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WEIGHT NO MORE - February 2020 Chat



  • kirsten11872
    kirsten11872 Posts: 519 Member
    Hello & Happy Hump Day! I am feeling good! :smile:

    Yesterday was a success, I ate well & went to the gym after my dentist appointment. Normally, I would have told myself, I have a late dentist appointment so I will skip my workout, but when I got home, I got ready for the gym and headed right over as soon as my appointment was done. I got home around 8:45, but I am glad I went. I ate well today, just not sure what I am going to eat for dinner. I will workout when I get home, I will do my hour dvd which incorporates cardio and weights.

    @tryingagain5 sorry to hear about your dad, I hope he is feeling ok.

    @Mrsbell8well that is sobering! You seem to be doing everything you can to live a healthy life, some things are out of our control!

    @sleepymom5 I am determined to have a successful month!

    Have a wonderful evening! :smiley:
  • hope002
    hope002 Posts: 1,066 Member
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx it must be warm where you live, if you bike outside :)

    @Cafelelia It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. Feels good to have IF bodies in here

    @Mrsbell8well I am glad you are feeling better.

    @kirsten11872 great job on going to the gym and eating well yesteday

    @Freeglerock 5 days non-smoker YAY - you can do it!!!!
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    Wednesday 2/5 check in
    Food: logged and under
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: 30 minute session with my trainer at the gym and 30 minute walk with the community walking group

    I stayed for 2 hours OT today. Not sure why I said yes when they asked. I had told my my coworkers I would probably say no and just work a normal 40 hour week this week. I can't stay late Friday morning and I do plan on saying no for tomorrow morning.

    I slept about 4 1/2:hours and then got ready for my session at the gym. I worked pretty hard there. After the session we talked about nutrition for a few minutes. I haven't been doing very well with his suggestions on fat, carbs and protein and going over calories a little too much, also exercising less this year than last year. He wants me to concentrate on just the calorie range and protein to make it a little easier and getting in the more intense exercise that I was doing.

    After the walking group I went home, had supper and got in an 1 1/2 hour nap so I ended up with 6 hours of sleep today, which is fairly normal, except it was broken up today.

    Thank you for your thoughts about my dad. I talked with him this afternoon. He didn't hear back from the doctor so we still don't know the results of the CT scan. He sounded like his normal stubborn self. I asked if he wanted me to come over and he said, no, stay away. Then I know he's fine.
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member

    Hugs with everything you have going on.
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    Glad you are feeling a little better. Concentrate on getting well and do what the doctor is telling you.
  • starcrystal3
    starcrystal3 Posts: 91 Member
    After I missed my run in the morning I then forgot my lunch at home yesterday, I tried to survive on snacks at work and was just ravenous when I got home so I overate. BUT... I made up for it today!

    Food: Logged & on track
    Fitness: Made up for my missed run today and feel great! I even kept going on my last interval and ran more than planned.
    Fun: Went to book club tonight B)

    @Cafelelia - Old Town Road on repeat?! lol, that Doritos commercial was pretty good, have you seen it?

    @tryingagain5 - Nice loss!!

    @kirsten11872 - Nice to see you here! Sounds like you had a successful and productive day!

    @Freeglerock - Congrats on 5 days! I can only imagine how hard it was today; thinking of you <3

    @hope002 - Nice booty! LOL - hope that's not inappropriate, especially since I don't know you yet, but you look amazing; those jeans are great on you! Congrats on your results!
  • hope002
    hope002 Posts: 1,066 Member

    @hope002 - Nice booty! LOL - hope that's not inappropriate, especially since I don't know you yet, but you look amazing; those jeans are great on you! Congrats on your results!
    Thanks 😁😁
  • JillyBT
    JillyBT Posts: 153 Member
    Wednesday 2/5 check in
    Tracked food
    Barely under calories
    Did not track water
    Exercise HIIT CLASS

    Tuesday: 11,102
    Wednesday: 9,375

    @Mrsbell8well great to hear you are home. My uncle had a pacemaker put in and 6 weeks later slowly started working out. Back to playing Tennis. You will be back to your exercise sooner than you think.

  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
    Thursday 6 Feb check in
    Food: Tracked
    Calories: Under
    Water: A lot.
    Exercise: Cycling - 16.5 km/ 10.25 miles in one ride.
    Steps: 5000.

    I generally had a pretty good day, I felt the difference between this ride and Tuesday's ride. Already able to cycle up the hills better! You really don't appreciate just how many hills there are or how steep they are until you have to cycle up them! Also, walking up them now seems like a breeze compared to cycling them! lol

    It being a public holiday on a Thursday has really thrown me however; it feels like the weekend but I have to go to work tomorrow. I'm pretty steady with calories each day now, so I think I"ll just do a cruisy cardio session when I get home from work tomorrow evening and then plan to go out for a bike ride this weekend.

