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  • surf_rgrl
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    Hey! Nice to meet you guys, I'm Sarah. I recently graduated medical school and have begun my residency in Neurology. I'm really hoping to maintain some resemblance of fitness over the next few years. My goal is to run 20 miles a week and finish July with 80 miles.
  • foomsy
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    Hi all i'm Funmi, i live in the UK and 46yrs.
    Started with c25k about 2 years ago completed and continued running then stopped due to injury started again this year stopped again for about 3 week and now back on track. Currently on my last week of my 5km programme and hope to keep it up this time around. Hoping to lose a total of 10kg and get toned in the process and thereafter.
  • TattooedDolphinGirl78
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    Hi, I'm new to the group, I just found the July challenge thread by accident! I'm new to running, only started in January this year. I've accomplished a few personal goals with my personal best of 5km in 38 mins this past weekend. :smiley:
  • pandalovesyou
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    I just joined today. I need some extra motivation with fitness and running.
  • rmd75
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    Hi, I'm Rianne and I live in San Diego. I'm a recreational (for fun-ish) runner. I've been running regularly until this past January, when I completed (more like survived) the Dopey Challenge at Disney World. Then, had to take a very long recovery break, due to injury.

    I'm joining this club because I want to get my groove back. I also created future running goals that I want to meet and beat (i.e., Carlsbad 5000), not merely survive.
  • samthepanda
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    Hi I'm Helen. I joined one of the challenges briefly in April but tried too much too soon after pneumonia. Back on track now so rejoining. I was the girl at school who would do anything to get out of PE but a few years ago I discovered I actually quite liked exercise. I went along to a running club they did at my gym and was hooked. I'll never be the fastest but I like it and its my time, fitted around the family. 2nd 10k in a couple of weeks. Last I did 59 mins and at the start of the year I was hoping to beat it but after the long break for illness its not going to happen. Still hoping for a decent time but still got some distance work to do.
  • CGar321
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    Hi, I'm Chris and live in Sacramento. I run primarily run to do races and win medals, love the bling! I have completed several 1/2 marathons, a few 10ks and 5ks. I am training for my first full marathon which is in December (CIM). Excited to meet such a great group of runners.
  • sjguevara23
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    Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I'm 23 years old. My husband recently deployed and I decided it was time to start making positive changes in my life and a part of that is running. I haven't really started yet but I have gotten to where on an average day I walk about 15k to 20k steps (mostly with my dogs) and I'm very active with my Fitbit- if you want to add me just let me know! I am participating in a 5k at the end of August and I really want to be able to run the whole thing but never in my life have I been good at running and usually I can't finish a mile without breaks. I can't wait to be involved in this group as I continue to work towards my goals!
  • MiamiSeoul
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    Diana, 46
    Trying to become a runner (never too late, right?)
    Be well!
  • Ride4Wine
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    I'm Laurie from the Central Coast of California, I just saw the Group Invitation, so joining a little late (7/18). I've run off and on for years, 5K being my distance. Never really enjoyed running unless it was on a trail, but last year 6 weeks before my 55th B-Day I decided I needed to celebrate my day by running City to the Sea Half Marathon. Did it in 2hours 20minutes, loved it. Ran Big Sur Half the next month with a 2:10. December saw shoulder surgery, long recovery time. Lost the momentum. I'm back, yet inconsistent. I'm running SLO ULTRA Wild Cherry Canyon - Half Marathon - September 10. 13.1 miles, trail, 2,400 ft. elevation - Need to do some serious training NOW. Biggest concern is dropping weight to get up those hills!
    Looking forward to being part of this group challenge.
  • dowelahmed
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    Hi everyone, "slightly" late to the running challenge this month but I'll be sure of making an impression in August. I've recently started the C25K program and have finished the 2nd week, so far so good! I'm hoping to use this to allow me to take part in my local Parkrun to begin with and perhaps go as far as taking part in a Marathon! All the best to everyone here :smile:
  • Azercord
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    Hi. I'm Patrick, 32, and I live in southern AZ. I really enjoy running and have started doing it more and more recently so I figured I'd cut to the chase and join a running group. I did a marathon years ago that I don't really count but more recently I've been doing mud runs of various lengths and will be pushing for a Spartan Trifecta next year (if I can afford the dang thing). The main reason I'm looking for a good running group is because I've decided I'm going to run a 100km (not an official race just for fun) and I am always open to advice/suggestions. I've got the mental side of things down but I have a really good habit of diving in head first and guessing how deep the pool is about the time I break the water.

    Also I need running friends so feel free to add me, motivation and expertise are always welcome.
  • greenolivetree
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    Welcome to the group :) Most of the chitchat goes on in the monthly threads so check out the July 2016 challenge thread if you haven't yet.
  • mgebersold
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    Hi all - I'm Marie. New to running this year. I have always absolutely hated anything to do with running in the past and this year was like a lightbulb switched on. I love it....most days. I've worked up to a solid 4 miles without stopping and can do that 4-5 x a week. My sister and I have committed to the Charleston HM in January 2017. As we work up to the training weeks for that, we have decided to do some shorter distances as well. We are doing a Ride and Run 10k in September that I am currently training for.

    In my non-fitness life, I am a teacher so I am currently off for summer and run in the early AM (hot and humid here in the piedmont of NC) but I switch to mid afternoon when I get started with school once late August arrives.
  • jlyeki
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    Hi, I'm Jess. Getting back into running. In high school I played soccer and ran cross country. After high school, I still continued to play on a select team for soccer, and run every once in a while, that slowly faded off though. The last time I ran a race was almost 3 years ago. I've fallen off the wagon and am in the process of motivating myself to get back up, brush myself off and get to running again.
  • LucyMcd1
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    Hi! :) My name is Lucy and I'm definitely not a runner. I like to run but I don't run for nothing. If there isn't a place or destination in mind, I get sidetracked easily. Usually I run on the treadmill early morning or outside late evening. Having said that, I've set a really low goal (25 miles by the end of August) but I'm excited to try this with everyone! :)

    Good luck! (P.S. - If I stop posting on here assume it's because I'm just a little bit dead inside lol)

  • alexsuffell
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    Hi there! I'm Alex, 27, live in the UK. Avoided any exercise other than horse riding like the plague until recently; I started with a C25K about three and a half months ago. I'm now up to 5 miles at a stretch!
  • chandanders
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    Hi I'm Chandra! I'm 29 years old and live in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada. I am aiming for consistency. I want to run 5km 3-4 times a week.

    This group looks like a fun way to reach new goals! :)
  • temaza
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    Hi, I'm Ariane, I live in the North East of Scotland and run on the most amazing ever-changing beach.

    I run for fun and for contrast to the time in front of the computer - as well as to stay fit for long mountain walks on the West Coast. I'm happy if I'm running between 3 and 5km 4-6 x a week.

    Great to be part of a dedicated group. Consistent posting and tracking is a new thing for me so will have to see if I can keep that part going along with the running.
  • Lady_Lamb
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    Hello All!

    I'm Jessica and I've been running for about 8 months now. It was my New Year's resolution to start and complete the c25k program. To motivate myself, I signed up for a 5 mile race about a month after I figured I'd complete the program. My goals were to run the entire 5 miles and complete it in under an hour. I achieved all of my goals and now I'm hooked.

    I've done a few 5k's and I've started trail running which I LOVE! I also signed up for my first half marathon coming up in November. I found a training plan online and I've been keeping up with it. I'm a little terrified, but hoping to run the entire thing (probably very slowly).

    I'm excited about this group and I'd love to make some new mfp runner friends. Feel free to add me!!