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    and this weeks challenge sorry it's late again

    Food - Monitor your sodium levels! Each participant should have the sodium column in their diary and for every day they are 'under' the sodium 'goal', they should award themselves. For every day that the individual is under their sodium goal, they should award themselves 5 NEWTs (or OWLs, depending on the house's usual tracking system). As well as that, for every glass of water an individual has they should award themselves 1 NEWT/OWL, so 1 NEWT/OWL per glass.
    Exercise - This week's exercise is crunches! For every set of 10 crunches an individual completes, they should award themselves 5 OWLs. A bonus 5 OWLs can be awarded for 60 minutes of exercise completed, and that can be any form exercise.
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    I think I missed a week or two; I might need another link to our Google spread sheet
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    Hey Gryffindor!

    Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. :) Haven't seen a lot of posting or updates on the spreadsheet. Would love to see you all back in it -- we're missing you in the house updates. Hogwarts just isn't Hogwarts without the Gryffindors, right? ;)

    Let me know if I can help!
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    Week 3

    Food - Eat at least four servings of vegetables during the day.
    5 NEWTs for every day you at least meet 4 servings of vegetables a day. 35 NEWTs possible for the week.
    Exercise - Aim for 50 jumping jacks per day! You can split them up throughout the day or you can complete them all at once.
    Each day you reach your daily goal you earn 5 OWLs, you earn 3 OWLs for reaching half way to your goal, and 1 OWL for trying but not reaching half way.
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    hows everybody doing??
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    Week 4

    Food - NEWTS Polyjuice challenge - 1 earned for every day you don't have a beverage that is over 50 cals.

    Exercise - OWLS Flagrante challenge - 1 earned for every day you burn over 400 calories or more.
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    august week 1

    Newts - One earned for every day you stay under your carb macro (feel free to do some research and set this macro as you see appropriate for yourself and your goals).
    Owls -One earned for every set of 10 tricep dips!
    Spew - One earned for every day you post in your house's Common Room!
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    Sorry been gone on vacation and I'm wondering if anybody is still with me??
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    (just saying Hi from Slytherin)

    I am starting this back up FOR GOOD in October ~tomorrow~ Hope to see some Gryffs supporting their house!! :D
  • Hi
    I have just joined the group, please could I be sorted in?
    Many thanks
  • Alright, I'm new to this but i'm looking forward to it! I'll make a great edition to the house I guarantee it!(:
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    Umm I just found this group, so you guys should all come back and talk to me :happy:
  • I just found this group too and thought it looked like fun! I hope it starts back up again!
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    Just found this group, really hope it starts back up again. Gryffindor all the way =)
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    Hey I'm Wilma :) and I would like to be sorted into Gryffindor :)
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    Hi... Newbie here... Started at 120 kg
    Current Weight: 94.1 kg

    I'll drop by later to find my way around :D
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    Wish this challenge group would start again
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    Hi, I'm not really sure how this works but I'm trying to get sorted? I'm gryffindor on Pottermore and I named my wifi Gryffindor Tower Wifi, so I thought I'd like to be here