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    @amsandos I know that struggle, sugar was my poison. It got so bad that I couldn't stand the taste of it any more and I still couldn't stop buying it and binge eating it. One night I had this awful moment of clarity that I was literally poisoning my body with it, and it had to stop. I was already obese (again, after having got to a healthy weight once already) and I was going to kill myself.

    I had to put things in place to help myself though. I had a healthy dose of stress and anxiety from the situation with my daughter at the time and I was binge eating because it was the only way I knew how to cope. So I got myself support. I had to do things differently, because nothing was going to change if I didn't. I started using mindfulness and mindful eating techniques (which I thought were a total crock at first!) and I had to learn to tune out what I call "Radio Doom and Gloom" - that negative self talk that was always in my head making excuses, judging me harshly, and telling me why everything was awful and I was never going to succeed in anything again. I was a complete mess, but over time I changed. I cut out sugar completely for 9 months, and I turned Radio Doom and Gloom into "Radio Sunshine." I figured out that I react with migraines to too much sugar and most artificial sweeteners so I don't have much sweet stuff, although I can/do have a little sugar again now. I do like to learn things the hard way!

    But there is a way through. What do you need to do to take care of you? I also had to do that, because I was always putting myself last. It's okay to put yourself first - get some sleep, take some time, say "no" to whatever you need to! And ask for support (this seems like a pretty good place right here!)
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    Wrapping up Tuesday and despite my hungry day I am under calories. I'm in a pretty good routine of not snacking outside mealtimes now, (unless I really need it) so I just stuck with my plan. I have morning and afternoon tea and some grace calories in most days to play with for evening or starving situations, so I'm all set.

    I feel surprisingly comfortable back in the losing weight routine - I think maybe it gives me something to do and something to achieve and I really like how I'm eating and exercising. I feel so much better in myself. I sorted through some of my clothes on the weekend and I'm excited for when I'll fit back into some of my favorites in smaller sizes!

    Exercise - it's been raining so gym time for me. Spin bike and elliptical, I did before and after work again. 50/30 mins. It is really hard to get my HR up on the spin bike now, and my resting HR is dropping again too. I'll need to watch that. When I'm fit I go bradycardic, I wasn't expecting my RHR to get into the mid 50s again so quickly though. In 2016 it used to sit around 40!

    Hope you all have a lovely day.
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    Need to catch up on posts, but thought I would do a quick check in. Ended up not tracking my food Saturday, Sunday and Monday - not entirely sure why, but I think as I was cooking food that could bot be portioned properly (Saturday a chilli from the slow cooker - counted the calories of the ingredients I put in, but had no idea how much was in my serving! And Sunday was a roast self served from the table with Monday being left overs). I hate not being able to be spot on accurate with measuring etc, so if I know I can't be accurate I almost take a stance of not bothering at all. Anyway, need to get over that! But I Didn't snack and the food was healthy so I don't think there will be any major gain from it. In a way it is good to know I can not track but make sensible choices. The weighing scales will tell tomorrow!
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    03/09 steps 14166
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    Monday check in

    I had such a bad frozen shoulder yesterday. It really hurt. It also meant that I could not get stuff done yesterday, which was super annoying. It still hurts this morning, but is manageable at least. I stayed on plan for eating, and made yesterday a rest day. I did not manage to get all of my water because I went to bed so early, but I did get in 52 oz. It’s rainy here today, but still warm. I am not taking the bait though because those Canadian winter gods love to play tricks on us, particularly in March!

    @brown6267, @freeglerock & @gingerpwr - Thanks for the steps!

    @Freeglerock - That’s great that you just estimated portions and ate healthy when you could not to do accurate measuring! It’s a good skill to have!

    @podperson1 - That is just a small gain and hope that you get over that cold quickly. Amazing NSV with the skirt!

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx - Thanks for sharing about your tough time and how you got through it. You are so right that it is ok to put ourselves first! Congratulations on fitting back into some of your clothes! Excellent NSV!

    @amsandos - I am so sorry that you had a bad day yesterday. It was just one day and you can move forward. We have all been there and support you. Nobody here is judging you, that’s for sure. Try to be kind to yourself about this, particularly with your worries and heart pounding at 2 am. @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx pointed out, there could be other reasons for your desire for sugar and then not sleeping. That’s ok. If you feel you need more support, like counselling, don’t hesitate to reach out to get it. There are free public hotlines and check your work for an EAP, as they sometimes have telephone or video counseling that you can schedule. I did that a few years ago when my son was having so many issues in school. Like on the spot at work, just called the EAP hotline and they helped me immediately. Re the treats at work, maybe just include it in your plan. Like I will have a few treats off the work counter if they are there today. That way it is not a forbidden thing. Just post here in the moment when you are at work if that counter gets to you. We are here for you and hope that today is a better day.

    @sleepymom5 - Glad that all went well at the cardiologist. Cleaning the garage is definitely a huge task, so it is no surprise that you were exhausted. Hope that you got a good night’s rest and feel better today. Daisy is absolutely adorable!

    @rundgrenrocks - Happy belated birthday! It was so nice that your girls came home for it! Yes, all of the coronavirus preparedness is going here too. School trips have been cancelled and we get weekly updates from the school boards. I am trying to keep the kids calm and go on with our normal lives as much as possible.

