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    02/11 steps 9921
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    @GingerPwr great job! welcome to the 140s
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    I second the motion - go to the doctor and let them find the cause. I agree it sounds like the chocolate could be the trigger.
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    Tuesday check in

    Food - logged & on track
    Water - 1.5l
    Exercise - rest day

    I had a wonky day yesterday. My older son had a lot of issues at school last year, including some anxiety. He was in counselling and it just clicked for him. So he is doing so much better this school year. He is a teen though and some typical teen behaviour is emerging. He did not have the best day yesterday including being caught out of uniform at lunch, missing a meeting with his music teacher, and accidentally getting hit in the head during gym, requiring a concussion assessment (no concussion thankfully). He is ok, but it was energy draining and a reminder of our many bad days last year. I need to count our blessing though because really overall, he is doing just fine and often, he is doing great. But, it was really hard to get any work done yesterday, so I am catching up today.

    @mrsbell8well - I like how doing something nice for Molly is on your list. I also like how you have worked in breaks too! Also very exciting that you are figuring out your steps to retirement. Hope that you are feeling well today!

    @brown6267 - Nice steps!

    @GingerPwr - Excellent loss!! Congratulations!

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx - Fantastic steps and way to go with the cycling! Very inspiring!! I am a migraine sufferer as well, although they have subsided in the past decade. Certain foods are a trigger for me as well.

    @CassietGetsFit2013 - I hope that you are feeling better today, but I echo everyone’s comments that it is best to go to the doctor and get checked. Glad that you called the nurse advice line, but it is best to get these things checked out, particularly if you are on any meds and/or have some health conditions. When you have a moment, let us know how you are doing.

    @JillyBT - Good day yesterday in spite of the exhaustion and hope that you caught up on your sleep. I am so sorry about your mom. It is really hard taking care of aging parents and you are a good daughter. Glad to see that you are taking care of yourself too!

    @tryingagain5 - Glad that your headache went away!

    @33sandy1233 - Nice maintain!

    @kirsten11872 - Love your story about getting your workout done! Great streak and hope you enjoyed hockey!

    @sleepymom5 - You have come incredibly far and I am so happy that you see that! I hope that you are doing ok today.

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    edited February 2020

    Sorry, I have not been posting about the step challenge!

    Our winner last week was @brown6267 with an impressive 85,216 steps!

    I also wanted to confirm who is participating. I have 4 of us: @brown6267, @JillyBT, @ljdanny & me. If anyone else wants to track their weekly steps, please post and let me & Pam know.

    For those of you participating, you can post your steps here everyday. It it is easier, you can post your steps for each day in one post on Sunday. We will announce the winner later on Sunday or on Monday.

    Re the Abbey Road photo, I never realized before that George was wearing a Canadian tuxedo in the photo and John looks so dapper in his white suit. And check out those now vintage cars!
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    Tuesday check in
    Food - not logged but on track
    Water - 80 oz
    Exercise - 30 min walk, PT, strength and stretching.

    Not a perfect day but improving day by day. I have a busy day ahead so I have to run. A friend and I are going to Georgia for the funeral. It is in Savannah. I had planned to stay at the shore until Tuesday morning but now I have to leave Sunday as I am flying down Monday morning. I have a lot to do to get ready for the weekend and the funeral between now and Thursday early afternoon. I am trying not to get overwhelmed and making a plan. I always do better with that. I want to exercise and then I am off. I hope everyone has a great day!

    @Mrsbell8well That is how you learn, trying things, taking what works for you and continuing on your journey. Hopefully the guidelines you take from him are also the ones that helped your gut. I am not sure if those pics are flat bread but they look yummy. I would have to take a long slice so I could get all the veggies in. How creative! I hope it is a good sign that you are finding some recipes to try. :)
    @kirsten11872 I think you are starting to get into a good routine! I don't understand once I get into one and I feel so good, that I ever go off...Keep it going girl! Hope you enjoyed the game, I am behind with my comments. Lol!
    @cassiegetsfit2013 I think that app sounds great! Hope you like it and continue to do it. I think MFP overestimates the calories. That is actually why I don't eat them back. I don't want to gain. If you don't eat them back, it really doesn't matter what they are, you still got in a good workout. Hopefully you make an appointment with your doctor or urgent care today. That is a strange reaction to chocolate but there are some cardiac symptoms in there too so with your history, I would get it checked out. I am glad you called the hotline. It is nice to have that available to you.
    @33sandy1223 Maintaining isn't bad...how are things going?
    @GingerPwr WTG! Right back into the 140s-Nice loss! Not only a victory on the scale but I love when you can actually see that you are getting faster and stronger-a definite NSW! It seems like you are getting into a good routine! Also another NSV!
    @JillyBT Getting a call like that pulls you right out of sleep and into panic mode. I am sure you were exhausted all day. Glad you took a rest day. I wish there was an answer for them placing calls but there is no way to make a phone work just when the call is important. It sure would be helpful though. Hang in there. Hugs!
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx You really are in such a good routine plus working around any symptoms that may arise. I know it isn't easy.
    @brown6267 Love your consistency! Rarely low steps from you!
    @Mrsbell8well There she is! Angelina is back!! Remember to let your body and not your to do list be your guide. Glad you are feeling more like yourself. Hugs!!
    @Cafelelia I can relate as I have had many similar days with Mary Kate. It would be nice to have a crystal ball and see how everything turns out wouldn't it? I think the teen years are the hardest for us and them. That being said, MK turns 20 in April, I think her teen years may extend into her 20s....You are doing all you can for him and he is doing well. He will have bad days here and there. Hang in there! :) Love the pic you used for the step challenge. I got an Lol with George being in a Canadian Tux. I was so curious what it looked like that when I scrolled up I really did Lol!
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    Day 11 - February 12. What word or phrase can you (or do you) use to remind you of your commitment? Share this word or phrase with everyone on your team and anyone who can help you at home. Ask them to remind you when needed!


