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    Wow!! 48 hours fast? That's amazing! I can never go longer than 26 hours. Having 2 kids & hubby who can eat anything and don't gain weight makes it harder for me to fast longer. They will be around me eating this and that and it doesn't help me at all. 6lbs loss for the month of Jan is amazing! Congrats! May I know how tall are you? I am a shortie - 5 feet 2.5

    I'm also a shorty. 5'2", 5'3" on a good day. I carry most of my weight around my middle. My current goal is 125, which would put in in the middle of the healthy BMI range. I'm sure some of that 6lbs was water, but I'll take what I can get!
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    Being short sucks......I think my ideal is in the 120s but I know I will never get there. My first goal is 150 and then I would love to end up in a range to maintain from like 130-140 hopefully settling in at 135... But that is soooooooooooooooooo far away right now...….
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    NICE WORK on your long fast babe! Aren't they awesome?! FLUSHING out that salt and glycogen AND the number on the scale both feel great! This is why I do extended fasts AT LEAST weekly. The mental benefits are amazing, the immune boost is AMAZING (and necessary for ME), and the weight loss and blood sugar effects speak for themselves :)

    Once you're used to it and as long as you ease into it, it's really not that hard - especially days where you're distracted (every f**king day for me bc work is cray cray LOL). PLUS it allows you so much more relaxed eating on your off days - at least for me. It won't work for everyone but I think it's worth a try for anyone :)

    Great work, keep it up babe!

    I think that's what I liked best about it, the not worrying too much about food the day after. I was super busy all day Tuesday. Work from 8 to 4, then we auditioned kids from 5 to 9:30. By the time I got out of the shower when I got home it was time for bed. I didn't really even miss that I hadn't eat. And I really felt great!
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    So Wednesday I ate between work and auditions. Stopped at Wegmans and got way too much food at their hot bar. But their shrimp with cream sauce is amazing, and I'm a sucker for dumpling. Also an eggroll, an artichoke flan (surprisingly good), and some sautéed mushrooms. And then we had auditions from 6 to 10. And then the very difficult job of casting the show. We went to Applebees to talk things through and I got a Sunday shooter and it was amazing. I ate somewhere around 2200 calories on Wednesday. And still felt amazing yesterday morning (though lack of sleep from staying up late to cast the show definitely had an impact). I was still 155.2 yesterday morning, even after all the junk I ate.

    Yesterday I was off from work, which is always a little harder for me. I had some chips and hummus around 4pm. And then we had salmon and green beans for dinner. And then some more drama with casting the show (we're not putting the cast list up until this afternoon), so I wound up being awake later than I intended. I can feel the water retention in my eyelids. But still in the 155s so I will call that a win.
    Tonight we have another home chef. Maple Cranberry Bone-in Pork Chop
    with rosemary Brussels sprouts and turnips. It sounds good, so I'm pretty excited. Also only about 600 calories, so I'll probably have some cheese, too. Because I love cheese.

    2/11/18 SW: 183
    Start weight (1/2/19) 163.3
    Weight lost in January: 6lbs
    Current weight (2/8/19) 155.6
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    Cheese is an entire food group yo! LOL

    Sounds like you've got a nice balance going on!

    I can second Donna's thing about height - I'm 5 7 and my MAX weight for a healthy BMI is in the 160s LOL - so the low end would be like 130...my LOWEST goal weight would be 135! LOL Seems unrealistic! Oh well, I'll go until I'm happy and healthy :)
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    Great success for you even with the drama you are doing great staying on course and even if you over do it one day, it all balances out when you do it right the rest of the week.

    Super proud of you!!!!!
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    You mentioned that your current GW is 125lbs and that's what my hubby wanted me to aim for and not what I wanted which is 110lbs. I am told that the lowest weight for my height is 105lbs. That's what I weighed during my 20s...lol. But, right now, either one of those GW is just a "wish" and hopefully I can achieve it before the year is over. I have been trying since last July and till today, I failed :(

    You are doing so well! Keep up the good work! :)