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  • dawnshot
    dawnshot Posts: 137 Member
    Day 2 done, that was hard today
  • barbiek999
    barbiek999 Posts: 176 Member
    Level 1, day 2 done:) Yeah! Had to take a couple of mini breaks (5 seconds or less) but I made it through!
  • eeg214
    eeg214 Posts: 8 Member
    Completed day 1 level 1 yesterday..and suprisingly I'm not dead! I took before pictures..but after looking at them I wanted to vomit.. so probably NOT going to post them. Can't wait to finish this program! Any results are better than none
  • kcrojas630
    kcrojas630 Posts: 145 Member
    I did day 8 of level 1 today. Just to let you all know, the soreness goes away after about the 3rd or 4th workout. I could barely sit myself down on the potty without whimpering after day 2!
  • juang3
    juang3 Posts: 212 Member
    L1 D6 completed.

    I did my shred this morning before work. I felt something give in my left shin and I thought I tore the tendon/ligament completely away from the bone. Darn shin splints!!!! Once I got to work this afternoon I stopped into to see a doctor friend and ask his opinion. He thinks there may be some micro tear and told me to stop jumping! LoL!!! So I guess I will be punching from now on and modifying my jacks, jump ropes and butt kicks. Off to google some alternative methods for those!
  • Jamie_55
    Jamie_55 Posts: 61 Member
    Your neck is not invited to this party. Try focusing on looking straight up at the ceiling. That helped me, I had a sore neck after the first few days of L1. Oh, and take drugs - ibuprofen helps a lot for me with my 30 DS aches and pains, think I'll go get some now.

    Is anyone else really tired of "Don't phone it in!" That's the only thing that really irritated me in level 1. I'M NOT PHONING IT IN!!! Stop telling me that!!! Gah!
  • m_onamission
    m_onamission Posts: 25 Member
    Today I'm on Day 3/30 however this morning I felt like a change up so did P90x Cardio, will be doing the shred tonight!! I plan on doing the Shred everyday no days off since its more relaxed for me, but 3x week weights and 2xweek an extra workout (boxing/p90x/walking etc) no exact mostly playing how I feel each day..:) Goodluck everyone!

    Do you have the whole P90x package? How's the Cardio bit? Would you say 30DS is a bit of a walk in the park in comparison?
  • Jhillian
    Jhillian Posts: 185 Member
    I mix mine up with adding a Cardio X and yes 30DS is a walk in the park after than (for me anyways) I do 30DS and alternate days with adding a P90x Vid or Strength Training.. :) I just completed 4/30 :)
  • Day 2 Level 1. Thought I was dying but as someone else already wrote I felt better after the warm up.
  • bigbear3006
    bigbear3006 Posts: 7 Member
    Finished Fay 1 this morning.... really starting to get sore!
  • I'm so out of shape!!! Day 2 level 1 complete and I'm really sore, but I'm excited to see the results.
  • lovinmyselfagain
    lovinmyselfagain Posts: 307 Member
    Completed day 7 of level one yesterday and I'm feeling good. Have already lost some inches in my hips, but can't wait to see this belly fat go down :). My 18yr old daughter, who may have 5-10lbs to lose at most, attempted to do it with me last nigh,t and couldn't do the push-ups, not even the modified kind. So be proud of yourselves, people, for accomplishing this...remember slimmer doesn't always mean healthier or "fitter".
  • Janelle173
    Janelle173 Posts: 396 Member
    Did day 1/30 earlier! It is a lot harder than I remember...I did like 3 days a couple years ago and found out I was pregnant.

    But, I have gained like 30-40 some pounds since then as well...So, it makes sense it seems that much harder.

    I almost puked. Jillian would have been proud...or maybe not...maybe she wouldn't be unless I actually puked? haha

    I could barely move after.

  • Just finished day 3 level 1.
  • zoukeira
    zoukeira Posts: 313 Member
    Day 5 Level one - it really does get easier as you do more, and the pain gets better too :o) I can barely feel my muscles this evening - yay!!
  • Alisha_Joy
    Alisha_Joy Posts: 24 Member
    I have def been unfocused with Hurricane Sandy, now that everything is a-okay, I plan to do Day 1 today!
  • chocolateluvr80
    chocolateluvr80 Posts: 64 Member
    Today is day 6 of level one. I use some 2lb weighted balls that I got with a pilates kit. :) I even convinced DH to do level one last night. It constantly amazes me how something can be easy and hard at the same time. :) I was one of the lucky ones that did not lose power so I was still able to work out even when I couldn't leave the house.
  • josachi
    josachi Posts: 79
    Today will be day 3 of Level 1 for me. Day 2 has had me sore all over. Hoping I can get through day 3 if this soreness continues. I will do the best I can, but I am sad that I am so "undertoned." :( I'm just waiting for day 7 or 8 where this doesn't feel so tough for me. (I know, I know, then I'll be starting level 2 which will be even worse, right?)

    Oh well, then I guess I'm just waiting to see results!!!
  • barbiek999
    barbiek999 Posts: 176 Member
    Day 3 of Level 1 complete :)
  • APAmy
    APAmy Posts: 6 Member
    What's everyone doing for rest days? Does Jillian recommend 30DS every day or 1 rest day a week or what?

    I did first 3 days, then took yesterday as a rest day. Feel great now and the soreness is pretty much all gone, but we'll see how I feel after today's workout! :wink: