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    OK, my two week challenge is to make sure I run at least 3 times a week!
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    OK, my two week challenge is to make sure I run at least 3 times a week!

    Excellent Twinkie!!! Do you happen to do any trail running?
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    Had a fun weekend with my niece but ate too much and not great choices but oh so tasty!
    Starting taper week for my next half a week from today! My goals this week are to eat well, get all my water in and get lots of sleep.
    Have a great week everyone!
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    Hey ladies! I'm back from my mini vacation. It was a fun time and good to see my parents, but I am tired. I didn't sleep great last week and then averaged about 7 hours a night instead of 8-9 which is what i like to get. Leaves were gorgeous and Daphne was good. We did a little shopping, went to the festival and Eric and I went to a swanky anniversary dinner just the two of us.

    As for groups and threads.....I personally would like to have a spin off private group. I know we all stumbled upon this group somehow (although I think Amy invited me from another thread we both respond to), but there are a lot of randoms that pop in and out. Personally given that I do post a lot about my day to day life (which is my choice), the way this group is set up, any old person can pop in and read. Just my two cents. All of my other groups I respond to are closed. We can always invite friends to join, but I really do like the idea of a smaller more exclusive group. And within that group we can post a monthly chat thread be it 2 week goal centered or just a place to catch up and keep ourselves accountable. I would volunteer to set up and keep it going, but with me being on maternity leave from mid-January through mid-April and not being at a computer all day 4 days a week, I don't want to make any promises on my promptness. What do you all think?

    I brought a gym bag so I'm going to try for a workout today, but I think I'm going to have to go out for lunch since I didn't make it to the grocery store last night. (I grabbed a can of tuna but don't think I have enough her to make that a meal.....) If someone wants to join for lunch, I'm blowing off my workout, but if I just go grab a sandwich, I'll do some lifting. Tomorrow Eric and I are going to see So You Think You Can Dance so no class for me after work and I have a work lunch thing. I'll have to play catch up on workouts this weekend, which could work since we only have plans to stop by a haunted house/party early Saturday night. I anticipate a larger gain this week since I lost last week and ate a lot of food over the weekend with little activity and I have not meal planned or shopped for this week.

    Have a great week all!
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    Morning ladies!

    Shan - I've eaten it twice running while day dreaming. It sucks. Not only are you left with scrapes and cuts (and eventually scars), your ego kinda hurts too ;) Glad you made it out ok! Glad you had fun with your niece, that sounds like a fun time.

    Beeps - Go go cardio!

    Better - I tend to agree with you about the groups. I feel like kind of a jerk making it a private group, but I also make the choice to talk about my personal life and to share photos etc. and feel like keeping it a smaller more exclusive group of people we actually know would be a good idea, but like you I wouldn't have the time to keep it up until end of March.

    My workouts have pretty much stopped, which I already told myself was ok :) I'll be 36 weeks on Thursday, and I've been having a harder time the last week or so walking, moving around etc. I think from here on out it'll be yoga twice a week and swimming where I can fit it in. I started getting some stronger contractions on Friday likely due to work stress, so I'm just trying to take it easy where I can.

    Hope everyone has a great Monday!
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    Weekend was pretty good. The 5k Scream Scram was good, loved the costumes and the dogs in costumes, so cute!
    This week I will probably run Mon/Wed and lift Tues. Then the rest of the week I have stuff related to my lawschool 10 year reunion, so probably nothing more this week.
    Ashley, if you want to set it up, and let me know what needs happen, I can help. But honestly, I am not sure how this is different from the lushes thread? and how privacy settings work!
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    I agree with the private group. And then if any of us know of people we want to add in we can, rather than having randoms pop in.

    I had a pretty good weekend eating. Still just doing my Abs, guns and buns challenge through then end of October. Today was actually the lowest weight I have seen in awhile...AND on a MONDAY!!! Alright, enough bragging, I gotta get back to work.
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    Ram, OMG, you're so close! I didn't do anything from week 36 on. My dr. advised against it because my fluids were low so I took it as a very good reason to really just rest up. See any workout from here on out as a bonus. I'm starting to get antsy at just 27 weeks.....

    Amy, NTHG is just an open group now with tons of threads anyone can post to. So literally ANYONE on MFP can join and read everything we post. The lush thread is also a group but it's a private one, so you have to be invited to join or "apply" to join. There is a setting to make groups either public or private, but since NTHG is still currenlty an active group with 9,812 members....yes really.....I think it would be best to start a new group. I don't mind to set it up. Then each month someone would just need to create a discussion topic for the month. So really it's not that big of a deal. Let's talk it over this month and maybe as of November 3, we can merge to a new group if everyone wants to.

    I totally went to lunch by myself and blew off my lunch workout. I may set Daphne up with some cartoons and lift a little when I get home. It's cold and dreary and I sort of want to be lazy.
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    Sorry I've been MIA, I have been keeping up with reading everything, just haven't had time to respond!

    Ashley - I didn't know that there were private groups! I would be willing to join it, keep up with my favorite MFP ladies! I don't blame you for blowing off a lunch workout when it's dreary, the rest of the week will be like that here in RI, so I went on my walk today at lunch to soak in some sun before it goes!

    Chloe - I forget what that challenge is you're doing? Explain!! It sounds like a good one :)

    Amy - What did you dress as for the Scream Scram?? I'm glad it went well! And a 10 year reunion sounds fun! Kind of random, but I remember you had done 5x5 for a while.. did you like the results? My fiance just found it and is trying it out, was it worth it for you? I might try it with him if you liked it! I don't feel like going all the way back trying to find it! haha

    Ram - You're getting so close!! So exciting! You did great working out as long as you have! I can't wait to see pictures of the little cutie!

    Shan - I'm glad you had a great time with your neice :) I'm sorry about your fall!! I hope you're healing up well!

    Beeps - Where did you have your DxA done? How is your no food after supper going?? I hope it's working out for you :)

    Chel - That Thai sounds fantastic! I hope it was as good as your hoped! I hope your training is going well too, sounds like a tough challenge!!!

    I have seen some of you post about the DxA, bod pod, dunk test, etc to determine body fat % and I was wondering where you found the places where you can have that testing done? I don't know what to search for or if there's a website you all have used? I would love to get that done (even though I'd be filled with anxiety to know what it actually is!) Let me know how you found where to go!

    This week wasn't too bad. I am trying to keep my weekend eating under control, I just have a hard time with that sometimes! I hit the 6 month mark until my wedding and now I feel like I'm behind (even though I'm not) with everything. It's just coming so fast! I'm dying to try my dress on again, but I still am working on my squats to fill out the butt of my dress a bit more!

    This week I'm going to try to do some sort of exercise on days I don't go to the gym and I'm also going to try to drink water on the weekends (not just wine... oops!)

    Hope you guys have a great week :)
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    Oh Ram I was super lazy that last month and looking back I am happy I was. Take the rest while you can! The next year of your life will be the most exciting and exhausting whirlwind you will ever experience. Trust me!

    Shander- Its not that exciting, its just squats, pushups and leg lifts...and they increase every day as the week month goes on. Today was 160 squats, 19 push ups and 50 leg lifts.
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    Shan - bummer about the fall, I fell last week on the trail. My issue is that when I get tired I don't pick my feet up all the way, not cool with all the rocks & roots & things to catch. I am back-pedaling on the 12 mile race in November. There is a shorter version the same day & I may opt for that one since I am not getting any time to train in.

    As far as the star challenge goes I came in with a Bronze star for last week. Although I went way over yesterday at a party I had done well the rest of the week so it wasn't too bad overall. Dracula is done, yay! We had some major technical difficulties, but it ended up still being a nice show. Next weekend starts Nutcracker rehearsals so no break for me.

    Chloe - great job, brag away!