    Here is the link-
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    Hello all! Just caught up with everyone's posts! We are a very busy group!

    I am still on track! I had another successful day yesterday! I had the hockey game last night, so I did not workout, but I did get in 15,255 steps, which I am happy about. I did not get the wrap at the arena, I was sitting in different seats from Saturday's game and that place was not near us. I wound up getting a Beyond Burger, it's a veggie burger & fries. The burger was plain on a bun, I ate the burger, half the bun and some of the fries & had a bottle of water. As soon as I finished, I started my fast. I felt like I did really well yesterday, but the scale was up a pound this morning. It frustrates me! I am going to put it behind me, back on track today! I normally go to the gym on Tuesday, but since I did not go last night, I am going tonight & do my home workout tomorrow, changing it up a bit.

    I am glad it is only Wednesday & I have a few days to drop some weight! Going to really be on point with my food & exercise the rest of the week!

    @sleepymom5 safe travels! Prayers are with you & your friend's family!

    @Cafelelia glad your son is OK! It is crazy how so many teenagers suffer from anxiety. I think it is all the pressure they feel from social media & this fast-paced world we line in.

    @Mrsbell8well sounds like you are keeping busy, getting a lot done!

    Have a wonderful day! :smiley:
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    Thank you to everyone who wrote out to me. 😊 I have a appointment with my Dr. On March 3rd, however with everything that's been going on lately, I would really like to see her sooner! I went ahead and sent her a message, asking if I can be put on a cancellation list. So let's hope I can get in sooner! My left arm is still sore, not as bad as yesterday, but it still feels tender and aches. My BP this morning was 147/99! Higher than last nights reading.

    Since I haven't been able to find my FitBit, I downloaded MapMyWalk, as I had that before and it seemed pretty cool. Especially if you lose your device...lol! Now, MFP said my 38 minute walk today was a 350 calorie burn...MapMyWalk said 158 or something...Lol, which is the more accurate one here? I tried to connect MapMyWalk with MFP, but when I go to connected, it just shows FitBit as the only one...But when I open MapMyWalk, (How many times am I gonna say that! Lol.) It says MFP is connected with it...So, who knows! Lol. 🤪
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    @CassieGetsFit2013 I hope you feel better! Maybe you should go to urgent care if your BP is high. Take care of yourself!

    @ljdanny sorry you are not feeling well, but that is exciting news about a new granddaughter!
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    @CassieGetsFit2013 - That BP is quite high, and I agree with Kirsten that maybe you should go to urgent care. If you don’t want to do that, call you nurse advisor again.
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    Week Number: 2
    Previous weight: 154
    Current weight: 160

    Storms manflu busted computers. I will claw my back. Not a great week draw the line and get back to it.
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    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx thanks for the recipe I’m excited to try it! Do you use a normal blender? Does it come out smooth? Can you tell I’m excited about my hummus!! Lol
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    @rundgrenrocks Thanks for the information about the blender. I saw your post after I asked @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx about what she mixed it in. It’s definitely a daily mental battle to avoid the chips and pita bread!! I mean for real that hummus has become a daily treat for me! Yesterday I used raw cauliflower and today I used green pepper strips! I wanted so bad to get pita chips but I knew once I started- I would never stop!!! Crazy mental games I have to play with myself. I still need to learn not to shop hungry!! I’m much more likely to make bad decisions when I’m hungry and I always shop after work when I’m hungry!! Dumb me!!!!😝
  • @CassieGetsFit2013 Putting my ex-Personal Trainer hat on for a few mins, I'd really like you to get checked out before you do any more exercise. If you presented to me as a client with that BP, I'd have to refer you for doctor's clearance before I could prescribe any exercise at all. Even walking.

    That said, your question about MFP and the accuracy of calorie burns... assume it isn't accurate at all. Most actual calorie burns are more like half of what MFP gives you. I'm pretty sure whoever programmed it was drunk, high or both! To give you some of my own numbers - If I log 30 mins of Elliptical Trainer into MFP, it tells me I burned 553 calories. My Samsung Galaxy Watch (which tracks my HR throughout my workout) gives me around 230 calories. My Elliptical says around 200-ish, but it thinks I'm lighter than I actually am which will throw its calculations off slightly.

    It's the same for almost every exercise. The only one that comes close is for me is cycling outdoors, but to put that in context, on an outdoor ride I spend almost the entire ride with my HR averaging 160 beats per min. My Last ride was 67 minutes with 39 of them spent in my Max HR range and 26 more in my Vigorous HR range.

    To work out Max HR range, take 220 - your age which gives you your theoretical Max safe HR, then any time your HR is above 90% of that number while exercising you're in Max HR range. 80% - 90% is Vigorous range. So I had to work super super hard to get anywhere close to what MFP said my calorie burn should be. For further context, my resting HR is around 58 bpm, and I'm 41 so my max HR is 179.
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    Logged my food and feel much fuller than what the calorie count shows. I might be underestimating portions so it'll be back to weighing everything soon.

    Almost pushed myself to run again to try to catch up with the program and avoid rain this week, but decided not to risk hurting myself. Opting for yoga tonight.

    Everybody keep up the great work!
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