    Edyn - I am also trying to get my BF down. I am at 29% based on a dunk test and was shocked actually that it was that high. Really thought it would be lower, but it just means I need to work at it more. I would like to be 22% but I would be happy with 25% if I can get there. I love to lift and usually workout with a trainer 2x a week and once by myself. I workout at a gym by my house that is only $10/month and the other gym is included with my trainer's fees. I also run, a lot... when I am healthy.

    Chel - I can't imagine having to do the things you do with the time constraints they put on you... what happens if you can't do them?

    Chloe - I think if we do a monthly thread we could leave it under this group and get to it the way we do here or put it under one of the main groups and be able to use the 'favorites'. I am in one for running that is a monthly challenge group and I am able to mark it as a favorite

    I am recovered more or less from my half last weekend and next week I taper for the next one. I had an awesome run this morning but was daydreaming and ate it - didn't even realize I was going down until I was skidding down the trail on my hands and knee. My hands are a mess and my left thumb seems to have taken the worst of it but the good news is there is no serious injury. I just need to not daydream while I am running apparently.

    My niece is visiting from college for the weekend so we are doing 'girl' things; nails, brows, shopping, etc. tomorrow and Sunday is dog beach and visiting a college her she is thinking about transferring to. I am looking forward to spending the time with her.

    I was supposed to go to a concert and dinner tonight with friends so she is coming along with us - should be a really fun weekend!
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    shanaber! How proud you must be! That is AWESOME!
  • Beeps2011
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    Surfing - the two week challenge is ongoing....i start mine on mondays....
  • Surfingbodi
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    Thx Beeps! That makes sense. Have fun with your niece :)
  • Would you all consider 5'2 and 140 pounds, an okay weight, or too much over?
  • Surfingbodi
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    I would say it depends on the person. For health reasons it is always good to eat well and be active. Do you know what your body fat % is?
    kxcky_oo wrote: »
    Would you all consider 5'2 and 140 pounds, an okay weight, or too much over?

  • Beeps2011
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    Yeah, kxcky, can't look at the scale number in a vaccuum....if you have large lean body mass and less bodyfat, maybe that is the right scale number.

    Having said that, i am 5'9" and have been aiming for 140 lbs for years.....and at 145 lbs (which is not my weight today, but it was my weight when i had my DxA done), i was 32.8% bodyfat.....i look pretty muscular, but genetically, inhave very low lean bodymass and very high bodyfat%. Sucks.

    Did my cardio today.

    And am on my second day streak of "no food after supper".....let's face it, for me, that is the ONlY way i lose scale weight.