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    Last night was a bit of a fail, beer and popcorn and watching Orange is the New Black. Only have a couple of episodes left.
    I also found out that my mom signed me up for a 5k when I visit her, on April 27. I need to work in some more runs, I think, but I only have two weeks. She will be walking it, though, so that's always an option!

    If I was going to be good about my goals I would make Friday a non-drinking day. I could do it, I don't have plans. Mike has a late show and I have an early event Saturday morning.

    I saw a recipe for lasagna soup. I bet that would be good!
  • Beeps2011
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    You guys have GREAT ideas....unsure how many I will incorporate.

    Smoothies/protein shakes are already a "staple" in our house....won't be sneaking in veggies there.

    i hate making soup and would never do it. But, maybe nanny would cook it - don't know.

    The spaghetti squash is a good one....guess I'll have to find an online "how to" manual with pictures....nanny needs certainty in direction.

    I tried a sauteed spinach on tuesday night....aaaannnnnndddd, nobody ate it but me. Ta-da!!

    Wednesday night there were some bean sprouts in the noodle/shrimp dish....kids ate those bean sprouts, lol!!
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    I ate a lot yesterday.... most of which was after dinner. I skipped breakfast, but I am going to eat more today because it is my BIRTHDAY!!!!! Ehh.
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    Happy birthday Kelly! EAT SOME CAKE!!! :smile:
  • Beeps2011
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    A birthday! Nice....have a GREAT one, kclynch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • zgolub
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    Beeps, my weekly allotment of calories is 10,850.
    Im ok with coming in on week 2.
    When do we have to post our weekly counts. Sun night?
  • Beeps2011
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    Alright, zgolub, I've inserted your data into the spreadsheet for the April *star* challenge!

    Sunday night would be awesome for reporting in....Monday is fine, too!

    Today, i lift!
  • amysj303
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    This is for you, Beeps, green smoothie recipes. I have never made one either!

    Last night I worked out, ate some leftovers, went to a friends for strawberry shortcake and bellinis and came in under cals so I was proud of myself. I really want to stay under after going up to 1600/day and see if that is maintenance, while working out.

    Happy Birthday, KC:flowerforyou:
  • shanaber
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    Happy Birthday KC! Celebrate!!

    I had a hard time getting motivated this morning and didn't get out for a run before it got too hot. We went out to dinner last night (grilled fish) and out again tonight with friends. Hoping I can stay near my macro and calorie goals - I have been doing better so far this week. We have a busy weekend ahead but I hope I can get a run in tomorrow, if not my normal long run. Have a great weekend everyone!
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    What a gorgeous day here today in NYC. Too bad I slept the whole day (I work at night). Should've gotten myself up early and gone for a jog..instead I got myself up early and vegged out in front of TV with Ben and Jerry's Greek yogurt :( I was just so happy to have the hubby and the baby out of the house, and the house all to myself...
    My go to "fun, relaxing" way to unwind is in front of TV with fattening foods. This is the main calorie suck I have. Need to learn to redirect myself and stick with it.
  • jenomaha
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    Beeps – My kids will only eat green beans and grilled asparagus for veggies. I can get away with mixing spinach and carrots in my marinara sauce for spaghetti and my little one doesn’t mind the spinach I sneak in his smoothies but my oldest does :p

    Happy Birthday, Kelly!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

    Amy – Wow, that’s cool your mom signed you up for a run!

    Shanaber – Hope you were able to get your run in this weekend!

    Zgolub – I try to enjoy an empty house myself when I can!!

    Sorry, that's all I can see!

    Week # 2 has been good! Down 5.7 lbs so far
    1. Weights 3/wk - Check!
    2. No diet soda - Check! (Not an issue anymore)
    3. Eat clean – only bad stuff was ½ serving of white rice Mon and Fri, but hey, I am half Asian, lol! :D (I’m hoping to eliminate this next week) .
    4. minimum of 9 glasses of water - check! (not an issue anymore, just had to get back into the habit)
    5. multivitamin – check!

    So April is usually very damaging for me as I have my sister’s bday, my dad’s bday, and separate Easter’s with my family and DH’s family…that’s 4 big meals!! BUT, this year, I condensed it down to 1 and hosted it at my house today…why haven’t I thought of this before?! So I did go off just a little today, but it was the only meal I had. Grilled sweet chili chicken, 2 small teriyaki wings, spinach and pasta salad and 2 little egg rolls. Treats – mimosas and 1 sliver of lemon raspberry sponge cake. I did not feel stuffed or gross after, so overall, I think I did ok. And, I also lifted today :D

    I feel great and can already see a difference in my body composition and how my clothes are fitting.

    We leave for California Fri morn, so this week’s goals:
    1. Weights 2x before trip, 1x on trip because the hotel has a gym
    2. Eat Clean (No white rice!!)
    3. Try the Insanity class at my gym for the 1st time (Mon) Try reformer Pilates for the 1st time (Tues)

    I post some of my food on Instagram if you'd like to see! I'm Jenzumbas. Have a great week, ladies!!!
  • amysj303
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    I was 1196 over on cals. I will try for a better score this next week!
    I worked out almost every day though...

    Jen, your Easter/bday celebration meal sounds awesome.

