Average weight loss on KETO??



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    I started on June 1st, and have lost 13.5 lbs.
  • Gallowmere1984
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    vOv. I've lost a combined total of 114 lbs. so far, all running a net carb intake below 30, over the years. I also maintained at 185-194 for about three years, just eating whatever the hell was convenient. All of it can work, with just internet sourced calorie information, and a pocket calculator.
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    I have been losing 2.6 a week for the last 2 weeks
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    My first go around doing Keto a few months ago I did it for about 4 weeks and lost 18 lbs, 10 lbs in the first week which was mostly water. I gained about 5 lbs back after stopping keto, most of which was water as well. Now doing keto I'm losing about .5-1 lb per week. I'm eating a bit more carbs this go around as well and probably working out less too so that's why it's slower plus I don't have as much to lose now or any of that water weight to lose anymore. I try not to look into other people's progress because I would get discouraged if I compare myself. It really is different for every person depending on your threshold for carbs, the amount of exercise, the amount of your calorie deficit, fasting, amount you have to lose, starting metabolism and TDEE, genetics, etc.
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    I'm more of a lose inches not pounds recomp person... Of course, I managed to tank my thyroid and have had some other issues along the way. I maintain though, that if that darned scale NEVER MOVES AGAIN but my inches keep shrinking, I'm a happy gal. The majority of the actual pounds I show as lost on my tracker were pre-low carb/pre-keto. But I can show you pictures from before and after, and despite the fact that there's no real NEW weight loss overall, there is definite FAT loss....
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    I started on March 15th. Between the 15th and 18th I lost 3 lbs, between the 18th and 22nd I lost 2 lbs. Since then(11days) I haven't lost anything. I started out around 1800 cal just to get into keto, and now I lowered it to 1322 based on a few calculators. I really hope I start to loose again.

    try the egg fast to break the stall..

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    @kimmorrow30 - Wow, congrats!
  • KnitOrMiss
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    Congrats all around, folks! Give yourselves a hand! :)
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    23 days in, 10 lbs down. Not water weight either because I lost 13.2 in the several months before that just counting calories and dropping sodas.
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    To answer the OP's question, myself, my husband and 19 yr old son all lost 30+ pounds on Keto.
    YMMV. I'm T2D, DH has it in the family too.

    Didn't know the boy had that much to lose & he didn't do it on purpose, just eating what mom cooked.
    You know how kids are, they love cooked food ;)

    We have all maintained the loss for the past 4 years, as long as we keep eating this way, I suppose.

    My daughter has dairy and nut allergies, so every time I cook, I cook 2 versions. One with carbs and one without. My son chooses whichever he wants, so he's never been strict keto. He's a college student, so he eats a lot of fast food when hanging out with his friends, regardless of carb content.

    The boy *did* start making sandwiches with regular bread for about a week and put on 7#'s in that week alone :|
    That was enough for him to make an effort to watch his intake.

    We don't do it for the weight loss.
    We do it because of Diabetes.

    There are 2 kinds of people in my family, thicker and more muscular with fair amount of BF & thin and more lean. My daughter has the thin genes & the 3 of us have the 'you better watch your carbs' genes.

    So there you have it. If doing low carb/keto as a diet for weight loss, you're going to find you get impatient with results.

    If you choose it as a way of life, it takes however long it takes, but know it will happen for as long as it needs to (weight loss & maintenance).

  • kimberlyb6682
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    just over 2 months so far 18.8 pounds - overall I'm happy with the results
  • I lost 50 lbs in four months and I was walking a lot. I maintained, gained 10 back, and then went back on and just recently lost 20 lbs in 7 weeks. With moderate exercise I find that I lose about 3 lbs every 10 days. Also, there will be times you lose and times you don't and times you are more disciplined. obsessing about the scale sucks and it's good to remember this is a long term plan and that any step forward is good.
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    I'm averaging about 1.875lbs a week, 16 weeks in.
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    I'm not buying into the whole "you must drink this much water" formula. It's a myth. And 3.6 litres of water a day is way too much - water toxicity is a thing.

    I've been keto for 4 years. During that time I've experimented with drink more water, drink less water etc. No difference - as long as you are drinking ENOUGH water (or rather, enough fluid - because coffee, tea, soft drink, soup etc count). What is enough? However much you need - depending on weather, activity etc. There's no need to cram it in. I have two coffees in the morning, a 400ml bottle of water in the afternoon, a coffee when I get home and a drink of water or tea after dinner. Days when I'm outdoors and ride my horse I'd drink a bit more but not heaps. I am not dehydrated and drinking more water does not make me lose more weight.

    1.When thirsty, drink.
    2.When not thirsty anymore, stop.
    3.During high heat and exercise, drink enough to compensate for the lost fluids.
    4.That’s it.
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    I think the issue is that most people's thirst cues are as screwed up as their hunger cues. So it can be beneficial to bang the drum of "hydrate!" because for most people, they can stand to improve in that area.
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    When i was doing it i just did under 50 carbs a day and lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks maybe 4 ....im 5'7and started at 160 and got down to 144 i proble could have lost more if a drank more water lol i only drank 2 or 3 water bottles a day
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    Average weight loss depends from person to person. People who have been disciplined have lost upto 20 pounds in two months. A good resource is http://bit.ly/2icEx5C
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    It's different for each person. Personally I do under 40 g of net carbs a day and stay under 1600 cals and I lost about 30 lbs in just over 3 months. I started at about 50-60 lbs over weight. out of Keto over the holidays am getting back into my routine over the next week to lost the other 20-30 :smile: