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    For me it's work related. I finally have all the remote access I need for my first contract with my business so I've got to get busy analyzing their needs so I know how to approach education when I go on site. I've got about 40 hours extra work to do above and beyond my day to day job.
  • ProCoffeenator
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    It's Thirsty Thursday!

    I'm suffering from extreme thirst! Between my meds which cause super dry mouth and my eating habits I just can't seem to get enough liquid down. Lol, I've been getting runners cramps but it's from my bladder being so full when I go running for the bathroom!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!
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    @Phrick - Congrats on your new adventure!

    I have 10 minutes more before I know about going to work today. I have to call in and update the status of my crazy, itchy rash. I've never had skin issues before, but here I am. Still trying to figure out the culprit. In the mean time, I have taken my daily gelatin and diatomaceous earth in Orange & Cinnamon Spice herbal tea. Now, for some breakfast: eggs, coconut oil, & Himalayan salt.
    It's FRIDAY EVE!!! Enjoy :)
  • ProCoffeenator
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    It's Fantastic Friday!

    The week has been up and down for me started out super strong and committed then as the week went on coupled with stress and exhaustion I slowly lost my umph! I tried my best to get to bed early last night but insomnia prevented me from getting the sleep I was seeking.
    I know there is no such thing really as catching up on sleep but I also know how important sleep is. I'm thinking there is too much on my mind and too much going on this week/weekend that my stress levels are messing with me.
    So we are determined to make today a fantastic day and push through to get *kitten* done.

    Hope everyone is pushing through and finishing this week off strong!!

    @Phrick awesome job on the commitment! You can do this!!
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    I am trying to get my head in gear - it's very likely we are moving in September, so have started packing some things and ringing around to get quotes for a removal firm - I am struggling with motivation to get busy though, but this is normal until I hear about the house which should be next week!!!!

    I am finally getting back on track food wise - has taken me a week to calm down after my holiday (which was so much emotional crap) - I am pretty much on a fact finding mission now to find out what hurts my stomach and what doesn't so I can move forward with my health plans.

    Have found so far Salmon fillets are ok - yay, first good thing on my list of acceptable foods
  • Bonny132
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    Wow moving, how exciting! I hate the packing part but nice to get settled in and to do the cleanout of all the old stuff you have collected over the years.

    I have had a good weekend food wise, have discovered salad wraps, my new favorite. I am busy wrapping everything. I am making wrapped sandwiches, taco's, fajita's, salad boats, you name it I am wrapping it all! My OH thinks I have lost the plot.

    The scales have been agreeable this week, and so have the body, I can now see I have lost weight, as I have shrunk. Clothes fits better, and of course are now in smaller sizes too :smiley:

    It is bank holiday weekend here this week, so got the family weekend planned, BBQ (yay) Cinema (yay) and just spending time with the people I care about the most.
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    Getting ready to head to the gym today and then it's off to work for me. But I am helping a colleague on a project so at least I will be busy enough that time will go by fast!

    I am moving this weekend and doing the last minute packing. At least I don't have to go to the gym on Sunday because of all the lifting involved in moving :D
  • RowdysLady
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    ARRRGGGG! what a Friday - My remote desktop kept disconnecting today so it was nearly impossible to work then when I had about 1.5 hours left in my day my power went out! Someone must have hit a pole. I felt VERY non productive at work and then of course couldn't do anything with the power out - was going to mow but the mower was stuck behind the bush hog. I headed to the pond to ask Rowdy to get it out for me and I wound up on the pond fishing with him. I've accomplished nothing (but I did catch 3 fish) - and we still need to paint a huge space before Monday as well as tile a bedroom. Tonight is our first football game and it's a home game. Anna is a Bari Saxophonist and marches half time so I'm off to the game now to be even more non productive while hoping those miserable bleacher seats don't make my back worse - it's been out of whack since last week and only seems to be getting worse... sigh..... ok, I'm done whining.
  • moonlights
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    It's three thirty and I'm still awake. I partly blame the diet, partly it having been warm here in the U.K. And partly my usual wonky sleeping patterns. It's so frustrating though as I lose most weight when I sleep well.
  • dasher602014
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    @moonlights, so sorry you are having a sleepless night. I know the feeling well. I did find magnesium before bed helped, a little.
  • ProCoffeenator
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    It's No Slacking Saturday!
    I should be in bed, but I couldn't keep my eyes open last night for the life of me! So it's up early and preparing to go to work for our last minute room set up! We have an explosion in numbers for our class so we are trying to get everything set up we have no time to do it during the week.
    I'm still staying on track, been on the slacking side for a few things like exercise and logging my foods but progress is progress. I spent some time fantasizing about cheating yesterday after a super stressful day when I got to the store I opted for a container of carb smart ice cream instead! The idea of chips seems great in memory but to actually get them and knowing the after effects I just couldn't do it! NSV I guess!

    Busy day! Better get moving!
  • Bonny132
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    I had chips not too long ago and they were divine! They were till the belly told me off and I spent the rest of the evening making friends with the bathroom! Next time I want them I will just remember last time and I am sure the craving will go away.

    Well done on resisting them! :)
  • Phrick
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    my husband comes home from his business trip tomorrow! I'm working hard to make sure he's absolutely shocked at how productive I've been LOL. I cleaned up the garage (not sparkling but 110% better than it was), I cleaned out the hall closet this morning and am working on organizing it with shelving today; I moved a bed frame out of the entry way and am hoping to get around to mounting command hooks for hat organization since we have about 15 hats that need a home other than strewn all around every available surface. At some point I have to do a virtual 5k that I registered for, too, but I think that will wait till next week LOL.

    And since my socks got hung up on the frayed, peeling and tattered skin of my toes this morning, I'm guessing it is time for a pedicure whether I want one or not. ugh. haha
  • dasher602014
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    Good job with the cleaning! Hopefully your husband notices. :)

    What is a "virtual" 5k? You do it alone in your neighbourhood? Sorry. My imagination does not stretch that far.
  • ambergem1969
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    Definitely no slacking for me as I hit a Barre class at 7:15. Unfortunately I have been slacking for the last few weeks so the class was tough! I see a nap in my future!!