What are your Long-Term Goals?



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    Merph you continue to amaze me and inspire me!...this can be done!
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    WTG @merph518
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    Awesome, congrats on surpassing your goal @amkita. I had hoped to hit the 100 mark before the end of my first year, though I wasn't holding myself to it. Very happy that I'm already there, so anything I lose before 1/1 is just a bonus at this point.

    And thanks all :)
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    @merph518. Awesome!!!! Me too.
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    nice! I usually only hit 20k on vacation--so much extra walking.
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    Did a continuous 30 minutes on the elliptical. I haven't decided on how to move the goal posts yet. I have the option of going longer or increasing the resistance. I think I need to feel like this one is stable first so I will decide after Christmas.
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    Loved reading everyone’s goals and progress, it’s so inspiring!!

    Here’s my short (within a year) and long term goals:

    ***2020 goals***
    - Weigh less than 180 lbs / be in overweight BMI vs obese (due to reduced health risk and confidence)
    - Attend 2 group fitness class per month starting in July.
    - Bench more than 110 lbs. (I really enjoy lifting and working with a personal trainer, and increasing strength is important to me.)
    - 6M steps (~16.5k / day - about same as current)
    - Do full push-ups for 45 seconds
    - Bike at least once per month
    - Only drink once per month or less
    - Complete 3 hikes with stream crossings (I really struggle with this now due to my size and avoid trails with crossings due to prior injuries trying to cross.)
    - Continue to log everything on MFP

    ***Long term goals***
    - Weigh less than 140 lbs (out of overweight BMI)
    - Pull up with body weight
    - 10 mile difficult hike in mountains (I’ve hiked 10 miles in mountains before, but on easier trails, want to be able to have the stamina and strength for a difficult and long trail.)
    - Run 5k
    - Complete grad school without relapsing into poor habits: eating junk & too much, not exercising, and drinking.

    Completed goals:
    - Be under 300 lbs - March and September 2019 (lost weight early in the year but stopped exercising and went over mid-year).
    - Complete all of my activity circles for consecutive weeks on Apple Watch, before September 2019 only did it once, now have 10 :)
    - Wear clothes next size down was saving. December 2019. Completed, but not sure why I saved them, they are definitely out of place for today, haha. It was kind of fun to think back to last time I comfortably wore them though.... many years ago. I still have a couple dresses that are feasible to wear and will them over the next couple months to events/meetings :)
    - Try a group fitness class. December 2019. This was a horrible experience, but glad I tried it. Will try again in July when I’m a bit smaller.
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    New Years is a good time to think about long term goals....so far I have only had daily and sometimes hourly goals....as I progress along this journey, I think it’s time for me to have some long term goals!....
    1) stay positive
    2) be happy
    3) be kind to myself and others
    4) start some kind of exercise program and stick to it
    5) eat healthy and stay under calories
    6) get rid of excess clutter in my life ( mental and physical)
    7) help my husband to accept his limits with severe RA
    8) be thankful for all the good things in my life ( my health,my home, my family,my strength)
    9) lose 50 more pounds
    10) lose 75 pounds this year
    11) accept things that I have no control over
    12) pray more
    13) find my passion in life again

    Remember the only way past anything, is to go through it!
    A goal without a plan, is only a wish!
    There are no magic wands in life!
    Play the cards you were dealt!
    Procrastination never gets you where you want to go!
    Life is an adventure or it is nothing at all!
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    2020 Health and Fitness Goals

    Go to gym 8X's per month
    Continue to incorporate strength training classes in workout
    Sign up and complete 5 5Ks (run or walk)
    Lose 30lbs
    Be more active
    Hike more
    Use hand weights when watching TV at home
    Incorporate more veggies in my weekly cooking
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    I like the hand weight idea...I could easily do this!...thanks
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    On the Horizon
    • Get 22k steps in a single day
    • Walk or Hike 5 miles
    • Celebrate my 2 year weight loss anniversary
    • Have a calculated and reliable TDEE by my 2 year anniversary

    Regular Long Term Goals
    • Be below 200 - not sure where I am stopping but that was the number I was fighting with when I was a teen
    • Buy a bike
    • Ride a bike again
    • Lose my main 3 prescription medications Lose last half of diuretic and cholesterol med
    • Reach a weight and level of fitness that meets the criteria of appropriately healthy.

