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  • Hey ya'll! Been JUDDDing for almost a year now and it's certainly how I'll live my life. Since starting and losing a bunch of weight, my husband decided to start JUDDDing as did my sister and both parents! We all find it works really well for us.

    BUT I've been being treated for high BP and now find my potassium level is too low as I'm having constant heart palpitations and muscle weakness along with weight gain. I *know* this is from the BP med and so have stopped taking it and am waiting to get into a doctor to find out how to restore a normal potassium level, but I'm wondering... is it a bad idea to continue my fasting schedule till I get in to see the doc? I always feel like crap when I'm not JUDDDing, so I don't want to take a break from it, but also don't want to end up worse off because of it... any advice?
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    Hello all! I am one week into this plan and LOVE it! It gives me super control and yet I don't feel deprived at all! I am already down 10 lbs and feel fantastic! I know a lot of that weight is water weight, but I truly feel better already. I am looking forward to future weigh-ins! :happy:
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    On day 8 of JUDDD
    First time JUDDD-er and mpf-er
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    On day 8 of JUDDD
    First time JUDDD-er and mpf-er

    Welcome! This isn't a very active thread I'm afraid, but welcome to MFP and to JUDDD - best wishes to you!
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    Hi all, just started yesterday. Any active JUDDDers feel free to add me!
  • I'm planning to start JUDDD.. picking up the books from the library tomorrow but I think from MrGoogle I understand the basics. Was hoping for a more active thread but we'll see what happens.
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    Please respond to this topic if you are actively JUDDDing. Good way to find friends in need of help and support. :smile:

    Is this group still active? I'm having my first dd tomorrow.