Whats on your menu today?



  • patty1138
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    Sounds great and so creative
  • dangerxbadger
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    Today was:

    Bacon, yogurt and fresh strawberries and blackberries for breakfast with black coffee
    Lunch will be "steak boats" (ny strip with mayo in romaine lettuce leaves), and some celery with peanut butter!
    Dinner will be sausage and peppers (polish sausage sauteed with green and red bell peppers) and a salad!
    I generally eat 2 cheese sticks after my run for protein.
    I hit 1261 for calories and hit exactly 20 net carbs!
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    Hi kymmu,

    The grain free christmas cake sounds interesting! Is it carb friendly? Is there a recipe?

    Thanks :)
  • oneday987
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    My family always laugh at me when the waiter walks away because I have questioned him/her so much about the menu. I don't have a problem about doing this as I tell them, it's good for my health and also I am paying for a meal so I have every right to know what is going into it!
  • oneday987
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    This sounds really yummy :)
  • dgroulx
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    Tonight I made ground beef kofte kabobs, with a little yogurt dressing. Side of green beans sautéed with roasted garlic, sundries tomatoes, and 2 types of olives.
  • jennibear22
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    L - Bacon and Scrambled Eggs
    D - Grilled pork seasonsed with a mozzarella and basil salad.
    Snacks - Olives and cheese
  • quiarga
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    Here's what I had today"

    Sausage patty topped with 1T cheddar cheese, 1 egg cooked over medium, and 1/2 cup of spinach. With Coffee!

    Low-Carb baked meatballs in tomato sauce and 1 cup of green beans (from leftovers)

    6 oz pan seared steak, cauliflower mash, and 1/2 cup of spinach

    2 sticks of homemade beef jerky
    2 homemade peanut butter cookies (made with homemade sugar-free peanut butter and Splenda)
  • TattooTwinset
    B: Hot tea
    Snack: Turkey Creek Chile Lime Pork rinds
    Lunch: Small mixed greens salad :
    3 grape tomatos,
    2 sunburst tomatos,
    a single serve guacamole
    1 tablespoon of Full fat sour cream.
    Jalapeno Popper Quiche w/ canadian bacon crust
    topped with 3 tablespoons sour cream
    Dinner is still up in the air.
  • MistressPi
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    Crab stuffed mushrooms. :)
  • GabyBaby916
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    Today's menu:

    Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee (hazelnut coffee + unsweetened cocoa = Nutella flavor without all the extra calories. Yummm!!!)
    Lunch: Low carb crepes with (Splenda) sweetened cream cheese and berries
    Dinner: Tilapia seasoned with lemon pepper with zoodles (zucchini noodes) tossed in garlic butter on the side.
    Dessert: 2 homemade low carb peanut butter cookies
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    Can you share that recipe?
  • StacyReneO
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    Breakfast was Bulletproof Coffee. Lunch will probably be a Chipotle bowl with steak, sour cream, cheese, guac, pico and lettuce. Last night I made a keto meatloaf stuffed with goat cheese so that will be dinner tonight as well.
  • chaotic38
    I know that this post you put on here is several years old, however if you could possibly share the recipes for this meal I would greatly appreciate it!
    Thanks in advance.
  • vikinglass
    Yesterday -
    Breakfast: "Egg & Bacon muffin" (bake egg/bacon in the oven using the muffin tray) and coffee with double cream
    Late lunch: rotisserie chicken thighs, drumsticks
    Evening snack: pepperoni, cheese, coffee with double cream