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    My number for the day is 16. That’s the size of the jeans I bought yesterday! I was stuffing myself into tight 20/22’s last winter.

    This is significant because I tried them on and bought them in a store! I’m 6ft tall, and in this world, women can be tall and thin or average height and fat... but not tall and fat. Regular stores are carrying more “long” lengths in regular sizes, but nothing past 16 or the occasional 18. The “talls” in most plus size stores are still too short for me. I was pretty much limited to ordering online from Old Navy, which meant a lot of returns when things didn’t fit right. Suddenly I have a lot more options on the racks in our local stores!

    That’s awesome! I am also 6 foot tall with looong legs. I buy my pants from Maurice’s they are the only place that had fat tall pants!
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    Down 2 pounds. My body is weird. Does this happen to anyone else.....I weigh less after my morning shower - you'd think I'd be heavier with my hair water logged? Today I got up and weighed myself, ran a few errands, came back and did some a few chores and took a long bath. Then weighed myself again and it was a pound less but it was 3 hours later so I'm sticking with my first result.
  • Nice loss! Celebrate your actions!
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    edited November 2019
    :) TY!
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    Nice going, Connie. Way to overcome that stumble. :)
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    merph518 wrote: »
    November check in :)

    1/1: 386.6
    2/1: 368.8 (-17.8)
    3/1: 360.6 (-26.0)
    4/1: 348.9 (-37.7)
    5/1: 341.0 (-45.6)
    6/1: 332.6 (-54.0)
    7/1: 322.9 (-63.7)
    8/1: 317.7 (-68.9)
    9/1: 306.2 (-80.4)
    10/1: 301.9 (-84.7)
    11/1: 292.2 (-94.4)

    October was a pretty good month for me.

    Merph that is awesome man. can't wait to be in the 2's myself...i am down 86 lbs from July 5 putting me at 314 as of this morning.
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    Awesome @dishiznice. You'll be there soon.
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    Current spreadsheet. I didn't post last week though I weighed in and logged, was super busy. Lost what I put on and then a little more too so my body is letting go the excess water from my indulgences. 67dlm1yj2t4m.png
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    11/17/19 I weigh 211.8, I am hoping to be 200 by the end of this year. If i can stay on track I know I can hit that easily.
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    yay, @conniewilkins56 ! 😀
  • May 28 to Nov 18..... lost 50 lbs!

    You gained so much more!
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    @amkita and @conniewilkins56 Congratulations to you both on 50 pounds lost! Amazing progress keep it up!