    Perpetual Goals
    • Be Happy :smile:
    • Be a better uncle now that my niece and nephew lost their father
    • Watch my fellow LLers change their lives
    • Have more active and social activities outside the house.

    • Participate in a charity 5k next month (walking not running)
    • Travel with my wife without feeling like an anchor - almost there
    • Wear off-the-rack clothes <- just need to go to a shop now DONE
    • Be comfortable again on an airplane
    • Get 20k steps in a single day
    • Do a full 30 minutes of elliptical with no pauses

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    I walked 5 continuous miles tonight!

    When I have something more to update I will do the whole thing again. I won't be increasing my goal right now or repeating the 5 mile anytime soon. I need to get a shot in the other knee and I need to get my new tdee. Once Friday rolls around I intend to keep my activity at a fairly static level for 3 weeks.
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    .: Shop in "regular" clothing stores again (XL or smaller)
    .: Be under 200 pounds
    .: Become stronger
    .: Become more confident
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    I've been thinking about what my goals are, going forward. Some are fairly lightweight, others are more serious. And they do keep evolving. Here's where they stand today.

    January 2020
    Scheduled walk 3-5 days a week Think I’ll work on hitting 5K as below
    Hit 5k steps 3-5 days a week (don’t have to be the same days)
    Try out the fitness room at the high school
    Schedule an appointment with the trainer at the fitness room (maybe February?)
    Try out a new recipe from Mediterranean cookbook once a week
    Break 300 on the scale
    Log all food & drink daily
    Participate on MFP

    Goals for 2020
    Stop focusing on the scale! Good servant, bad master
    Lower my a1c to a healthy level
    Wear leggings in public without wanting to hide behind something
    Knees & legs stop hurting
    Fit comfortably in a booth in a restaurant
    Cut down my Metformin dosage
    Make daily walking a habit like brushing my teeth
    Be able to walk for an hour without dragging or whining
    Get back to the pool for laps or maybe a class (if not too crowded)

    Longer-term goals
    Have a weight lifting/yoga/pilates practice
    Ride my bike regularly
    Go for true hikes regularly
    Get off ALL meds
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    One of my main goals has been to be more active.

    My steps in September, when I started tracking here again... 129, 083
    October... 253,247
    November... 276,704
    December... 320,057
    January... 339,191
    February, to date... 259, 312

    So that's successful.
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    I'd like to have at least 50 lbs off this year, or be in the 220's come December. After that, my pipe dream is to get to 180 lbs. I'm also working on getting my activity up; right now, I'm working on consistently getting 5,000 steps in a day and trying to have at least one 30 minute walking or elliptical session. I think I'm going to continue with the Jiu-Jitsu as well. Long term would be increasing those steps until I can be considered lightly active instead of sedentary, even on work days (I've got a desk job).
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    Reorganizing this and adding more.

    On the Horizon
    • Lose 125 lbs.
    • Run 5k distance (I've not done this since November).
    • Commit to 10,000 steps per day for a month, starting (2/27)
    • Commit to Starting Strength program, lifting 3x/week for a month (starting 2/28)
    • Complete Couch to 5k program again, starting on week 4 (starting 2/29)
    • Complete a 5k race. (Registered for a race on April 25, 2020)

    Long Term Goals - Weight Loss Related
    • Enjoy myself at an amusement park, fitting in all the rides
    • Fit into size 40 pants.
    • Feel comfortable enough to swim in a public setting, shirtless.
    • Lose 150 lbs.
    • Fit into L shirts.
    • Lose 167 lbs (matching my previous adult low weight from 2010)
    • Lose 175 lbs.
    • Lose 187 lbs. (onederland!)
    • Lose 193 lbs. (half my body weight)
    • Lose 200 lbs. (long term goal reached!)
    • Fit into my high school jeans, size 36.

    Long Term Goals - Fitness Related
    • Bike 15 miles.
    • Bike 20 miles.
    • Run 10 minute mile.
    • Run 9 minute mile.
    • Run 8 minute mile.
    • Run 3.5 mile road race, May 21, 2020

    • Lose 50 lbs.
    • Lose 70 lbs. (more than my 6 year old daughter weighs!)
    • Bike 10 miles.
    • Fit into size 50 pants.
    • Fit into 2xl shirts.
    • Lose 87 lbs (under 300 lbs!)
    • Complete the Couch to 5k program.
    • Start strength training.
    • Lose 100 lbs.
    • Lose 111 lbs. (more than I lost in 2010)
    • Fit into xl shirts.