February 2016 - Move Your @ss Challenge



  • Lisah8969
    Lisah8969 Posts: 1,247 Member
    2/22 - 3 miles
    2/24 - 3 miles
    2/26 - 7 miles
    2/27 - 5 miles
    2/28 - 3 miles
    2/29 - 3 miles


    Thank goodness I got an extra day in February this year! :-)
  • Tappy44
    Tappy44 Posts: 1,050 Member
    2/28 - 1.48 miles

    MTD - 54.74 miles

    Not going to make goal :(
  • wanderan
    wanderan Posts: 1,369 Member
    adding 4.71 miles

  • queenegreene
    queenegreene Posts: 1,376 Member
    2/25 to 2/28 - 10.3 miles walking
    Total to date - 133.63 of 145 miles I was on track to make goal, but for the past 2 days I've been in the midst of severe respiratory distress from my allergies, asthma and a terrible cold. This month is the first I will not make goal since I joined this group- could it really have been more than 3 years ago now? Wow - time flies! I hope to walk a mile or so today, if my lungs can handle it!
  • darkrider42
    darkrider42 Posts: 4,983 Member

    See (but not edit) the
    spreadsheet here:


    And a celebration for today's latest GOAL line crashers! @MOMOF2BOYZ832, @CARLSODA and @LISAH8969!! :drinker:

    @TAXMOM9093 - Look at you go! Back from where you were to being so close now! I'd say this month is just as much of a WIN no matter the outcome!! :star:

    @CPANUS - My girlfriend has gotten me hooked on Castle too! Fun show! :smiley:

    @CLEPANT - Hope you're feeling better soon!!

    @MOMOF2BOYZ832 - Feels great, doesn't it?!? Congrats!

    @TAPPY44 - Don't get too discouraged. You still got up and moved quite a bit this month. Possibly more than if you weren't doing this challenge, I'd venture to say. :wink:

    @QUEENEGREENE - Sorry to hear you're not feeling well either!! It's been great having you here as a regular for all that time now! It's such a help for everyone to see familiar faces consistently getting their move on!

    @VHUBER - Sorry to hear you're struggling right now. Our thoughts are with you. And (((HUGS))). :flowerforyou:

    C'mon everyone!!! One more BONUS DAY this month to make a last push!!! :smiley:

  • darkrider42
    darkrider42 Posts: 4,983 Member
    And I just noticed ... actually I've been watching in anticipation ... but an event happened this past weekend and I wanted to give a special and separate shout-out to @LOVEMYALEX who just crossed a milestone point of a staggering 25,000 miles since she joined this challenge!!!!! BRAVO!!! :star:


  • darkrider42
    darkrider42 Posts: 4,983 Member
  • KariD1114
    KariD1114 Posts: 1,080 Member
    edited February 2016
    2/28 = 3.08
  • darkrider42
    darkrider42 Posts: 4,983 Member
    And that's GOAL for @KARID1114 as well!!! :drinker:

  • momof2boyz832
    momof2boyz832 Posts: 682 Member
    Another 13.09 to finish off the month..feels superb!! Almost 20 miles over goal..
    Ttd 118.18
  • 2essie
    2essie Posts: 2,838 Member
    5.02 miles walked today

    147.06 walked to date
  • sussexbythesea
    sussexbythesea Posts: 1,315 Member
    Final total, this month 106.5 miles, not sure how I did that!
  • k80flec
    k80flec Posts: 1,597 Member
    edited February 2016


    29th: 2.94 miles purposeful walking, 2.49 road run- MTD 155.01
    Annual MTD - 287.31
  • kar328
    kar328 Posts: 4,074 Member
    4 mile walk after being stuck in the house for most of the day while I had a new security system placed. Good thing I agreed to the three day leeway of them calling the police, since I set it off within the hour - danged ceiling fan. And good thing I go downstairs clothed, since there's no a camera down there.


  • belle_74
    belle_74 Posts: 895 Member
    .. finally hit (and passed) a goal! Long time coming at this stage :) !!!! Thanks as always for keeping me on the road ...

  • future_rockstar
    future_rockstar Posts: 712 Member
    3 miles walking today to finish with 25.7/25 miles. Not a lot, but at least it got done.
  • Lovemyalex
    Lovemyalex Posts: 3,246 Member
    Exercise total for


    23.58 miles (exercise bike) & .5 miles walking

    24.08 miles for today

    838.47 miles done MTD
  • anaconda469
    anaconda469 Posts: 3,307 Member
    I forgot that this was leap month/year. I love bonus miles, especially lately as my morale and mental health has taken such a beating in the last year. Also a plus for bonus miles is if someone in our group gets hurt, ill, has surgery unexpectedly I can give back as the group gave to me last year after my wreck to help me make goal. Its that attitude of gratitude.

    02/28 - 02.0 miles walking

    Total: 216.0 miles

    02/29 - 17.0 miles cycling trainer

    Total: 233.0 miles


  • GrandmaJackie
    GrandmaJackie Posts: 33,263 Member
    edited March 2016
    2/28 Run 4.5 miles / Walk 4.5 miles
    2/29 Run 4.25 miles / Elliptical 3 miles / Walk 3 miles

    As of 2/29 249.50 of 200 miles

  • cpanus
    cpanus Posts: 17,466 Member
    I think Castle might be done...Makes me sad. I don't even think about the time when I'm watching it.

    Walked w/the boys this morning then went to 1st grade then bike for 45 mins and an episode of Castle then did a yoga challenge...I do not bend like that...nopey, nope!!

    2/29 - 7.57 miles
    2/29 - 12.25 bike miles


    Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday.

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