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*** SISTAS it is my pleasure to annouce the official(( JINGLE THOSE POUNDS OFF CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE 2012))!!!!!!! Challenge concept: motivate each and every Sista in the quest of achieving healthy fabulous weight loss!!!! We will support each other 100 % +++ By the end of this challenge WE ALL will have a healthier MIND.BODY.and SOUL +++ CHALLENGE WILL BEGIN ON MONDAY, JULY 23RD, 2012 , and will end on TUESDAY, DECEMBER ,25TH, 2012 (22 weeks and 1 day) I WANNA JOIN!! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?? •••\////RULES FOR JOINING •••\/// in order to be a participant you must post your "SW""FOR THE CHALLENGE AND YOUR "GW" FOR THE CHALLENGE / total of lbs you want to lose( GOAL #1 AUGUST GOAL WEIGHT)...(GOAL #2 SEPTEMBER GOAL WEIGHT) (GOAL #3 OCTOBER GOAL WEIGHT) (GOAL#4 NOVEMBER GOAL WEIGHT) AND FINALLY (GOAL # 5 DECEMBER GOAL WEIGHT) %%%% ATTENTION%%%% YOU MUST CHECK IN 1X A WEEK____let us know how your doing/ tips and suggestions are always WELCOMED/ENCOURAGD!!! REMEMBER WE R HERE TO SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER SO DONT worry if yoe a bad day we re here 4 u:) weight ins are encouraged weekly but I know sum ladies are weighing in biweekly/monthly which is fine just let us know rather you r weighing in weekly, biweekly, or monthly ### if u make your goal weight before xmas day then CONGRATS!!(still feel free to check in and motivate others. /////IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT/// THE CHALLENGE WILL END ON DECEMBER 25TH 2012 YOU WILL HAVE 2 DAYS TO POST YOUR SW AND FW FOR THE CHALLENGE December 27th will be the deadline to post your results so that I can calculate who lost the most body weight percentage with the info given there will be 3pm WINNERS _WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED DECEMBER 28TH AND WILL BE GIVEN PRIZES!!¡ Also u can join this challenge at anytime!! feel free too given ur height and age as well! Lets get it started


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    Hey! I am super excited! Where do we post our SW and GW? New to this! Thanks! Let's get to losing this weight!
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    Sorry for the spelling errors im typing this fr om my phone and my battery is going dead challenge starts monday july 23rd 12 but feel free to sign up now n post the info requested ill start im calyse im 21 my SW is 202.3lbs my goal weight for the challenge is to be around 155lbs thats , a loss of 47.3 lbs goal # 1 aug. 23rd is to be 193lbs goal #2 september 23rd will be 180lbs goal # 3 october 23rd is to be 170lbs goal # 4 november 23rd is to be 160 lbs and my finally weight goal # 5 for december 23rd is 155 lbs im 5"3 I will weigh in monthly but I will stop in lot any questions/uggestions im here anybody wants to help monitor the challenge feel free
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    Hey im new as well welcome!!! U can post your sw in your gw in this thread this will be the official thread for the xmas challenge questions pertaining to this challenge will be answered here, weigh ins n check ins as well ready for this :) yayyy
  • Sounds good! Count me in! :)
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    This challenge sounds fun! The goal weights for each month are they how much you hope to weigh by the beginning or end of each month?
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    Hey well me im going to weign in monthly the 23rd of each month goals are basically what weight range ur aiming for by the end of the month im aiming for 10lbs a month
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    Where will we be weighing in at?
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    sounds good to me
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    Yes, yes, yes!! Count me in!!

    I'm actually new to the group, so feel free to add me as I can use ALLLLLLLLLLL of the motivation in the world right now.

    My name is Robin. I'm from small town VA, but currently living in MD - about 10 minutes from the DC line. I've been big since birth...10.5 lbs and 25 inches long. It was cute when I was a baby, but at 5'10....300+ pounds is NOT cute no matter how well you carry it.

    My starting weight is 302 pounds.
    By Christmas, I would like to be 260 pounds. Thats 42 pounds, which can be obtained with proper diet and exercise. It's also in the 'safe' range of 2 pounds per week. I figure if I put the aggressive goal out there, I have no choice but to try and obtain it!

    I look forward to jinglin' off these pounds with you all!
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    Hi all! I'm in for the challenge :)

    My name is Jessica and I live in Texas. Right now I would like to lose about 5-7 pounds but am more interested in maintaining my weight until Christmas.