    I do have plans for an Easter brunch Sunday. I have some plans for meals this week and hope to keep calories down. I'll have a quiche, no crust, and crepes...
  • shanaber
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    I felt much better about this week - met my eating goals; right on with the calories (1409) and close to the macros but it is an adjustment. I haven't lost anything really but have not gained either. I was able to get into my super skinny jeans again though so that was great!! Had an awesome 8 mile run on Saturday - it was a cool 58 and felt glorious! Went to the beach with my friend and all the dogs early this morning and had such a great time! I hope to get in 5 days of running along with 2 days of weights this next week and keep to my eating plan!

    Jen - The celebration plan sounds like it worked out great! Where in California are you visiting?

    We don't have any plans for Easter - no kids at home so will stay low key and have a simple dinner.
  • shander7
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    Good morning! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend :)

    Shanaber - Congrats on getting into the skinny jeans! That's the best feeling :) I don't care what the scale says on those days!!

    Amy - As long as you work out a lot you should be fine :) Do you take out your exercise calories? Just wondering :)

    Jen - Your Easter celebration sounds fun :) Good job on not going overboard! And congrats on feeling better already! I'll have to find you on instagram :)

    zgolub - We all need days like that! There will be plenty of nice days to spend outside!

    So I added in a guesstimate off everything I had this weekend, but I'm not sure I got everything! I went to a beer festival on Saturday and am assuming I had about 4 beers? I could be wrong... idk! I think I still got a Gold star though, I was about 450 over. Not bad! We got a bunch of yard work done this weekend in the BEAUTIFUL weather, too bad it's going to get colder again after today :( We're having an Easter cook out at my parents house this weekend, so hopefully my mom and I will come up with some healthy options!

    That's all I can see, have a great start to your weeks!
  • ChLoE1130
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    I was 1117 over so that's a Bronze star. Not too proud of that. I really didn't have a great week over all. I drank more than I wanted to. I only ran once and did my 3 Chalean workouts. But, I did get out and walk with the pup and the baby 4 days. I am really going to try to make this week a better one!
  • Beeps2011
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    I get a GOLD* for last week. Harumph. I really need to do better.

    Guess what?!?!? I started a "lose 10 lbs" challenge, on January 1st - a 10-week or a 12-week challenge, whatever it was. I was 149.0 at the start!! In mid-february, i was down in the 143's. AWESOME right???

    On Friday, at the end of the challenge, I weighed 149.0.

    Not f*cking kidding.

    Lame. Lame. Lame. Literally, getting 10 lbs off me is just f*cked. So, I am now going to aim for "5 lbs" and I am NOT joining a challenge to do it! Just going to stick to brushing my teeth, no night-time snacking, and counting/logging calories. (I have been TOO infrequent at the "logging" part.)

    My 2 week-challenge for THIS forum is:

    2. no night-time snacking;
    3. log my calories;
    4. lift 3 x per week;
    5. get in some cardio throughout the week - walking is all that it takes!

  • KellyBgetsfit
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    I was only 182 over!!!!!!!!!!! Yet, the scale was up a pound. Grrrrr!!!!! Hoping it is water weight from yesterday. I did take Thurs-Sat off of working out though. Switching weigh-ins to Friday.

    This week is spring break. I have two goals.
    1. Work-out daily -maybe even a double a few times
    2.DO NOT eat everything in site!!! Afternoons when i am off, I find myself snacking, so I made afternoon plans EVERYDAY.

    Chloe and Amy- Be proud that you logged even if you were over. It is best to be honest.

    Jen- Sounds like you have a lot going on this month!!!! When you put forth the effort, that weight just melts off of you.

    Shannon- I love beerfests but all that wheat usually upsets my stomach! We are having nice weather too. LOVE IT!

    Shanaber- Awesome job with calories and yeah for skinny pants!!! How tall are you?
  • Beeps2011
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    Also, I told the nanny to go buy a bunch of baby food jars of pureed veggies and baby food jars of pureed fruits.....nobody has to know that I'm feeding my 11- and 12- year olds baby food!!!!

    The RULE is, before they eat ANYTHING ELSE, they have to eat a serving of fruit and/or veggies....that rule is NOT gonna change just because they have braces on!!! So, baby food it is - they can add salt/pepper to the veggies to give them flavour if they need it! And, I expect they actually will LOVE the fruit part.

    This is gonna be expensive, but I don't really care.....I just cannot nag about this crap and I am terrified of having children who are only eating (soft) snack bars, protein shakes, blah, blah, blah because their "teeth hurt".

    Let's see how it goes!!!
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    Beeps- I GAINED during that challenge!!!!!
  • Better_Balance_2011
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    Hey ladies. Hope you all had nice weekends. Mine was jam packed and lushy. I still managed to be under by 26 calories! I walked a lot and got a good run in Saturday. I also didn't eat a whole lot any weekend day really. I did not make the best choices, but I wasn't terribly over because of food; it was the booze. As usual...... I only worked out 4x though. Yesterday I had a hangover that made me not want to do anything. I read, laid in the sun, shopped, and vegged on the couch. And feel guilty for it today.

    But this is a new week and I am determined to drink less and eat better. I am totally feeling all the booze today. I've also got my weigh in this Thursday and I really need to see a half pound to a pound loss to hit my goal by vacation. Time to tighten it up!