Been on Medifast for # Months and Lost # Lbs



  • rhopar33
    rhopar33 Posts: 29 Member
    I've started and stopped a couple of times but just started back full swing Tuesday, May 20. Down 6 pounds in 5 days; 11 pounds total since I started. I'm intentionally weighing everyday the first week. After Tuesday, I'll weigh weekly. Much success to everyone!!!
  • sandy_taylor13
    sandy_taylor13 Posts: 194 Member
    Update for me. Started April 2nd and today is May 29. I've lost 30 lbs and went from a size 12 to 4/6. I'm 5'8" and started out at 175, now I'm 145 and feeling absolutely fabulous. I was on this plan a few years ago and lost close to the same amount of weight. Just FWIW, I have also been able to lose weight by watching calories and exercising hard, but it took me close to 5 months to lose the same amount of weight as I have with medifast in less than 2 months. You can lose the weight if you stick with it. Best wishes to everyone!!!
  • LadyCD2013
    LadyCD2013 Posts: 4 Member
    Awesome job everyone! :smile: Newbie. Hope to be just as successful.
  • tgibbons1935
    tgibbons1935 Posts: 85 Member
    It is so great to be back on this site and back on Medifast as of today! My husband and I got on this program over a year ago and I had lost 30 pounds and lots of inches but because of some personal issues that happened, we totally stopped doing the program and went back to our bad eating habits and now we are paying for it! However, we signed back up today and am back on track! I need to quit feeling sorry for myself and crying about it :sad: and get back down to my goal weight! I was also excited to see a lot of the new stuff that they have added! Besides, I got rid of all my fat clothes and can't afford another new wardrobe! :smile: It is awesome to see all the success stories here and this is a great program!
  • TNFirefly
    TNFirefly Posts: 169 Member
    1 week, 11 pounds
  • GryffynsMom
    GryffynsMom Posts: 4 Member
    Medifasting again. Love the program. Well, love it compared to most dieting. :-) Today is Day 1. Hope more people will be contributing!
  • kinoeye
    Hi all! I've been on Medifast 1.5 months and down 17.5 pounds.
  • crysreed1
    I started 1/9/14 so 10 months and I have lost 146 pounds
  • Lillyrose125
    Lillyrose125 Posts: 33 Member
    Started MF in May 2014 and have lost 61 pounds so far. Am at a little standstill right now but made it just under 200 finally. I'm now starting to work out again but still have another 50 pounds to go to get to goal.
  • kas1209
    kas1209 Posts: 5 Member
    Started on 01/13/14 and I'm at a 50 lbs loss! Started out thinking I only wanted/needed to lose 20 lbs. It was slow for me and I had set several goal weights along the way. :)
  • akpete88
    Was on medifast for 6 months and lost 70 Pounds! It works! Been off of medifast 5 months and kept it off!!!
  • akpete88
    12 months & 90 lbs
    and that's with losing my way occasionally

    Simply amazing!!! Great work!!!
  • jennilsf
    jennilsf Posts: 57 Member
    I just started this month (on the 6th)- lost 10 lbs in 10 days, 13 in 2 weeks... but now I've gained 2 back and feel like I sort of stalled out into my 3rd week. Weird. I'm pretty positive I'm exactly on plan with the lean & greens. I dunno- is that just a normal part of the process? I hope this week shows some improvement. My diary is viewable to my friends if anyone with experience is open to friending me and taking a look for me- any and all advice or suggestions are very welcome!
  • pnash4508
    pnash4508 Posts: 27 Member
    2 weeks and 6 pounds for me.
  • 419er
    419er Posts: 53 Member
    2 weeks, 9.1 this time around. 3 months 35 was my biggest drop. Right now I'm removing a month and a half of not caring, plus the last 2.7 I never dropped last time around. 8.3 to go.