    Weighing in on the private group thing - not a bad idea. I would be fine with that if that's what we do.
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    Shan, I did the 5x5 Stronglifts and really liked the results. I think it would be especially helpful if you are trying to fill out the butt of your dress. ;) I got myself a butt doing that program. Seriously...nothing changed my shape more than that program has. I did it 3x a week for about 6 months and then modified but kept with high weight low rep training. The lifting heavy works for me! I can't wait to do it agian post baby. It's also quick. Good luck!
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    Ok...no more fun times for me :neutral_face:

    I have successfully squandered my 6 weeks of PT prep time and still have not even run a 1.5 timed run! It is pretty late in the game so I guess I am living dangerously and will find out Friday morning. At least I have sorta, kinda been doing my push-ups. Looks like my weight is going to be about the same as last year...I have a challenge with myself that I will weigh less each year I take my test.

    I totally bailed on Saturday's run as well...it wasn't raining yet but it was an hour drive to the meeting location and we start running at 0630...yup, in a funk. This weekend was a gluttony fest too. I got on the scale this morning and was up 3 lbs by the end of it :neutral_face: (where did the mad faces go for emoticons?)

    I didn't schedule my bodpod yet (we have one at the gym)...scared now.

    So the challenge this week:

    5 smoothies (gasp!)
    3 salads for lunch (non run days)
    2 protein shake dinners (run days)
    2x strength training
    4x runs (70 min, 60 min, 13 min PT test hee hee, and 30K)
    3x Yoga (New one! I can't touch my toes anymore :(

    Uh...hmmm...yeah, we will see how this goes...that is a lot of stuff.

    Calories under 12,000
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    Yes to a private thread! Invite me!

    My "star" performance wasn't great. A silver.

    My two week challenge is going to help me lose 0.5 lbs per week, though:

    1. 8 hours of sleep every night
    2. NO food or drink after 6:30 pm
    3. LOW starchy carbs....i need a complete re-set here.
    4. Lifting 3- times per week and cardio 2- times per week.

    I actually did NOT lift today! The weather is just too gorgeous, and winter will be here very soon and for a long time....so, i went for a three hour outdoor walk, today! ZOOM!
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    3 hours? Damn Beeps good work!
  • shanaber
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    I am good with going with a private group too - so count me in! Ashley let me know too what you need help with - not sure if MFP allows co-admins on the groups or not so people can cover for each other...
    Wow Beeps - 3 hour walk! Nice!!
    Abigail - I can't do trail running. I did 2 5ks and was sure I was going to break my neck. I will stick to paved trails and roads (dirt or paved) - I can fall flat there and not slide down an entire hillside :p
    Chloe - great job on the weight drop!
    Amy - sounds like you had a great time at the Scream Scram - fun!!
    Shander - I had my BF% dunk test done at a gym where a friend goes for Crossfit. They have a mobile company come and do it once or twice a year. The same company has a permanent location as well where they do all kinds of testing, endurance, BMR, etc. as well as BF. I also looked online by searching on 'body fat analysis' and the county where I live.
    Chel - hang in there!

    I have Star results for me, Abigail and Beeps - anyone else in and want to send me how you did? I will get it posted in the morning.

    I am tapering this week then looking forward to getting back to my regular, consistent workouts and runs in November. Seems my eating follows and is better when I running and working out regularly and that hasn't happened since June. I think somewhere in my mind I am thinking I have to eat right (no you don't need can't have that cookie you have to run tomorrow attitude) so I can continue/improve my running.
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    ramalem...my system needed a SHOCK. Even today at the gym, i am going heavier with my lifts to keep body shocked.

    Meanwhile, i am going to eat very little.

    I am on a mission. I am pretending i have a beach vacation in a month....and in fact, i might! Soooooo, this ten pound problem is going to be in my rearview mirror because i am totally sick of it!

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    Awesome beeps! Like your attitude and plan :)
  • Surfingbodi
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    If I am not suppose to be here, pls let me know. Saw a few posts that seem like maybe this was suppose to be a private group?!
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    Shan, I like 5x5. It's the program I use now, alternating strength training days with running days until Nov. 1 when I start the 21-day Clutch (an Ashley Horner program on bodybuilding.com).
    I also ordered a sample of Truvision, it's some kind of supplement that a facebook friend sells. I figure I will give it a week's try and see what I think.