Low Carb Muffin in a Minute!



  • ddgarcia7
    Made my first MIM tonight (savory with rosemary, topped with butter), and it was HEAVEN! Mmmm.

    I haven't had bread in what feels like forever and was craving it BAD, and I wholly credit the MIM and Laura with saving me from a bad-carb-induced tailspin this evening. :) Thank you.
  • sicchi
    sicchi Posts: 189 Member
    Ok, so I'm hooked on these babies now, lol. Has anyone made one with almond meal and if so, was it better/dry/worse/moist/carbier? Was just thinkin it could be a nice treat now induction is over :)
  • evylangel
    these all sound soooo good. Does anyone have any idea as to the calorie count or Nutritional info
  • Laura_beau
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    /4 cup flax meal (8.09 total carbs, 7.6 fiber) which is 30 grams in weight
    1/2 teaspoon baking powder (0.64 net carbs)
    1 packet splenda packet (0.9 net carbs)
    1 teaspoon cinnamon (1.84 total carbs, 1.2 fiber)
    1 large egg (0.6 net carbs)
    1 teaspoon butter

    (total carbs is 12.07, fiber is 8.8; net carbs is 3.27)

    Calories- depends on whether you have these plain or with flavourings but they are approx 235 cals for the plain cinnamon one.
  • fimary
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    bump, need to get to holland and barrett
  • choctawbaby
    Thank you for posting this. I made it the other day, right after reading it I went out and bought the flax, etc and made it that night. Love it! I put cream cheese on it and it reminded me of a sweet brown bread and cream cheese that I use to eat when I was a little girl. Thank you, thank you , thank you! I can't wait to try the flavored ones.
  • jonski1968
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    And if anyone in the UK wants to by flaxseed...Both unground and ground can be found here..


    I but the unground version in a kilo bag for £3.29

    And thats a lot of muffins.. ;o)
  • TempeB
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    I'm eating my first one now, a savory one, and it tastes pretty good. I think this will be a frequent food in my low-carb repertoire. It is quite filling, but that's what I need right now because I'm about to leave for a garden party at which there will be a myriad of tempting foods, and hopefully this will help me stave it off.
  • evylangel
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    These muffins are so good! Ive been eating them daily for apx 1 week-
    Thanks for sharing
  • Elmorlan
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    So excited about this! I've been getting a little bored with my same old breakfast each day! Can't wait to "bake" again!
  • jadesign19
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    Save for later
  • Pamela777
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    :happy: Hmm sounds yummy -probably will give em a try
  • mncardiojunkie
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    Okay, Now this might not be as low carb as some of these posted, but I've got one recipe that I've been using (that I developed) simply because I have a surplus of these flours and meals in my cupboard.

    1 T of Flaxseed Meal
    1 T Coconut Flour
    1 T of EAS Vanilla Whey
    1 T of Almond Meal
    1t of baking powder
    1/4 c of frozen blueberries
    1 large egg
    1 T of Splenda or Trivia.

    Cal: 292 Carbs: 24 Potass:46 Protein: 17 Fat: 16 Fiber: 9

    I guess one could use any fruit one wanted. I used this with a sub of 2 T of pumpkin puree and spices.
    It needs to be microwaved about 10-25 secs more. Too much Microwaving will make it pretty dry. So check it after 1 minute. I guess it would make it net carbs like 13? I don' t count net, a carb is a carb to me.

    The nice thing about all of these ingredients is that it makes the muffin super firm without being dry and also, doesn't lend itself to one taste or another. I.E. It doesn't take too much like the Whey, the coconut flour or any of the other ingredients.
  • maremare312
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    Is theer a way to make these without eggs? I used my last ones for breakfast :(
  • maremare312
    maremare312 Posts: 1,143 Member
    My mom brought some eggs home for me! :)

    I had a savory one tonight with a bit of parmesan and a spice blend I like (it's meant to go on corn on the cob). It was good but I had some microwave issues and think I overcooked it a bit. Also my baking powder needs to be replaced I think :)

    Next I want to experiment with peanut butter, peanut flour, almond meal, and try the chocolate version!

    Thank you for sharing!
  • maremare312
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    I just made the chocolate MIM with almond meal. Really good! It was done at 40 seconds and tastes better than the one I overcooked. Sadly I was out of cream cheese and butter didn't sound good, so I spread a smidge of natural almond butter (I grind it myself at the store) on it.

    Here's the stats with almond meal, without any topping (I added a pinch of salt and cinnamon) :

    Calories, Carbs, Protein, Fat ,Fiber, Sodium

    297 9 14 25 5 213

    4 grams net carbs
  • maremare312
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    Ok, here's my new fave, I looked at my old recipes for chcolate cake in a mug and remembered that I had added sour cream at one point.

    3 T almond meal
    1 T flaxseed meal (probably would have done 2:2 but only had a little flax ground up and was lazy)
    1 T Cocoa powder, sifted (sifting helps!)
    1 packet splenda
    1 packet Truvia
    pinch salt
    1 tsp butter, melted
    1 egg, beten
    1 heaping teaspoon sour cream

    (I am out of baking powder and it's been working ok without!)

    YUM, and more cake like than the last version I made.
  • 2gabbee
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    bump for recipes
  • crudd123
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  • vickianne17
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    Thank you! I am going to try making these.