    @hope002 It's summer here in New Zealand. It's been up around 28C/82F most days, and humid, but it was a much nicer 23C/73F today. So okay for outdoor cycling. It never snows in Auckland either, just gets a bit wet in winter. Also I love your jeans, and I cannot wait until I look that good in my jeans again!

    @Freeglerock 5 days, woohoo! Keep up the good work!

    @kirsten11872 Way to keep your head in the game :smile: So much of this is mental, and creating habit!

    @tryingagain5 Your trainer sounds very sensible, which is awesome! I used to be a Personal Trainer and I've met some that gave some, shall we say... interesting? nutrition advice... when you find one that knows what they're saying and doing, grab them and don't let go!

    @Cafelelia My kids play Basketball, and the season is just starting here. So I get to spend the next months driving all over the North Island visiting basketball courts! I have no breaks planned anywhere for the foreseeable future however, drat!
  • brown6267
    brown6267 Posts: 476 Member
    02/05 steps 14668
  • rundgrenrocks
    rundgrenrocks Posts: 85 Member

    Weigh in day: Thursday
    Week 1
    PW: 225
    CW: 224

    Been getting my steps in and started short exercise sessions again. I just have to remember to do them first thing in the morning, otherwise I forget.
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    That's interesting that you were a personal trainer. Why did you stop? Alex, my trainer, is pretty sensible. I've worked with him a couple of years already. Definitely a lot stronger and he continues to make things harder for me
    I've worked with a couple other trainers in the past and yes, I believe one of them gave some interesting advice. Not necessarily bad, just something not sustainable for the rest of my life.

    Great job on the cycling! Keep it up!
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    Great job on making up the missed workout!
    I enjoy my book clubs too. What are you reading?
  • kirsten11872
    kirsten11872 Posts: 519 Member
    Hello & Happy Friday Eve! It is rainy here today, but in the 40's, so not too cold! Looking forward to the weekend! :smile:

    Yesterday was another success! I got home from work, did my workout, then made myself a veggie burger on 647 bread with tomato, avocado, mustard & a light Laughing Cow spreadable cheese & some pickles, it was good! I started my fast as soon as I finished eating so I would not start grazing.

    I have dinner plans tonight with my sister & cousins, we are going to a local Hibachi restaurant. I have already planned out everything I am going to eat & I have logged it all. I am going to try to fast until 2:30-3:00, I just have a banana & an 80 calorie yogurt to eat when I break my fast. I am trying to save my calories for dinner. I will have one glass of wine & chicken & shrimp hibachi dinner. I will not workout tonight unless I get a burst of energy and decide to go to the gym, but very unlikely, but you never know.

    @Freeglerock congrats on not smoking! I can't imagine how hard it must be to quit smoking & go through the loss of your brother! Hang in there!

    @hope002 Thanks! Looking good in the new jeans! That is a long fast! The most I have done is 26 hours, it wasn't too bad.

    @tryingagain5 glad your dad seems to be doing well!

    @starcrystal3 thanks! Great job on your run!

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx thanks! Sounds like you are improving on your workouts & building up your endurance!

    @nstephenson01 great loss!

    Have a wonderful day! :smiley:
  • nstephenson01
    nstephenson01 Posts: 854 Member
    @mrsbell8well glad you are home and resting. Take time for your recovery! I had to laugh that Molly ate your hospital food... that's love!!
    @tryingagain5 Nice loss... welcome to the 180's! Your consistency is inspiring with everything you have going on. Glad your dad is feeling better. My dad is stubborn also LOL
    @rundgrenrocks Your Insta page sounds interesting! I'm going to check it out. I enjoy music also. I especially like to play music while I cook.
    @hope002 Looking good in those jeans girl! Wow... that's quite a fast. I can't wrap my head around not eating for that long.
    @kirsten11872 Great job working out after your dentist appt!
    @Freeglerock Congrats on day 5! Keep it up!
    @brown6267 awesome steps!!
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Oh how I long for summer! Looks like you had a great day!
    @starcrystal3 Way to rebound from a bad day!!
    @jillyBT nice steps!
  • nstephenson01
    nstephenson01 Posts: 854 Member
    Daily Check In: Thursday
    Food: Logged, under
    Water: Lots... too much LOL
    Exercise: JessicaSmithTV 30 minute strength training

    So relieved to be back in the 160's. With my husband away, its been a lot easier to be disciplined with my eating. Cooking all that food on Sunday has worked out well as it removes the guesswork or succumbing to cravings. I just eat what's in the fridge. I also don't mind leftovers. I need to do that again this weekend. Its been snowing for 24 hours straight but fortunately hasn't accumulated as much as predicted. I do need to get out and shovel but fortunately I don't need to put the plow attachment on the tractor.. .yet (fingers crossed). Hubby usually does the plowing. I've only done it a couple of times under his direction and felt very uneasy. I'm feeling a little run down today for some reason so other than shoveling snow and a bit of housework, I'm planning a rest day.

    Have a great day everyone!!

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