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  • Jhillian
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    I'm not planning on taking rest days unless I feel necessary.. It's not super hardcore for me, as previous said I do 30DS everyday and on Sun/Tues/Thur I add weightlighting, and on Mon/Wed/Fri I add an extra cardio vid (p90x) and Saturdays are only 30DS :)

    I'm on Day 5 today but was up ALL night with a pukey 2yo so I'm a little tired so will be doing it a little later on tonight I need to nap :)
  • dawnshot
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    Day 3 done :)
  • ChangingAmanda
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    L1 D6 completed.

    I did my shred this morning before work. I felt something give in my left shin and I thought I tore the tendon/ligament completely away from the bone. Darn shin splints!!!! Once I got to work this afternoon I stopped into to see a doctor friend and ask his opinion. He thinks there may be some micro tear and told me to stop jumping! LoL!!! So I guess I will be punching from now on and modifying my jacks, jump ropes and butt kicks. Off to google some alternative methods for those!

    I'm in the same boat with the jumping, my knees just do not like it. Instead I walk in place very fast and do arm crosses for the jumping jacks and butt kicks. For the jump rope, I'll do quick calf raises with the jump rope arm movement. As long as I watch my form on the lunges and squats, I'm ok with those.
  • christinekry
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    I have day two coming up tonight (after trick or treating). I'm scared. I barely made it through day one and my upper legs HURT! I've been pumping myself up for it all day. *I will do it, I will do it* :) Thanks for the motivation!
  • Day 3 Level 1 DONE!!! I thought today was better still sore but its worth it. Plan on doing my Jackie Warner circuit tonight after taking the boys trick or treating. But we will see. Hang in there everybody. We've got this!!
  • leanmeanmom
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  • APAmy
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    Day 4, DONE! :)
  • leanmeanmom
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    I may feel like :sad: before I work out today for my 4th day, but I know I'll feel like :happy: when I'm finished. Getting stronger each time. My legs feel like tree trunks. Anyone else feel that?
  • layla_luvyah
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    This is day 3 for me..I had to take a rest yesterday. My shoulders were killing me and when I laughed it hurt!!
    But I will not give up!!:ohwell: :ohwell: : Keep it up and good luck!
  • juang3
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    I should have done day 7 today, but I am taking the day off and will continue with day 7 tomorrow. I fell like I need today to rest my shin before I get my shred back on.
  • Janelle173
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    Day 2, level 1 complete. Still felt like I was dying. lol. i am holding onto hope from all of you who say that it get's better at like 5-7 days. :) haha
  • leanmeanmom
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    I hated to, but today I had to take the day off because I was barely home all day, and when I was had so much today. Worked at my church until late tonight for the fall fest. so I'm ok with picking back up tomorrow with hopefully no more breaks!
  • lovinmyselfagain
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    Day 8 finished just before midnight. Can't believe I'll be on level two in a few days. The exercises aren't that surprising since I've done JM's Burn Fat, Boost Metabolism dvd and she uses a lot of the same moves. It will still be challenging though, I'm sure.
  • mz_asher
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    Just got through day 3 of level one! I dislike the jumping jacks as i have yet find a supportive bra. even with two on it still is hard. My hope is to be able to finish each circuit without stopping :) I plan on not skipping any days and will continue on to level 2 even if im not ready. I want to shock my body! happy workouts :)
  • eahouston
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    Just did Level 1 Day 1. Not too bad, and I love that it's a short workout. I remembered there were push-ups in the video (which I hate!) but I was happy to see that it's the very first exercise. That means I get them out of the way and then they're finished. And no way am I going to wuss out on the first exercise. If push-ups came at the end... I might not give them my all ;)
  • Finished day 3 last night and am not as sore this morning as I have been the last two days! :D It's still tough for me to get through the entire circuit, but thanks to this group I am pushing myself. So glad we have this group. It's keeping me from giving up. Day 4 is tonight!
  • kiekie
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    L1D1 done!

    I also threw in Turbo Fire HIIT 15 afterwards and am now feeling pretty shaky and REALLY hungry! Going to get me a protein shake.

    I did an additional warm up (mostly for the old quads!) before starting the Shred, so I'm hoping I won't be as sore as I've been starting it before.
  • level 1 day 4 completed. Yesterday I also did Jackie Warner circuit training 15 min whole body workout and I found I wasnt as sore today. My oldest son does pole vaulting,triple jump and long jump for his high school told me to do some squats and lunges before bed and it would help.hmmm who knew he was right. so you may want to try it.
  • mcavarouse
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    Level1 day1 done! Wow am I out of shape, the push ups are KILLER but I am soo thankful that they are first!
  • redstilletto
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    Did level 1 day 4 today and start feeling stronger getting there slowly not as sore anymore.