• azsundancer
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    @GrandmaJackie Thank you for inspiring quote!
  • SweatsOnSunday
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    Looking forward to seeing how this works. Thanks for getting it up and running.
  • SylviazSpirit
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    Yesss!!!! My favorite challenge is back! Woohoo!! I'm ready to race!
  • lbenson2006
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    Awwww....@vowder!! That is too awesome! So happy for you!
  • GrandmaJackie
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    Vowder wrote: »
    Been a busy weekend around here.

    Mom is a little exhausted.

    7 girls, 1 boy + Mom.

    Good grief.


    Wow, congrats, you have your hands full. ❤️
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    Congrats @Vowder and puppy mama! She looks so proud and happy!
  • Mrscanmore
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    I've been very lazy with my eating over Christmas. Looking forward to being more accountable!

    Love the puppies!! Wish I could have one!!
  • cardbucfan
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    @Vowder -congrats! One lab is enough for me, can't imagine that many! But so much cuteness!!
  • PhedraJD
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    @vodwer in about 8 weeks send one of those my way. The BF is dying to get a new yellow lab.
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    @Vowder I can't believe I missed all the pics!!! Super job "grandpa" @hawkins410 I see that in your future!
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    Sheri869 wrote: »
    Thanks for this challenge!!!! I've put on many of my own so I know how much work they can be! I'm not quite up to putting one on right now so I am thrilled for the opportunity to join one and this one looks fun!! ...I am desperate to get motivated again...somewhere along the way I've lost it...but I'm gettin' it back!! Thanks so much!!! I can't wait to get started and meet my team!! PS...GrandmaJackieeeeeee so glad to see you one here!! Nice to see a familiar face!!
    pss....those puppies are SoooooooCute!!!!!!

    I'm lovin' reading some of your funnies too!! I need the laugh coupled with getting down to business!!

    Yes, Sheri's a big asset to this group, nice to see you aboard!
  • Sheri869
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    ^^ Thanks Jackie! I can't wait to get started! Looks like fun!!