how many calories do you eat a day?

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I personally try to eat 1200-1400 and its not easy!


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    I am trying to stuck to 1550 and is hard...
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    1700 - 2000. But it also depends; are you losing right now or are you in maintenance? I'm in maintenance.
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    3000+ right now (in a small surplus)

    What do you do that you can eat that much? I'm at 1200 per day as well. I try not to go over 1400. But when I do (and I have been for a while) the weight goes nowhere in the right direction.

    Haha. Well I am tallish (5'7), very active, workout a lot (5-6x per week), I am still nursing once or twice a day so that helps too

    Oh and I am trying to gain.. so my cals will be higher
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    2200-2300, usually. More like 2700-2800 on Fridays. I am 5'5" and maintaining at about 120, but I do a lot of exercise (every day). Even when I was losing, I was on at least 1700 per day. Only days in the past two years I was at 1200 or less were about three, after I had oral surgery and excessive bleeding (and an ER trip). I was very cranky.

    But, it is a tradeoff. I have a lot of time to exercise and don't mind doing it, and I really like to eat.
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    Depends on how I want to eat. I'm sedentary but tall and my exercise is martial arts so I can eat say, 2,500-2,800 on an off day and and 3,000-3,200, on a training day. It's not an exact science, and I'm in maintenance.

    You always want to be eating as much as you can eat and still lose weight. It stops your body getting too stressed and messing with your hormones. :smile:
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    I stick to around 1700-1800/day and that's working for me...for now. I exercise with weights 3x a week and am just starting to increase my cardio to an additional 3-4x a week as well. I can't go much lower than 1700 or I'll start losing muscle mass which I've worked waaay to hard to gain. I find I have to adjust my calories regularly, and I watch my macros as well. It's such an interesting science! :smile:

    I will probably have to increase my calories to 2000 within a month of increasing my cardio. Keep in mind I'm looking to lose more body fat. If I was in maintenance I'd be eating around 2200/day with less exercise. Will see how it goes!!
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    I'm aiming for 1600 to 1800 but after I spent ages trying to develop habits to lower my calorie intake so I'd lose weight, I'm struggling with eating more. Well I could quite easily eat double that amount of calories in pastries and chocolate but that does't seem like the way to go. Eventually I want to get that up to around 2000 and start getting some more muscle.
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    So far I have eaten 1190 of my 1290 goal. And the day isn't over yet. But I literally just got back to using this app. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
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    My target is 1600, but I have been going way over. Last week was baseball playoffs, family wedding, and travel. Will get back on track today.
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    I'm 172 cm (67.5 in) and I'm trying to eat 1400-1500 calories now. I lost a lot of fat eating only 1200, and now I'm veerrrryyy lean and am trying not to lose any more. I weigh 58kg/128lb and am actually having a hard time eating more calories (dumping more oil into my food while I'm cooking doesn't seem like the right way to bump them up lol).

    Eating mostly vegetables really fills me up even though my calorie count is low. I also exercise 5+ days a week and have been trying to get into the habit of eating back my exercise calories, but it's hard (exercise actually suppresses my appetite). Honestly by not cooking with a lot of oil/butter and eat mostly veggies (even when snacking!) it's almost too easy for me to stay under my calories now. If you make something it a habit, it's much easier to stick with it, even if you don't want to any more - that's why it's better to set goals you'll actually stick to than ones you'll eventually feel the need to break. Once you're accustomed to something, you can always lower/raise your calories from that point to gradually see progress, rather than trying to go all in at once!