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    poor day at trainer time. i missed my highest oph set at 60, and just made five for my deadlifts at 136. feeling stiff and tight overall, and pretty tired. we're just going to call it a bad day and carry on. see how threes week goes next week before we start to adjust things.

    something i didn't know: you add 5 or 10 pounds to your training weight on each cycle, not your 1rep max. so that explains why mr t always seems to be wanting a little bit more out of me than i thought. i was going to fix my spreadsheet but i just checked a wendler article and he says you add it to your 1rm too. so idk, and too sleepy to care atm.
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    Badnoodle...welcome! I can't help with your boobage question as I am not blessed in that department!

    No lifting for me yesterday... After a bizarre brexit related day at work I went to a charity ball and ate, drank and danced myself silly.
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    Squat: my adductors were so sore this week (first non-treadmill run in a year is the likely culprit) so my squats were suffering. Warmup 5@45, 4@65, 3@95, 3x4@115. Couldn't get the last reps out.

    Bench was great, I wish I had my spotter. 5x5 @ 75.

    Row: 3x8 @ 50

    PSA: Target has a lot of fitness items on sale. I ordered a 20lb kettlebell and it's free shipping if you have their card or spend enough.
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    badnoodle wrote: »
    I do have a question for you, particularly the more well-endowed ladies. Where should the safety arms/rails be set for benching?

    well, so i'm definitely not one of those women. my boobs couldn't get in the way of anything if they tried.

    with that said though . . . i've always been told to touch the bar at around the same place as my lower bra band. sometimes i even wear a bra to help me to know where that is :tongue: i'm not sure how that translates for someone whose boobs take up actual real estate on their ribs, but i know that touching at nipple level isn't comfortable for me either. my shoulder joints do not like it at all.
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    I lifted after all!!

    Went to do chest and back only but the squat rack was free so I did a few sets while I could...

    SQ 1x5 @ 60kg/65kg/70kg plus...
    2x3@ 75kgs. New best and something to work on increasing reps over the next few sessions!

    BP 10X10 @ 30kgs. This was v. Tough

    Row 10x10 @ 30kgs. Hard but loved feeling my muscles engage :)
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    pointless sort of trip to the gym . . . sort of pointless. i did nothing but accessories because the place was swarming and i couldn't get the rack or the bench after two and a half hours there. but i did do accessory work. i'll go back and re-try tomorrow.
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    I lifted this morning.....

    SQ 5/5/3/4/3 @ 75 kgs. Best so far. Decent form.

    DL 1X5 @85Kgs. best so far. Didn't use straps so pleased with that.

    OHP 5X5 @25kgs.

    Also took my measurements and very encouraged as I have lost cms across the board.

    Happy Sunday everyone x

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    Great hike yesterday - made it up to the top in 45 minutes and it took me an hour when I did it in February so I count that as a win!

    Rest day today - will be attending a Greek food festival later this afternoon so I am saving calories for that.

    Maybe some extra potatoes will help me lift on Monday AM? :p
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    proud of self for executive decision to go to the gym anyway, with only two hours to go until mobile-bike-shop guy is booked to show up at my house. also proud of self for executive decision to book the guy, since my valve-stem patch job on my rear tire blew out again while i was in there squatting. i knew that it would, naturally. the entire tube is shot and the area around the valve is the worst.

    so looks like the powers rewarded me. i almost work better in the gym when i've got a time cap on me. less of that recreational faffing around and doubting myself just because i've got time so why not. this is 3's week.

    squats 75/85/95 and i did 4 for both the last sets. it's so hard to get that 5's habit out of my head when i'm trying to think about things like form. felt strong and form felt fine, actually seemed to improve as i 5-lb'd my way up to work weight. but 95 also felt freaking HEAVY.

    accessory: various pulls and rows for my shoulder alignment. bit of romanian/dimel deadlifts with a light bar. and bench with just-the-bar. tons and tons of warmup sets of 5, and then i just bit in after the squats and did 3x12-15ish . . . oh my.

    i earned this here shake with the berries in it.
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    Onto week three of Wendler cycle 1, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

    Sunday: Squat Day, Week 3
    Main: Squat
    Warm up sets, then 5@33kg, 3@38kg, 5@42kg
    Assistance 1: Deadlift
    5x10 at 40kg
    Assistance 2: Hip Thrust
    5x10 at 50kg
    Superset with Dumbbell Bicep Curl
    5x6 each arm at 7kg

    Finished up with a good ten minutes 'miring my butt pump.

    Monday: Bench Day, Week 3
    Main: Bench
    Warm up sets, then 5@27kg, 3@30kg, 6@35kg
    Assistance 1: OHP
    5x10 at 15kg
    Superset with Standing Calf Raise
    5x10 at 20kg
    Assistance 2: Chin ups assisted 3 bands
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    I've been lazy about posting recently, though I have been making it to the gym - mostly!

    Still on my Nia Shanks routine, and yesterday was day 4 of that.

    Deadlift: 5/5/5 @ 40kg - taking these slow
    inverted row: 8/8 with feet raised, 10/9 without - was aiming for 2x12
    single arm bench: 8/8 @ 10kg dumbbell, 12/12 @ 8kg
    hamstring curl machine: 10/10/10/10 with no weights - my hamstrings really do need work!

    I miss more regular squats, but I do have to balance myself out a bit.

    Yesterday's big news, though, was that the gym has a new rack! From two to three - that's great.
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    Ooh, good news about the extra rack! There are rumours that our gym may get another one too, so my fingers are well and truly crossed!

