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    Yes, Cindy, I NEED to get back on it it really has promise! I am going to try for next week, I can get 2 full weeks in and report on that before Jamaica!

    Also Cindy, I dread going out to eat too now because of diet and food allergies. Even if I think it is OK, sometimes it isn't and I pay for it for well after. I do love food though so sometimes it is worth it! So far, my favorite diet friendly AND never got sick place is Cheesecake Factory! Who would think!?

    I am doing fairly well today, despite having gotten less than 3 hours sleep. I guess I didn't need it, I felt mostly fine today! Happy Friday everyone!
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    Good Morning all! I am going to head out for a run this morning after the kids go to school. It is too dark & chilly out there now!

    I feel like I have been MIA this week. DS was sick & I feel like I am on the verge of something, and, as always lately, tired. My eating has been on track, & I am not snacking, but my portions must be off because I did not lose weight this week. Last week I lost 2.6lbs, maybe next week I will see another big loss :ohwell:

    Have a great Friday!
  • Lisa 2.6 is a great week; so as you said a balance this week is okay. Hope your son is feeling better and you don't catch anything.

    Isn't the chilly getting awful!!! :( Emy is probably the only one liking it being in LA and all. Today we are only hitting 52 degrees for our high --- not happy about that!!!!

    Cindytw, good luck with your program …. you'll be amazed in 2 weeks how much you can get done -- looking forward to eating more about it!!!

    Last night I caved; had raviolis and wine … they were so damn good! But I ate really well during the day so I was only a bit above my calorie goal, too much above fat goal, but it wasn't horrific. i'm going to put in an extra run this weekend to feel like I made up for it.

    My weigh in today was down .4, another slow week, but in thinking about it my daily calorie intake has been low for a good 4-6 weeks (averaging 1000 calories a day). So this week I'm going to bump it up to 1200 a day (with the right foods) to see if it helps. I know 1,000 is low, but when I eat the right foods I really don't feel hungry …. we'll see what happens with it all.

    Stay warm and think healthy and exercise this weekend!!!!
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    Good morning! I ran this morning and will do my Jillian workout this afternoon. We are back to warm weather again. Was in the 50's and 60's last week and yesterday it was 90. Glad for the warmer days - I'm dreading the cold winter!

    Have a great weekend!
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    Happy Sunday! Today is my day off, but found a new Jillian DVD that I must try - we'll see how it goes! She uses kettlebells, which I currently don't have so will try it with regular dumbbells. Cindy, what weight of kettlebell do you use for your workouts? I've been thinking of getting some, but not sure what weight to get.

    Supposed to be in the 70s today so will try to get outside and go for a walk as well. My son will be gone for six hours today with the Cub Scouts so I'll have "free" time - woohoo!! Haven't had that in a while! Do need to get some cleaning done, but will try to get that out of the way early so I can "play".

    Have a great day!
  • Enjoy your "me" time Brenda!!! My kettlebell is 6kg/12lb. Truthfully it's too heavy for me and I end up using my 8 lb weights, so depending on your arm strength (i have none!), I'd use that as a guideline. Good luck -- it's amazing how much a kettle bell work out works!

    Warm here today too - about 78 - so I'm looking forward to my walk/jog this evening when it hits the 70s.

    I GOT MY FITBIT!!!! Woot! Just literally got back home and booting up to brag :)

    Talk with you all tonight - hope you had great weekends.

    Brenda - enjoy your 6 hrs!
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    Good Morning All!

    Back to Monday again already! I worked parts of this weekend & for some reason I feel that gets me all off track. Just makes me extra tired. It probably doesn't help that I am still not feeling 100%. Probably allergies, maybe a cold. who knows. 4 more weeks of 5-7 days a week at work, then it will slow down.

    Yesterday I got groceries & cooked butternut squash soup for my lunches this week. It is super yummy & perfect for these cool fall days. I prepped meals for the rest of the week, so it will be easy to stay on track. I just have to pack my lunch and go most days! Even suppers should be easy, tasty & with in my calorie budget.