    @kirsten11872 - I totally get how you felt and that time change really messed up our entire family. You are doing fantastic and keep it going as it is inspiring the rest of us too!

    @jedaschultz - I am sorry about the stress that you are going through with your mom. I completely understand the issues of dealing with an aging parent. The stress can be overwhelming. Try to fit in whatever self care that you can, and also it is ok to get outside support if you feel you need it. Don’t let this gain throw you. We have all been there and are all here to support you now. Today is a new day. You can reset and move forward.

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    I keep posting the wrong pictures lol! I can be so bad with technology sometimes...
    Hope everyone is having a great day!

    @amsandos I saw that you already posted for today so I am hoping that means you had a better day today. You do have to make a plan that you can live with for work. They seem to always have sweets there. Is it in a room you can avoid? Can you bring in a healthy snack that you actually like in? Even if it isn't the healthiest but it is a healthier option. You aren't going to want carrots or an apple if there is something good in there. I like these protein bars that have about 200 calories and a good amount of protein. I used to eat them a lot and realized they weren't the healthiest. I will still have one for a special treat from time to time. Maybe get something like that or if you have a freezer maybe put some lower fat ice cream in there. Most of all, don't beat yourself up. You will figure it out. Maybe also remember how you felt when you couldn't fall asleep with all the sugar. You can do this.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Ugh! I just wrote a long response to you and it disappeared! I like how you are in a good routine with your diet and exercise. Even the not snacking seems to be in the routine. Not saying you don't struggle at times, we all do but you seem to be sticking to your plan and doing well. Thanks also for what you wrote to @amsandos. I think we all can learn from that post.
    @GingerPwr Great job with the steps!
    @podperson1 Sometimes the scale can be fickle, especially if you are sick. Take the NSV of your skirt as momentum for this coming week. You are doing great! Hope you are feeling better soon and check in when you are feeling up to it. xo
    @Freeglerock I am glad you checked in. It can be time consuming responding to posts so don't ever feel badly about it. So I am not a cook at all but I can speak for a few of the people I know on MFP that do. Some of them make their own recipes and enter it into the data base. Taking the time to do this makes it easier in the long run if you are interested. What my lazy butt does-I see what is in the data base already and choose the one which the calories seem the average for the recipe. If that is hard to tell, I take the one that is in the middle. I don't take the highest or the lowest (unless the most of the recipes seem to be one of those). Hope I didn't confuse you lol! Hope you are having a good day.
    @brown6267 Wow! Awesome steps!
    @Cafelelia Hope the shoulder is better by the end of the day. Sounds like you had a good day otherwise.
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    I wanted to get out for a walk yesterday, it was beautiful out but we had a little family crisis that needed to be taken care of. Some kids that needed to be put in their place. Lol. They have me under so much stress if it wasn't for that baby I would put my foot up their *kitten*. My son needs to have surgery on his hand friday. Hopefully this helps and he only needs 1 and not 3 like they think.
    My husband called told me he doesn't feel good. Thinks he has a fever and the coronavirus. I told him not to come home and he probably just has a man cold. I have a really bad headache but I think I will go to my zumba class so I dont have to listen to him for at least an hour. I know horrible wife, haha.
    I am trying to get back in a routine this week especially with the weather getting nicer.
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    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx thank you for your encouragement and support and @Cafelelia and @sleepymom5.

    It did really frighten me. I had a good day today. The morning was rough because I was tired but I toughed it out and it got better. Went to the gym in the afternoon and felt great. I carried 44lbs about 2 miles on the treadmill. I was worried I couldn't do it although it was hard it felt great. Here is to having another good day tomorrow and figuring out a monday plan. I did think I am really jonesing for sugar maybe I need a spoonful sponsor. If I can't figure it out myself I may need some counselling.

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    Week 2
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    @sleepymom5 thank you for the advice - I have put in a couple of my more regular recipes, and I really should make more of an effort (as really it is a poor excuse not to track).  I may well use your method when I find myself in that situation again.  Oh, and dab transformation photos!  Such a difference - well done!
    @cafelelia fantastic running booty! 
    @amsandos glad you are having a better day today.
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    Monday 3/9
    Food: good
    Water:64 oz
    Exercise: 30 minute session with my trainer

    I had slept really well but was still tired so after my session at the gym I got something to eat and then napped the evening away before work.

    Tuesday 3/10
    Food: good
    Water: 48 oz
    Exercise: 30 minute session with my trainer

    Today I had to get up an hour earlier than normal for my haircut appointment. The lady who cuts my hair works at her kid's school part time and does hair part time out of her home. She's going to start full time at school and change her hours for haircuts. It will be in the evenings now, which will actually be better for me since then it won't interfere with my sleep schedule.
    Since I didn't sleep enough today, I'll be napping before work again tonight.
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    I am loving the photos!!! I had a very slow weekend. Spent most of the time in bed trying to recover. Still dragging this week. My daughter wants me to go for a second opinion on heart. She’s trying to find me another doctor. Long days at work. Hope to be more active someday soon
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