    Rest day for me today - I've worked hard these last few days and my body is feeling it today, especially my shoulders!

    Good news, though, the scales this morning show a loss, someone commented at the gym yesterday that I had lost weight, and the UK size 10 dress that I bought to wear to the ball on Friday night was more than comfortably roomy!

    Coupled with the PRs for lifting yesterday, I am encouraged to carry on.

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    I wonder if there are more people using racks these days. I've definitely noticed more women using them, so maybe gyms are having to reassess!

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    Ah...Monday morning. You arrive too fast, you witch.

    Had to change the order of my workout today due to equipment availability so I did Squat --> Row --> Bench.

    Squat: 1x5 @ 45lbs, 55lbs, 95lbs - 5x5 at 120lbs - This felt good. I didn't hit it last time, so I'm really happy I got it this time. The way up is tough but I am getting it and making ugly faces at the same time.

    Row: 5/5/5/4/3 at 70 lbs - this is my first time at 70 lbs. I wanted to get it but for whatever reason, towards the end - I was feeling tired. I'm not too upset - it was a first attempt and I am sure I will be here a while.

    Bench: 5/5/5/5/3 at 70 lbs - This is my second attempt. I thought I would get it but then I just felt so gassed out towards the end that I couldn't do it. Maybe it was from the row or just the fact that it's Monday but the next time I do this, I really want to hit it.

    Hit the ground running today - busy day at the office. Hope the day treats you well!
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    Squats-1X5X 55/65/75/85, 5X5X 90
    BP-1X5X 55/65/75, 5X5X 80
    BR-5X5X 85

    Kettlebell Swing

    Russian kettle bell swing-22X 10 X 30
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    Good lifts Samantha, I'm at about the same place as you in the program!

    Squat: 44x5, 65x6, 95x3, 120: 4/4/4/3
    Row: 3x8 @ 65
    Bench: 77.5 lbs, micro plates should help me for a while.
    Also threw in some higher rep front squats.

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    I am a little behind. Haven't spent much time online with work at main job and doing a secondary to get a little extra income going. Saturday before work I had bench press day. Thursday was squat day. And yesterday evening, I did deadlifts. Though I keep forgetting my phone, which makes it hard to follow the app recommendations, but yesterday I had written down the main lift numbers in my notebook ahead of time, and that helped. It went okay but everything is a bit in the air right now so we'll see how everything falls in the end.

    Unfortunately, part of the stand still right now is waiting for bad news. My step-grandmother (stepdad's mother) has been suffering from Alzheimer's and the last few years have been rough. Now, she can't even get out of bed so it's waiting, which could be any day. If we have to, me and my sister are going to drive to get there but until then, on hold.

    I haven't been eating the best, in that I've been not eating enough. I was going for around 1300 for this part of the cut but I've been just over 1000 on a few days. Not quite what I want to also facilitate lifting heavy. I'm between 128-130 on the scales right now. Working on food but budget is rough right now trying to make the rent for the new place. August will be easier, but July is going to be a very tight month.

    Bench Press Day
    1x8 @ 45, 1x8 @ 50, 1x8 @ 60, 1x3 @ 70, 1x3 @ 85, 1x6 @ 95

    chin up 3x3 bw
    bicep cable curl 3x8 @ 35
    facepull 3x8 @ 35

    Deadlift Day
    low bar squat (for warm up) 2x8 @ 45, 1x8 @ 95, 1x5 @ 135, 3x3 @ 155 with belt

    Deadlift 1x6 @ 95, 1x6 @ 135, 1x3 @ 160, 1x3 @ 185, 1x6 @ 205
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    SL A today.

    Squat: 5x0, 2x5x45, 5x5x75
    BP: 5x5x60
    Row: 5x5x60

    Since no one was waiting on the rack, I experimented with the safety arm levels and an empty bar. I think I've worked out a compromise position on boob vs ribcage safety. Only slight squishing, and very minor interference with the lift itself.
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    i rode to the workplace to drop some stuff off, then home of course. sat around huffing and sweating and marvelling at the heat, and then went to the gym after all once it cooled down a little. not that you'd know it by the climate inside the gym.

    wendler 3's week. basically just did deadlifts. 115/130/145, with 4 on the last one. then i didn't like my heaviest reps so i rested a while and i did them again. still didn't like them, so i deloaded to ~50% [something weight] and did 3x12 at 85. i really should have stuck to the original plan and done the assistance form of it today to dial form, and then the real lift tomorrow. but my other option today was the ohp and i was frightened of it.

    did 3x12 or so of ohp too with just the 30lb bar. and 3x5 rows at 65, scapular shrugs . . . i deserve everything that's probably coming at me after all that, but i'm trying to escape it with double doses of bcaa and [maybe] protein shake. i'm annoyed about weighing 138 atm :wink:
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    Ooh, squats on today's workout, a treat! I miss doing them more, though I know I need this change.

    Squats: 5/5/5 @ 56kg - it was meant to be 5x5 but my adductors ( I think?) started to hurt, so was sensible
    OHP: 5/5/5/4 @ 20kg - back to the bare bar
    Pull ups: 3/2 bare, and then 5/5/5 with assistance
    Hip raises: 10/10/10/10 - every second ten I did the first five with just my left, weaker side
    Then some skipping, some ab roller, and a bit of elliptical just cause I felt like it.

    All good. I'm really feeling it in my gluteus and hamstrings, so hopefully my 'rebalancing' is working.