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  • foxtrot1965
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    Hello OMADs,

    right now I am at 160.7 but started at 166 lbs
    ...I am 5'10" struggles are serious stress eating, I can binge a ton of food, I've been a chronic calorie restricted for years so then I always bounce back a bit
    ...Nov 24
  • jinxe1
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    Howdy, I am Jinx
    I am newish to OMAD, well about 2 months in.
    I have tried Keto, low carb, weight watchers, jenny craig, nutrifast etc.. I hate counting calories.. I love having a beer here and there. A friend of mine lost a ton of weight and was holding a glass of wine at a party. I had to know her secret. Since then I have been OMAD. So.. I decided to start using myfitnesspal again, to journal just what I am putting in my mouth. So, when I plateau, I will be able to find out why weight loss is not easier.
    I need to lose 60+ lbs more. I am giving it a year, this is a slow process, but I do not feel restricted at all.
    I am currently setting my goal for 18/6. If I go 20/4 or 22/2 then I feel accomplished. I usually eat dinners, sometimes it is a lunch day.
    If there is anyone in this group that is looking for an OMAD buddy, please connect.
    I see on the Gin Stephens facebook group, people who are losing alot faster than I. Are they actually counting carbs or something?
  • tlblanks1
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    Hello Jinx welcome to the group and to OMAD. Both are great
  • arguablysamson
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    Hi, Jinx! We are all here for ya!
  • Brendalea69
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    Welcome to all the Newbies :)
  • P90XBowler99
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    Hi OMADs

    I only started on Monday. My father passed away 2 weeks ago thanks to a non fatty liver and I don't want to follow in his footsteps. I'm 42 and the Dr. said my cholesterol is high and it's time for a change. I'm getting more bloodwork done in late February and I'd like to see a difference, currently @ 260 Lbs.

    Add me as a friend if you wish :smile:
  • arguablysamson
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    Hi OMADs

    I only started on Monday. My father passed away 2 weeks ago thanks to a non fatty liver and I don't want to follow in his footsteps. I'm 42 and the Dr. said my cholesterol is high and it's time for a change. I'm getting more bloodwork done in late February and I'd like to see a difference, currently @ 260 Lbs.

    Add me as a friend if you wish :smile:

    Hi, P90...

    OMAD + apple cider vinegar + oolong tea + legumes (including almonds) will easily destroy your high cholesterol in six weeks.
  • tannergirl004
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    edited December 2018
    Hey I'm Nicole! Im 149 lbs 5'2.
    I've actually lost about 36 lbs since August doing something similar to this. I have a tendency to Binge eat or overeat at meals. So this really is something that helps with my eating habits. My goal weight is to be 110-120. I started trying to eat 3 healthy meals a day like they suggest, however, once I start eating I cant tend to stop snacking. So I've hit a plataue in my weight loss. I try to run at least 12 miles a week. (I run just about every other day doing 40 mins /4 miles). So I'm hoping by trying to go back to the one meal, then no more food/no more snacks. I can get down to that weight. I have some teeth issues becuase I used to make myself puke, so I probably wont do the ACV. Just because I've read that it can cause erosion in teeth. But I support others who do! I only drink water also, I dont like soda or coffee, and I'm not a huge fan of juice or milk. 😬 also what should I do for exercise if I eat 1000 cals a day. 20 mins every day or 40 mins every other day, 40 mins everyday?
  • msimonich
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    Hi! I'm Madison, I currently weigh about 260 lbs and I'm about 5'8". My first goal weight is about 150-160 to reach a healthy BMI for the first time in my adult life. Once I'm at this reasonable healthy stage, I hope to get pregnant, and will probably need to reevaluate my goals after that :) I'm been overweight and obese my entire life, but mostly since graduating from high school 5 years ago. I want to start a family, but I know that I'm not in a healthy place to do that right now. I struggle with emotional eating, and I think that will be my biggest challenge, along with people-pleasing. I'll be doing my meal in the evenings at about 7PM. Starting today! I had great results following this program for a couple of weeks last month, but totally fell off track and re-gained. I'm posting here to help hold myself accountable.
  • mistymeadows2005
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    Welcome Madison! I've been using OMAD for almost 2 years and have kept off all the weight I've lost :) (I still have another 40 to go so I'm back on to keep myself accountable too!)
  • Hi everyone! I'm Jeff and I started on 2 meals a day with strick keto and intermittent fasting, and have evolved into OMAD with slow carbs brought back in (about 120 per day). I feel better and more balanced nutrition-wise with healthy carbs brought back in, and am leaning out still. Anyone else out there not afraid to eat good carbs with OMAD in a sensible approach? I'm down from 233 to 184 lbs. And counting.
  • volgirl1322
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  • mbgoico
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    Hey I am new to OMAD and have never used community on my fitness pal. I am currently 190lbs at 5' 5". Hitting this weight is hard for me because 2 years ago I got myself super fit and felt amazing and swore this would never happen to me again. It was a slippery slope but now I'm not only overweight but feel awful and none of my clothes fit and I look at myself in the mirror like "how did I let this happen?" OMAD works for me because typically my husband and I only eat dinner together so I fast until dinner. I drink some black coffee and tea but mostly water during the day. I am also avoiding sugar and doing some exercise at least 15 minutes a day. I am excited to hear other people's stories!
  • msimonich
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    This is my first time using the community feature too! I've always been wary, but I love the OMAD Revolution videos, and I figured that I'd check it out :smile: Loving it so far!
  • Brendalea69
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    Welcome everyone :)
  • Ameks711
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    SW: 235
    CW: 215
    H: 5'9"
    Struggles: Type 2, Lupus, OA, Menopause, Sugar Addict - Candida Overgrowth?
    GW Range:170-180
    OMAD: 5 pm-6 pm
    OMAD start date: 4/2018

    These health issues and especially my immune system is a concern. I've been 50-60 lbs overweight my entire adult life and have lost 10-15 lbs many times over, just to gain it back again + some! I want to lose and keep off the excess weight - especially belly fat! I stumbled upon Joe's videos during April 2018 while watching one of Dr. Fung's videos. Low carb was easiest for me, but I hate having to cut out foods that I love. I was fascinated with Joe's explanation of the OMAD diet and started doing it very soon after discovering this way of eating. Over the past holiday season, I've had way too many cheat days in a row. I'm back on track again, but not down to 212 yet where I was before the holidays.
    My goal is to get out of the 200's by the end of February and hopefully to goal weight by my BD at the end of July. I wish this group were on Facebook - just easier to follow and stay in the loop over there. I've influenced quite a few of my family member so far to try it out. It is the easiest thing for me since I work alone and are not tempted with food and people eating around me during the day. (Although there is a cafe/deli located right next to my shop and I often smell the bacon and fries when they cook it). I resist that though - the way I feel with this WOE is worth the sacrifice, and I can have what I want during my window. YaY!

  • arguablysamson
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    Hey there! Welcome!

  • catuccifranco08
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    Welcome to the OMAD family you will find encouragement and support here
  • Brendalea69
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    Welcome Amanda :)
  • celinesanche
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    Hi my name is Celine. I start OMAD dec 24th and weighed in at 184 at only 5’4. I’m already down 6lbs and am looking to get down to around 130 hopefully by June. I don’t do Keto because I love my carbs. I have one cheat day a week and I do drink coffee with cream while I’m fasting even though it’s a no no but for now I’m still doing it and losing. My eating window is between 5-9 but I usually eat around 5pm. So far no issues!
    Feel free to add me for moral support and good luck on your weight loss journeys!