    My starting weight is 120 and I weighed 139 when I gave birth to my daughter almost 2 years ago. I'd like to get down to a goal weight of 115 and then see what happens from there. I could use the motivation to stay on my grind and I'm looking forward to doing the same for you all!

    Feel free to add me :)
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    I'm in. I love the name of this challenge lol. But my SW is 265 and my GW is 225 which is a goal of 40 pounds lost.
    Goal #1 August: 263
    Goal #2 September: 253
    Goal #3 October: 243
    Goal #4 November: 233
    Goal #5 December: 225
    Good luck ladies, we can do this!!!
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    Hey Divas!!!

    I'm Sandra from Ohio and I am SO in!!!

    SW: 189
    GW: 155
    Goal #1 Aug 23: 182lbs
    Goal #2 Sept 23: 177lbs
    Goal #3 Oct 23: 169lbs
    Goal #4 Nov 23. 160lbs
    Goal #5 Dec 23 155lbs
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    Hey Ladies! I am so into this challenge you have no idea! My name is Markay & I am a 22 year old diva from Washington state. Here is my info below. Please feel free to ADD me, as I love to give my support to anyone who asks for it =)

    SW: 375
    GW: 330
    Weight loss Total by December 25: At least 45 lbs gone!

    GOAL #1: August GW 366
    GOAL #2: September GW 357
    GOAL #3: October GW 348
    GOAL #4: November GW 339
    GOAL #5: December GW 330

    I will try my best to weigh in weekly, good luck my fellow sistas!!
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    Hey Ladies! I am so excited about this challenge! My name is Kenneshea and I am 32 years old. Here is my info below. Please feel free to add me so we call all support each other through this journey. This is the first time ever that I have put my weight out there.. so I know that I am going to accomplish these goals by December!!!

    SW: 265
    GW: 215
    Weight loss Total by December 25: At least 50 lbs gone!

    GOAL #1: August GW 255
    GOAL #2: September GW 245
    GOAL #3: October GW 235
    GOAL #4: November GW 225
    GOAL #5: December GW 215

    I will weigh in each Saturday on my progress towards my monthly goals. We all can do it!
  • Hey everybody!!! I'm Ebony in Tampa Fl. I'm 28 at 240 pounds.....I want to get under 200 by Christmas! I sure hope I can do it or at least close to!

    SW July 2012: 240
    GW December 2012: under 200

    August 2012: 230
    September 2012: 220
    October 2012: 210
    November 2012: 200
    December 2012: at least 199

    Can't wait to see all of our results in December!!! We can do it!!!! Feel free to add me! :)
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    Hi Everyone!

    I want to participate! I am Allie, 26 from San Diego, CA. My starting weight is 288! I want to be 225 by Dec. Yikes. I know I have work but I am going to try hard!

    SW: 288
    GW: 225

    August 2012: 275
    September 2012: 265
    October 2012: 250
    Novemeber 2012: 235
    December 2012: 225

    Exciting and nerve racking! We can do it!
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    Hey ladies@ sandra u n I have the same goal weight- weigh ins will take place n this thread questions, weight ins( rather u weigh in weekly, biweekly, or monthly) post it under JINGLE THOSE POUNDS AWAY XMAS CHALLENGE 2012 dont forget to check in atleast 1x a wk to support others /let us know how ur doing challenge starts on MONDAY JULY 23RD MEMEBERS OF THIS SITE MAY JOIN AT ANYTIME JUST TO ADD A LI L FUN/FRIENDLY COMPETITION TO THE CHALLENGE THERE WILL BE 3 BIGGEST LOSERS AT THE END OF the CHALLENGE BASED ON OVERALL FAT LOSS RATE U KNOW HOW THE BIGGEST LOSER SHOW DOES IT PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED !! Thanks everyone
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    So excited to see so much participation!! I decided to come back and post my goals per month:

    August 23rd: 292
    September: 282
    October: 272
    November: 262
    December: 260 - Lord knows I will struggle around the holidays!
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    Hi Ladies!!!

    My name is Rochelle and I am from OK.

    SW: 305 lbs.
    GW: 250 lbs.
    Goal #1 Aug 23: 293 lbs.
    Goal #2 Sept 23: 280 lbs.
    Goal #3 Oct 23: 270 lbs.
    Goal #4 Nov 23: 260 lbs.
    Goal #5 Dec 23: 250 lbs.
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    Hey there! I'm 18.

    SW: 182.5
    GW: 139 sounds doable :)

    I want to have muscle (like I want to be rippes lolol) I just don't want to be a skinny girl :)