    Now exercise is tougher, because honestly I am not in the mood. Strange, eh? oh well. I will go for a run this morning before work. Probably just a short one, to say I did something.

    have a great day!
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    Hi everyone!

    Sorry sorry, I've been rubbish keeping in touch lately, I know. I'm still logging in every day though and am following you on my timeline, just finding it hard lately to sit down and properly read and post. Work is busy and husband is working nights starting at 7pm, so it's all go. And by the time the girls are in bed I just want to relax with my book.
    Haven't done any exercise AT ALL. Not even a walk. This bothers me, and I do want to get back to that, it's just so, so hard to find my mojo back.
    Eating-wise I'm not too bad and I don't think there have been any weight changes (haven't weighed but clothes are fine), the only thing that I need to seriously work on is my sweet tooth. I'm trying to cut out all sugar in the form of sweets, biscuits, cake etc. I'm like a yoyo every evenening, up and down to that kitchen to grab stuff from the children's sweet jar...

    Lisa you're doing great on the food by the looks of it. Prepping meals and lunches is so important, it really helps. Both in the calories and in the purse!

    Oooh Cindy enjoy your fitbit!! Let me know how you get on!

    Brenda which dvd is that? I haven't done a JM in ages. Mmmm maybe I should just dust off the auld fashioned 30 day shred, to get me back on track...

    Right, I'll better get back to work, it's not even lunchtime yet and I'm flagging! :bigsmile:
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    Morning eveyone

    Siannah, I have been the same way with keeping in touch....just had a busy weekend and now things are quieter again I will have time to post.
    Thursday I drove to pick up son #1 at University, he didn't have classes on Friday so made a long weekend and came home for a visit. Had a nice visit, my brother and his family was also here for the weekend, and his daughter goes to the same Univerisy so they drove my son back (yay) for us.

    Got a run in on Friday and Saturday....nothing on sunday, and then a run yesterday. Tonight I will go to my exercise class. I've still been having trouble with my nighttime eating, but the past 2 nights were good. So...I'm hoping that I can keep it up and make this a good week.

    Siannah - hope you can get yourself back into exercise mode. I think we are in opposite places right now, I'm still exercising but need improvement with my eating. Go get that JM DVD, dust 'er off! :)

    Lisa - I'm sure you'll be happy when work slows down some, hopefully the next 4 weeks will go by quickly! The squash soup sounds good, I've always wondered what it was like. I love squash. I should give it a try, it would be something different for me.

    Cindy - got yer fitbit!! I am so interested in those things. I noticed they were all wearing them on Biggest Loser. I might look into them for Christmas or something.

    Brenda - hope you enjoyed your alone time on Sunday, and that the new DVD was a good one. I have a few of her workouts too, but not that one.

    Cindytw - glad that you are feeling better, and that HIIT workout sounds great. I have a few different ones that I like, they are suppose to be really good for burning those calories!

    Well, must go and get something done around here. The sun is out, its 10*C (51*F) but I am not going to run today, going to save it all for tonights class. Have a great one!
  • Good morning! Seems so busy lately and I have nothing to account for it all ????

    Siannah, nice to see your smiling face again. Glad you are eating well, a little push to get out and walk -- you'll feel better about it all. And funny how 1 or 2 times and the 'get healthy bug' comes back to you :)

    Lisa, soup sounds so yummy now. Fall has definitely settled in it's that time of year. I just ordered a 4qt crock pot for dinners as the one I have now is too large. Looking forward to those yummy meals! How is your son? Hopefully feeling better.

    Maureen, my fitbit didn't work! I have to go back to the store and exchange it out -- hoping to get there today during lunch. I've been watching watching Biggest Loser as well; that show can make me cry each and every time! Amazing how they push themselves. Enjoy your class tonight!!!

    Brenda, how was your day? Started Jillian?

    Cindytw, hope all is well.

    Happy Tuesday!!!
  • LisaPower123
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    Good Morning all!

    I am back at it. Went to the gym this morning & weight lifted. I almost went for a run too, but I should work today, so I should save some energy for the rest of the day. This is my last week with employees, so I don't really have to work if I don't feel like it during the week. I really really should though.

    Have you changed out your fit bit Cindy?

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Happy Wednesday!!! Sunny here - cool but sunny.

    Lisa, glad you're back at it - funny how it takes 1 little thing and the 'be healthly bug' kicks back in. I didn't make it to the store yesterday as work got crazy; I blocked off an hour on my calendar today so should make it! I'm so curious as to my steps, exercise, etc! The store is about a 15 min walk so I'm going to walk there as well and get some extra exercise in.

    Will still do my run tonight (well I say run, but let's face it…..i'm walking/jogging :) ) The nights are slowly creeping in early and I'm barely making it in before sunset so looks like just a few more weeks of this and then it will be time to switch things up at night. Will pull in some JM dvds. I'll miss the outside, but will welcome some different exercises.

    Tonight I'm making chicken spring rolls and I'm hoping they will be as good as I've been thinking all week! I am dedicating this week and next week to new dinners and foods for all my meals; have really become in a rut with 90% of my food the same thing every day.

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!
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    Good morning everyone

    My class was pretty hard last night, we did a lot of plyometrics combined with some strength. 30 seconds of one, a minute of the other. I had a puddle of sweat at my feet. This morning I am going to run, hopefully my legs will carry me, lol.. Its a gorgeous day, not a lot of wind either, which is rare for this time of year.

    Made a stew this week, something I haven't made in forever, it was so good. I think I'm going to add to it and have some leftovers tonight. Most of the stuff in it came from my parents garden....yummy.

    cindy - I too get stuck on eating the same old thing everyday. I need to change things up some. Hope your fitbit works this time!

    Lisa - glad that you got to the gym and are back at it! You will feel great
  • Those are the best classes Maureen … I love that sore feeling in an odd way!

    I didn't make the spring rolls last night as my son got called into work and want him to try them fresh with me. Plus cooking for 1 isn't fun. I did make some chicken burgers that I had for dinner and have some left overs for lunch. Be nice to not have salad … again!

    I did my walk/jog last night and as much as I'm still only on a 2 min run, I've been pushing myself to really sprint during those 2 mins and I can feel a difference in my legs.

    Got my fitbit :) She is all flowers and telling me I've got my steps in …. but I can see on the the days I don't do my walks I'll be extremely limited in steps; so will be interesting to see how that pushes me. Lisa/Brenda, does the fitbit count when you do things like JM workouts????

    Have a great day all --- weigh in tomorrow. I took a sneak peek today and was very happy! I'm going to be official and log it tomorrow so hoping it stays - ha!

    Enjoy your day all!!!
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    Good morning All! (well almost afternoon now!)

    I went for a run in the dark today. It was my best run in a while. Very few people out at 6:30am. It actually felt great. I am in quite a bit of pain from taking almost 2 weeks off of weight lifting & restarting again yesterday. Silly me, when will I learn?

    Cindy: the fitbit will count steps, for a JM workout, but if you want credit for the extra calories you have to log it. I log stuff like that in MFP & it transfers over. Just be sure to log the accurately time (like 6:00) that you are doing the workout , so that things sync up right. Otherwise you end up with double workout credits, which sometimes happens to me.
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    Good afternoon! Had a hard time getting up this morning to exercise and I'm sure it's because I ran so late last night (I call "late" 6:30 pm!) Was pretty "energized" after that and couldn't get to sleep. Don't think I'll be going that again! Will try to get something done when I get home from work today.

    Cindy, I got a 7lb and a 10lb kettlebell, but for sure will start out with the 7lb - can't imagine using a 12lb - you go girl!! My arms are REALLY wimpy! The Chicken Spring Rolls sound great - let us know when you've tried them! Wonder if I could get my farmer of a husband to eat a chicken burger.....mmmmm......

    Marielle, good to hear from you again! Glad everything has been going well and totally understand the "no mojo". I hit a wall in August and didn't exercise for a while, and just now starting to get back in the groove. Good luck with the no sugar. There are a couple of people here at work that are doing that and they say they feel so much better since cutting it out. My new JM video is Shred it with Weights. Haven't tried it yet - hope to do that either today or tomorrow. Cindy said the 30 Day Shred is great - I might have to try that one too!

    Lisa, good to know about how to log the extra calories from JM workouts. I quit wearing the fitbit during my workouts because I didn't want the double credit even though it was showing the actual calories burned.

    Had a GREAT day on Sunday with my six hour "retreat". I love my family, but it's good to get in some time alone. That rarely happens for me.

    Have a great rest of the day!
  • Brenda - enjoy the kettlebells! My 12 lb-er is keeping the basement shelf company; much to heavy for these arms. I'm use my 8 lb weight when I do kettle bell exercises. Let me know how you enjoy it!

    Maureen, you watching Biggest Loser right now as well? seriously these people amaze me …. don't push myself 1/4 of what they do -- I need to think of them when I'm working out and bring up my levels. This show makes me bawl!

    Lisa, credit to you for morning runs --- I just can't do anything that early.

    Was nice having different foods this week. Still have the spring rolls to make this weekend, but the other foods were good. Brenda, try the chicken burgers - actually really moist even reheated today at lunch. I used ground chicken, parmasean cheese, garlic, italian spices and basil and pan fried (even with no egg, they are moist!)

    Good luck with Friday weigh in!
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    Good Morning all! Finally Friday!

    Actually, for the next 3 weeks it won't matter what day of the week it is because I will probably be work some part of every day. Joys of being a business owner, lol. But once the busy is done we can relax. It will be great to get away for our anniversary at the end of October, without children. Something we have really never done.

    I got my iPhone 6 yesterday! They told me 4-5 weeks so I was really surprised to get it so soon. It is neat. Bigger, the sound is better, apps load faster. So far, so good.

    Got up too early this morning so I have had a little time to really read through the past weeks posts :)

    Cindy: I actually made different things from what I normally make this week for suppers too! Spaghetti squash lasagna was a hit with my family.

    Maureen: I haven't had stew in a long time.. perfect fall meal.

    Brenda: I get energized working out in the evening too! That is why I suffer with the early mornings.

    Marielle: Glad to see you back.

    Enjoy your day! I am heading to the gym for heavy lifting. My legs are still killing me from doing squats, but means I must be building muscle again. Right?
  • Hi Lisa, end of October will be here in a flash and you'll be on a nice warm beach!!!! Congrats on the iPhone - my friend brought hers into work yesterday, but she is so sick I'm not going near her; so I'll see it next week. Ha. When you have time, I'd love your recipe for the spaghetti squash; I hear about it all the time, but the word squash pushes me away - will be good to try it though.

    Weekend is here finally! My weigh in this morning was finally a good one (-2.2) so I think it will keep me motivated to eat right (weekends are when I cheat here and there). I know I have a trail run with my friend and our dogs tomorrow so that will be good. Our weather is going to get into the 80s this weekend which will be nice to enjoy 'summer' again.

    Everyone have a great weekend and if I don't check in; talk with you all on Monday!
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    Good morning all! Haven't gotten much exercise in this week. Went shopping in the 'big city' twice this week so got over 10,000 steps each of those days and work was crazy the other three so was in early and home late. Got up late this morning, but will definitely get something in today, might run, might try the new JM dvd.

    Cindy, I'm definitely going to try the chicken burgers - they sound delish!

    Lisa, enjoy the new iPhone! I'd also like the spaghetti squash recipe. I need to get some new recipes - we're kind of stuck in a rut.

    Have a great day!