What makes you to OVEREAT?

wifeyy Posts: 481 Member
I tend to overeat when i am stressed!
Or when i cook something i really enjoy eating as well for my family
it is so hard to eat just a bit of it.:noway:

I also overeat the day after my weigh in and once i do that it is always soooo hard to get back on track the next day!

What makes you overeat?


  • Goal_Seeker_1988
    Goal_Seeker_1988 Posts: 1,619 Member
    Mostly stress and when I am bored!
  • mariliak
    mariliak Posts: 36 Member
    I must be an overeater as well . But lately after lots of trying I have mae it go away mainly by writing down every single thing I put in my mouth . The only time I cant stop overeating is when I am with my family or with friends . I just HAVEto try everything and eat the most possible . Sometimes I even eat my friends leftovers in a restaurant . I guess I will minimize that too , I used to eat when I am happy ,sad ,anxious and whenever I experienced any kind of feeling . Now I overeat only in reasturants and family dinners ( and I dont even live with my family anymore) so I guess its not that big a deal . Hehe . I am proud I can resist to that emotional chocolate when I am sad , now