WANTED- active Aussie members!!



  • libby2208
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    Feel free to add me.
    I'm on a roll at the moment, very motivated and would love to be and have a cheer squad!
  • s3rialthrill3r
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    ff2a! been here for a while.. usually active overnight more tho
    What does "ff2a" mean? I miss my Aussie friend!

    "FF2A"? Makes me think of Final Fantasy II for some reason.

    Anyway, I'm a twenty-six-year old male from Melbourne. About 2 years ago, I weighed around 55kg at 170cm. Now, I'm stalling at about 65kg. I used to look like one of the extras from Band of Brothers when Easy Company stumbled upon the concentration camp. I'm probably exaggerating (my apologies if that was too dark). It's not so bad now, but I still look pretty skinny.

    I don't smoke, drink or take drugs and I eat enough nutritious food so that I don't have any room for the junk (not that I ever really craved for chocolate, Shapes and whatnot). I do bodyweight training and some stretches to improve joint mobility, flexibility and posture. I've been at it for about two years, but I changed routines a number of times. I first started with exercises that I was clearly not ready for (I got some nasty bruises from handstands against the wall). I then discovered the book, Convict Conditioning, but decided to stop that routine after about a year, because the high reps were getting to me and I felt that I was spinning my wheels. I then moved onto the routine from Start Bodyweight. That was okay, but once again, I felt that I wasn't getting much stronger and I began to doubt whether I was performing the exercises properly.

    Now, I've gone back to basics and I'm doing the most simple variations with timed sets with an emphasis on getting the form right. It's only been these last few months that I've been trying to eat more. I don't follow any fads; I'm just focusing on keeping a balanced diet.

    My main goal is to get stronger and improve my physique. I don't have a clue as to whether I'll need to keep eating at maintenance level or for a caloric surplus. Sometimes, it gets frustrating when I think about the strength that I'd like to have and I start to wonder if there is something wrong with my genetic inheritance. I'm built like a gazelle and lost in the land of giants. I seem to be more flexible in some areas at least. I've got the consistency, but I'm just not so sure about my methods.

    Some advice and stories from people in similar situations would be welcome. Feel free to me add me if you like.
  • MelsLeanDream
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    Hi, I'm 37 and living in WA. I am working on losing approx. 35kg doing low carb. So far it's working well. I also walk daily and have just started working with weights. So far I'm down 6kg since the 1st of January. I'm online everyday and log all my food. Happy to motivate others and have friends in the same time zone :smile:
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    hiya everyone . pulling my finger out and getting back in to a proper frame of mind . at least 30 kg to get rid of before even being close to ok . 40 is the ultimate prize . some more southern hemisphere compadres would be great , i am not a hugely social person [ aspergers ] but it could be nice sometimes to have the occasional opportunity to buddy up for gym/walk/exercise with someone in a similar manner . i am near nepean/hawkesbury but don't mind driving a little if time allows . if you really want to know what type of fruitcake i am , take a gander at my ticker , that's my 68 stick shift auto beetle [ manual gears but no clutch ] and yes I drive it like I stole it BWAHAHAHA
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    46 year old woman living on the Fraser Coast QLD...just got back after many months of not being here.

    I do low carb, high fat (don't count calories).

    I have no thyroid.

    I have chronic pain so mobility is an issue.

    I want to lose another 10 kilos (lost 33 so far). That's not my ideal weight, just my next goal.

    Hiya :)
  • 32 from Melbourne. I've been on here for a month but my new healthy lifestyle is my passion so I'm on here many times a day. Happy to have more friends on here
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    28 from the gold coast, fell off the train over a year ago due to severe sickness. Back on board and logging daily :)
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    I'm 23 and just moved to Melbourne. I'm passionate about health and fitness and would LOVE to meet some local likeminded people to work out with! New to MFP and haven't tracked very well thus far but am attempting to improve that. About to start studying to become a personal trainer.
    Unfortunately with the move and new environment/eating out more I've put on some weight since moving so my aim is to lose 5-10kgs and increase my strength again. Have also just made the shift to veganism and am trying to figure out my macros/nutrients with that so if there are any vegans out there who have had weight gain issues on the shift let me know! :-)
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    Hi, I'd love more friends.. I post pictures, help encourage my mfp friends and log daily.. Please feel free to add me. I've lost around 25kg's got 5 to go.
  • yellhornet
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    I have just returned after putting on some weight so looking to lose it and regain my fitness
    Age 46 - Brisbane
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    Anyone can add me, my diary is public but I am doing keto so my macros are fairly different to others.
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    edited September 2017
    Feel free to add me. I had a hiatus from MFP (after logging for 2 years) and am now ready to log again.

  • Umm how do I add friends? :#
  • ToBeAStrongerMan
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    *Bump... online now and will be for the foreseeable future. Feel free to add me :)

    The Australian forums arent as active as they use to be :P but hey.. if you reading this, we can change that!
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    Looking for females 50yrs old & Aussie.

    I'm active & log regularly. Live in Brisbane. Female 50yrs.
  • pinkraynedropjacki
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    I'm active enough to get the days in a row... I eat Keto so for me it's no longer about the calories.

    But I will support others :smiley:
  • _Pastafarian_
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    Thought I'd posted on this, but I hadn't.

    I'm 49yo, from North QLD. Had weight loss surgery in 2015 after losing 40kg on MFP and then regaining half of that again after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and just losing heart. Reached my goal weight of 80kg (I'm tall) in February this year. All up, I've lost about 80kg in the past 5 years.

    I don't always log and rarely complete my diary but I am always conscious of what I'm eating. Add me if you like!
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    AngelaJAC wrote: »
    Looking for females 50yrs old & Aussie.

    I'm active & log regularly. Live in Brisbane. Female 50yrs.

    54... from Gold Coast.
    I shed 39kg in last 2 years but put back on 8kg recently which has scared the bejesus out of me. Back to being focused & quitting sugar.
  • BulletProofSkim
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    Hello everyone. I'm here again! I am a female aged 49, Sydneysider, need to lose 25kg (again). Keto. Love walking and looking to get back into weights again. Would really like some encouraging friends. Thanks :)
  • willomac67
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    50yo male from Western Sydney, looking to lose about 40kg through diet, weights and boot camps.
    Feel free to add me especially Penrith people