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JULY 2015 - Move Your @ss Challenge



  • tialynn1
    tialynn1 Posts: 1,181 Member
    As of July 9, I walked 6.5 miles.
  • carlsoda
    carlsoda Posts: 3,596 Member
    July Goal: 150 miles
    Yearly Walking Challenge 669/1500 miles ytd

    7/01 - 3 miles
    7/02 - 7/05: 12 miles walking, 12 miles biking
    7/06 - 4 miles
    7/07 - 4 miles walking, 2 miles biking (+ weight lifting!)
    7/08 - 4 miles (+ yoga)
    7/08 - 4 miles walking, 8 miles biking

  • bebogrrl
    bebogrrl Posts: 77 Member
    MTD 40.97

  • Jerseygrrl
    Jerseygrrl Posts: 189 Member


    26 so far. Shaping up to be a much better month.
  • hope002
    hope002 Posts: 1,293 Member
    July 1 - 1.5km
    July 2 - 8km
    July 3 - 2.2km
    July 5 - 3km
    July 6 - 2.2km
    July 7 - 3.5km
    July 8 - 1.5km
    July 9 - 2.2km
    July 10 - 8km

    Total 32.1/100km
  • Tappy44
    Tappy44 Posts: 1,050 Member
    7/9 - 3.27 miles on the elliptical

    MTD - 25.21 miles

    Next week I will be at a conference, I will get some mileage in but probably not as much as I would like :/
  • dcmat
    dcmat Posts: 1,723 Member
    Going for 800 miles again in July as I have some holidays coming up

    01-07: 40.60 miles
    02-07: 34.24 miles
    03-07: 40.19 miles
    04-07: 65.18 miles
    05-07: rest day
    06-07: 45.11 miles
    07-07: 40.14 miles
    08-07: rest day
    09-07: 41.08 miles
    10-07: 43.06 miles
    July miles: 349.59

    YTD miles: 4607
  • darkrider42
    darkrider42 Posts: 4,720 Member
    edited July 2015
    WHEWWWW! A warm one today for this heat-fragile Minnesota boy!!! :sweat_smile::laugh: Got a shorter 1.7 mile lunch walk in today and looked like I'd fallen into the pond again because it was so humid that I was sweating buckets!

  • darkrider42
    darkrider42 Posts: 4,720 Member
    tialynn1 wrote: »
    As of July 9, I walked 6.5 miles.
    The spreadsheet has your total at 60.10....so does that mean to add 6.5 to that for a new total of 66.6??

  • kar328
    kar328 Posts: 4,019 Member
    4.8 mile walk


  • sussexbythesea
    sussexbythesea Posts: 1,286 Member
    new ttd 33.76 miles
  • hkristine1
    hkristine1 Posts: 950 Member
    I'm sorry that I've been so MIA... it's really been a whirlwind of a month so far. I can't believe it's been nearly 2 weeks already since we got our foster daughter. She is delightful. And in so many ways, it's gone more smoothly than I expected. And yet, it's still a huge transition and today was the first day I've gotten to the gym ALL MONTH. I could definitely tell that I haven't been working out, but it was good to sweat and get some stress OUT.

    A big THANK YOU to Dave for taking over my spreadsheet duties for a time, as I adjust to the "new normal."

    15.2 miles today. 15.2 MTD.
  • future_rockstar
    future_rockstar Posts: 711 Member
    A slow start to this month, but yesterday was a good day with 15.2 miles, then a short little 1.9 today
    MTD - 28.1/100
  • clepant
    clepant Posts: 2,689 Member
    @hkristine1: Hope all continues to go well with your foster daughter. how old is she.
    @Lovemyalex: My dad had knee surgery about 15 years ago and I showed him your knee. If your bandage is off, and you so desire to humor me, I would love to show him a pic of your scar(s). He had the old knee replacement when they almost amputated your leg. He is 92.
  • Calliope610
    Calliope610 Posts: 3,860 Member
    07/09 - rest (lazy) day
    07/10 - 19.4 total miles >> 3.0m recumbent bike @ phys therapy, 15.2miles recumbent bike @ gym, 1.2m walk with Cora


  • lyla29
    lyla29 Posts: 3,549 Member
    5 miles running today

  • cpanus
    cpanus Posts: 17,773 Member
    It was a great morning for a walk!

    Friday - 6.79 miles


    Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

  • 2essie
    2essie Posts: 2,792 Member
    6.35 miles walked today

    54.43 miles walked to date
  • vhuber
    vhuber Posts: 8,956 Member
    Got in 3 miles with the furry kids before it heated up, got a "catch all" building cleaned & organized, watered garden & beds. Then while dinner was simmering I hopped on the ex bike for 4 miles. 7 total for today.


  • darkrider42
    darkrider42 Posts: 4,720 Member

    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:


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