• jdel987
    jdel987 Posts: 15 Member
    Finished L1 D6 loving it but nervous about starting level 2 in a few days
  • LurayneMarie
    LurayneMarie Posts: 342 Member
    L1D5 completed today. Took another rest day yesterday. I shouldn't have done, I got lazy. But got back on the wagon today anyways.

    However I pinched a nerve in my back this evening at work and now Im temporarily paralyzed. Im in absolute agony but I hope it clears up by tomorrow. Hopefully a good nights sleep will help matters.

    Great work everyone :)
  • feexme
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    I took the weekend off but did day 6 today. I don't know why it seems so difficult. there are a few of the exercises I have a hard time with. One is the push ups to the squat presses. Ugh. Getting better though. Was thinking I'd be ready for level two next Monday but after hearing the responses to level two I'm not so sure now. I swear I'm looking better though. Haven't taken photos yet. I really need to try to do that tonight.

    Good luck all. So thankful for this group. Keeping me going.
  • Lmdaniels
    Lmdaniels Posts: 91 Member
    L1 D6 done !
  • ohjoy908
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    L1D6 done!! i'm a day behind but i was so busy yesterday i didn't have a chance :/ hope everyone else is sticking with this!!! I remeasured myself and I've already lost 1/2 in off my waist!! anyone else noticing changes?
  • azure7
    azure7 Posts: 136 Member
    Awwww Yeaaaahhh!!! Just FINISHED Day 10 of Level 1.

    The good news:
    - I increased from ~20 total unmodified push-ups on Day 1 to 39 on Day 10 (today). That's almost double in 10 days!!!
    - I finally made it all the way through those nasty anterior arm raises with my 5 pound weights. Yes!
    -I can pretty much breeze through the cardio and abs
    -Today is my birthday and I exercised anyway. Suck it, old age! :)

    The not-quite-as good news:
    -No budges on the scale or measurements....but I'm definitely improving in strength.
  • Kat0310
    Kat0310 Posts: 341
    Got my D6 L1 done this morning. Then my 30 mins. on the elliptical.

    I love the consistency of everyone on here, it is great motivation for all of us.

    Well on to day 7 tomorrow...have a great night!
  • jdel987
    jdel987 Posts: 15 Member
    Level 1 day 7 complete and ran 2 miles!
  • shannairl
    shannairl Posts: 65
    I have been doing it every day, just checking in to let you all know am with you.

    I think the lunges with lifting the weights up to my eyeballs is the HARDEST!

    Love those bicycle crunches at the end!

    Those lunges with the weights are still killing me and I'm on Day 6 today - I just want to scream at her to shut up and finish them quicker.

    Finding the jumping jacks, jump rope and butt kicks easier, LOVE the ab work, hate the bicycle crunches and those ****ing lunges. Still doing the easy push-ups, but I do feel a lot stronger in my upper body so maybe by day 8 or 9 I'll be able to do a proper one.
  • tracyreeks
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    Planning to do L1 D5 tonight....am loving it. Love the fact it is so intense but only for 20 mins. Still havent managed a proper push up yet but seem to be coping with everything else ok. Feel sure she struggles with her counting at times.....I make 'a couple' 2, jillian seems to think it is 5!! :laugh:

    Good luck everyone.......keep it up!!
  • Whisperinghorse
    Whisperinghorse Posts: 202 Member
    Level 1 day 5 done amd today I managed proper push ups :smokin:

    Only for 1 1/2 circuits but I did em !!

    Had a sneaky look at levels 2 and 3 yesterday :sad:
  • Lmdaniels
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    Level 1 Day 7 done! I think I'm going to do 7 day cycles. I'm going on a cruise 5/25 and want to make sure I get every level in. Plus, i'm in danger of becoming bored with levrl 1 (i still think it's hard and i work up a great sweat) So, level 2 day 1 for me tomorrow!
  • feexme
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    :sad: Missed today. Son up sick all night and I was just too tired to do it today. Will carry through to Saturday. Doing Monday - Friday instead of every day. Weekends I don't feel like getting up at 5:30 to work out so I'll keep that my 5 day plan. It is getting eaiser. Still have to take a 1-2 second break through a the shoulder workouts. Hate them !!! Always been my weak spot.

  • Kat0310
    Kat0310 Posts: 341
    Got my D7 L1 done this morning then did 30 mins on my elliptical. Can you tell I love routine? LOL

    I'm moving right along planning on finishing level 1 on Friday then starting level 2 on Saturday :smile:

    See you all on here tomorrow!
  • nakitadawn1212
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    Level 1 day 6 complete!!! Yesterday was hectic and I did not have a chance to work out. I also completed a kickboxing work out today,,,OH HOW FUN!! Loved it =)

    Looking forward to day 7 tomorrow morning. Going to start doing my work out after my son's early feeding instead of going back to bed :yawn:

    Also going to go for a run/walk tomorrow with the stroller if the weather cooperates.

    Keep up the great work!!!
    PLUMSGRL Posts: 1,134 Member
    L1D4 DONE...required lots of motivation...argh...:grumble:
  • ohjoy908
    ohjoy908 Posts: 53 Member
    L1D7 done!! on one butt kick i landed weird and rolled my ankle and i panicked for a minute! my first thought was "nooooo i have 23 more days!!!" lol thankfully its ok and i was able to finish the workout strong!
  • Third day starts tomorrow! Took those dreaded "before" photos and really hoping with this and fitness pal my "after" pictures will show a difference!
  • L1D7 done!! on one butt kick i landed weird and rolled my ankle and i panicked for a minute! my first thought was "nooooo i have 23 more days!!!" lol thankfully its ok and i was able to finish the workout strong!

    7 days!! Thats awesome! I cant wait to reach day 7!
  • Whisperinghorse
    Whisperinghorse Posts: 202 Member
    L1 Day 6 done although I had to stop for a few seconds in Jumping jacks.....

    Still cant do the shoulder raises with the weights... After the pushups and chest flys thats me done....

    Only 4 days to Level 2 :sad: