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  • APAmy
    APAmy Posts: 6 Member
    Day 5, done. I had kind of an accidental rest day yesterday. I didn't get my workout in in the AM, then somehow it was 10pm and I never did it. Ooops!
  • Level 1 day 5 and still standing. Also did 40min Jackie Warner circuit.
  • kiekie
    kiekie Posts: 289 Member
    I did L1D1 yesterday and my actual glutes are killing me today. I can feel each torn muscle fibre, it's pretty bad. So today I'm resting and trying not to feel guilty about that.
  • Jhillian
    Jhillian Posts: 185 Member
    Hard to believe I'm already into it a week (7days) only 3 more and on to Level 2.. I also did 1/2 of P90x Plyo (I REALLY LOVE THAT VIDEO)

    Tomorrow I add a little weight lifting, and Sunday I stick to only 30DS and take the day off easy :)

    Happy Weekend Everyone!

    Keep up the GREAT work and DEDICATION
  • eahouston
    eahouston Posts: 1,015 Member
    Day 2 was a little tougher as far as keeping my energy up. I didn't get home from a work function until around 10:30 last night, so from now on I know don't save the workout for 11 pm haha. I really do feel like it's getting my heart rate up and making me sweat in a short time. Have a great weekend!
  • I started L1D1 this morning. Feeling good to actually start. Was supposed to start on Monday but kept on putting it off. Looking forward to D2!
  • dawnshot
    dawnshot Posts: 137 Member
    Had a change today and did the Killer buns and thighs' I'd recorded from a fitness channel......owww, think I'll be bedridden tomorrow.
  • redstilletto
    redstilletto Posts: 16 Member
    Just finished day 6 of level 1 30DS. Not as tired anymore and not sore. My scale not moving but lost 4 cm around my waist! So thrilled!!
  • Nicci93
    Nicci93 Posts: 398 Member
    This is my second time of doing 30 DS after not working out in months. I had awesome success when I did it in June so I am trying it again with heavier weights this time.

    But I am third-day sore and trying to get motivated to do the third day!
  • mcavarouse
    mcavarouse Posts: 14 Member
    Level 1 day 3 done. The worst day so far but i think i can keep it up. If anything, its the pushups that will be my downfall, thank god its at the beginning not the end!
  • barbiek999
    barbiek999 Posts: 176 Member
    Way to stick with it everyone!!! Congrats on inches and weight losses too!!!

    Just did day 4 of level 1. Better than the first couple of days but looking forward to feeling like I'm nailing it all the way through.....maybe by day 7 or 8...?

    Happy Saturday:)
  • Day 6 level 1. Not really sore anymore except my quads are a little sore but in a good way.
  • Janelle173
    Janelle173 Posts: 396 Member
    Day 5, level 1 complete
  • lovinmyselfagain
    lovinmyselfagain Posts: 307 Member
    Finished level one on Friday after doing it 10 straight days. I did it the same time everyday to give my muscles 24hrs of recovery time. Decided to take one rest day on Saturday. And I will start level two later today. There are several plank moves, some I've done before and some I haven't, so kinda nervous. Plank exercise are no joke!
  • dawnshot
    dawnshot Posts: 137 Member
    Day 6 done! Aching bottom today due to Killer Buns & Thighs yesterday, but not as bad as I thought!
  • pbair
    pbair Posts: 26 Member
    Finished day 6 of level 1 yesterday and things have definitely gotten a lot easier. After reading a bunch of comments on another board about level 2, I'm nervous about moving up in the next few days :0. However, I've lost 3 lbs and am excited about continuing the progress...
  • pbair
    pbair Posts: 26 Member
    Congrats on finishing level 1, Lovingmyselfag!!!! Let us know how level 2 goes!!!! Many of us will be there with you soon!!
  • Jhillian
    Jhillian Posts: 185 Member
    So I'm on Day 9, I felt more aches today so maybe because I'm "bringing it" more.. But still not weight loss or inches lost.. I'm eating better, and have cut out a lot of junk I was eating before.. Also drinking WAY more water than I had been, so hoping I see some changes soon!! Starting Monday I'm planning on really getting into it! Plus start Level 2!!! Great job on keeping with it everyone!!
  • layla_luvyah
    layla_luvyah Posts: 107 Member
    I am still going strong, I missed a few days but I will not give up!! I am at Day 5...is it getting better?? Still not sure..lol
  • Didn't do Day 2 today but I'm determined to go for it tomorrow morning,