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    I’m 43 and hoping to only get better and stronger as I get older! It’s all uphill from now on ladies! ;)

    That being said, have any of you noticed any changes or challenges in recovery times and how you plan your workouts? Or something you are more mindful of? I most likely just need to plan refueling, rest, sleep etc. better but I go through lulls in energy and now learning not to push too hard, all the time. I wonder if any of it is *ahem* age-related or just all part of training. I also recently switched to a HIIT & circuits type training and maybe it’s more taxing on my body atm than I realized... Nobody said you necessarily get smarter as you get older lol


    Recovery time has gotten longer as I've gotten older, and I *cannot* skip a good warmup, but mostly I have to be careful of my joints now. It does me no good to have strong shoulders and biceps if my elbows go out on me!
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    I'm 52, and the strongest I have been for a long time, but I still have a loooonnnggg way to go, only started doing this properly very recently, but already feeling the benefits :)
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    43 next month
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    I just turned 60! I'm definitely in the best shape ever and getting better every day :)
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    I’m 42, have struggled hugely for about 18 months to lose weight. It seems it won’t budge at all. I feel like an idiot struggling to self educate myself via the internet
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    Hi all! I'm 45 and have been strength training off and on for six years. I started out with Jillian Michaels DVDs, then went through NROLFW, Strong Curves, SL5x5. Then I spent a while just focusing on Yoga. Then I fell off the fitness wagon entirely and haven't completely managed to get back on until now. I started SL5x5 again from scratch yesterday and plan to alternate lifting with Yoga. I love how lifting makes me feel, and when I was consistent with my strength training my body was much tighter and stronger than it is now. I want to get those feelings back! Nice to meet you all!
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    I'm 47, in the best shape of my life and planning to enter my first ever fitness competition later this year! I train 5 days a week, log my food daily and eat clean 90% of the time. Can't say I've noticed a difference in recovery times as I've got older but take BCAAs daily during training so maybe they're helping. :)
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    Thanks @dandelion39 I will look up the group. I am into my 2 week and so far getting success and think it’s through going back to basics of calories in v calories out. My exercise tends to be fast incline treadmill (5 days/week) with ~3/week arm/leg/abdo toning. All of it new to me. Hopefully I will get more ideas and guidance through these forums
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    I lost 50lbs in 5 months doing mostly cardio, but yep, not sustainable. Besides, I just didn't like feeling thin without some definition! That was at 39. Now, at 43, and 30lbs back on, I'm focusing on lifting primarily and trying to get my diet in-check. I would love more friends from this group to keep me on my lifting path! I have no other friends who like fitness and lifting like I do. I do it alone.
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    New to weigh lifting. New to this site. I'm 40 years old
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    New to weigh lifting. New to this site. I'm 40 years old

    Me too, could do with some tips, I never seem to know what to do when at the gym, and feel abit stupid.
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    47 here! Finally got off my booty back in Sept and lost 35 pounds. Still want to drop pounds but more focused on fitness and loving it!
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    43 and lifting for a couple of years ....
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    I am almost 40, will be later this year and I need to finally kick it back in gear and get into shape. I am looking forward to starting the LiveFit trainer program again and becoming strong and healthy. Looking for motivating friends who also lift and will help keep me accountable. :smile:
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    47, train 5-6 days a week for the last 7 years. It's my stress buster, I love how training makes me feel. Fitter at 47 than I was at 27:)
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    I will be 40 in September and I have already started to notice a decline. I am finally getting back on the wagon to get healthy again. Weight lifting always made a huge difference for me and I am finally getting back to it.

    Edit: lol I just realized I already posted to this feed. I need to log onto here more often. :blush: