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    Sat- 9,080
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    03/07 steps 6739
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    @Freeglerock That’s too crazy about you and cheesecake! At least they don’t sell cheesecake in every gas station and drug store ( I don’t think)!?!?! Lol
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    Steps Saturday 6478
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    1. Weight No More 64.0%
    2. Shrinking Assets 60.0%
    3. Trimstones 54.2%
    4. Mission Slimpossibles 52.4%
    5. Downsizers 52.2%
    6. Waist Aways 34.6%

    Congratulations WEIGHT NO MORE!!!!!
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    Saturday check in

    Happy International Women’s Day!! I had a good day yesterday and was on plan and reached my water quota. I had a really nice run yesterday and did about 2.5 km. I am taking it slow and steady with the running because the last thing I want is another reinjure. So I am not doing any crazy training, but with every run, I am upping my speed naturally and gradually. It is must more slow going per kilometre than normal, but I have shaved about a minute off each kilometre since I started about a month ago. I hope to be in somewhat regular form for my 5 km in early June. It does not have to be a personal best, but I would like to get in the ball park of some of my old running times, and just complete all of this injury free. So modest goals, but they feel great! We had early morning hockey this morning and I am so tired from those darn clocks moving forward! The weather is absolutely beautiful, plus 10 and sunny, so I am heading out for a run soon!

    Have a great Sunday everyone!

    @tryingagain5 - Max is so adorable! I did the same thing when it came to a dog. We are out so much and travel, so I did not want to get a dog. Fortunately, our neighbours all have dogs, so my boys get to be around them a lot.

    @timibotkin - More fantastic steps and good for you to try something new! Hope that you enjoy the beautiful day!

    @sleepymom5 - Hope that you are enjoying the lunch today!

    @amsandows - Amazing running pic! Thanks for posting!

    @mrsbell8well, @brown6267 and @ljdanny - Thanks for the steps!

    @Freeglerock - That’s the attitude, you just get right back in the saddle! We all fall into something like cheesecake sometimes. We have a few nice bakeries just up the street and now that my son is 13, I send him to pick up bread, so I generally avoid all of the tempting deliciousness.

    @JillyBT - It can be chilly in Northern California this time of year. Glad that you enjoyed the wedding!
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    Went on a 3 mile walk today. Its beautiful out today. I brought my granddaughter with me so I think from pushing the carriage I probably didn't get all my steps but my exercise still counts. She got grumpy towards the end and I had to carry her shes only 11 pounds but that gets heavy after half a mile. With the weather getting nicer I'm going to try and get out almost daily.
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    Hi all,

    @theresamcvean1 - I'm so sorry for your loss, sounds like your family is really going through it at the moment. Take care x
    @Mrsbell8well - the shakshuka is really nice :) Basically peppers, red onions, tinned toms, garlic, bit of cumin and paprika. I do it all together in a frying pan then make holes for the eggs, crack them straight in and cover for about 5 mins. Great for a 'just in from work, low effort' type meal. Also, while it's amazin to excel, I think it's often more motivating to be someone who is just human, who struggles sometimes, even fails, but keeps going and gets back up again xx
    @hope002 - looks like a fun group! You look fab - it feels like forever since I've dared to wear a bikini. Will have to add it to the goals list lol.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx - great photos, though that cake just looks like temptation in chocolate form >:)
    @sleepymom5 - enjoy your lunch :)
    @timibotkin - my cats are a nightmare if I'm exercising at home, they have to come investigate everything! I think there's actually dog yoga workouts on Youtube, could add your little uns in :D
    @CassieGetsFit2013 - I'm so sorry you're feeling frustrated, have def been there. The scales are baffling sometimes and let's face it often seem to make no sense - could be water weight, could be TOTM, could be strange parallel universes at play. Either way, it will come off eventually so do try and stick with it (I know sometimes I lose nothing for weeks and then it seems to drop pounds overnight). Hang in there x

    Woohoo, what a great overall loss for the week, and we're topping the boards! Congratulations to all :)

    Been a bit of a lax weekend so tbh I'm not holding out too much hope for the scales tomorrow. Stayed under calories today but friends are trying to persuade me to go out for a bit, which may be fun but def not in the diet plan!
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    And my broadband has gone again. It is the bloody printer. I printed off my swim set and it is gone.

    Kitten!. Didn't have great day fod wise but I am enjoying my work outs. Although it is TOM.

    @sleepymom5 only in the pics I let you see🤣
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    Sunday 3/8
    Food: I know I'm over just not sure how much, haven't looked up the calories for some of the things I had at my dad's for dinner. He made a few different things than we normally have when it's just the two of us.
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: 20 minutes low intensity exercise, 10 minute walk with my little doggie friend, Max

    My brother spent the night at my dad's. We both had dinner there so that was nice. My brother asked me if I had lost weight, he said it looked like I had. I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving. Too bad I don't remember what I weighed then. It was a nice compliment, especially since I've been having a little trouble the last couple of weeks, especially on the weekends.

    After dinner I went home to sleep for the afternoon. Starting work at 8:30 tonight. Really hoping the OT will slow down a little.
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
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    Well done for the win last week team! And some nice losses in here too!

    @CassieGetsFit2013 the scale is a big fat liar and you can't trust it, especially during TTOM. It is a reflection of your relationship with gravity, and when it shows a 4 lb gain that you know isn't fat, just move on. I find it helps to say a big "F you" to the scale and just go on being my awesome self. Because that number will not define me. And I keep going no matter what, eventually my weight will reflect that. Once during my epic weight loss journey of 160 lbs, I had the scale go up 6kg / 13.2 lbs overnight. And it took 3 months, yes 3 months, to go back down again. To this day I have no idea what the heck that was about. I have super accurate scales. I wanted to cry. But I kept going. And I lost another 50 lbs or so after that.
  • sleepymom5
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    Sunday 3/8
    Food: on track
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: rest day, PT and stretch

    I had a very nice lunch with my friends. We talked for over 4 hours. I ended up going back and driving around my old town and stopping in to see my uncle for a little. It was a lovely day but very long and a lot of driving. I actually had a pretty good weekend overall. I will check in again in the morning.

    Congratulations to us! Great job this week! Special congrats to @kirsten11872 (I knew you would take it all!), @Freeglerock and @podperson1 What a great start to March!
    @Cafelelia Of course you would have an early hockey game when the clocks move ahead. You are really making progress with your running. I think you are doing it the right way and it will pay off down the road.
    @timibotkin That yoga session must have been funny with the dogs getting involved lol! Hope you were able to get out for a nice walk.
    @tryingagain5 Max is so cute! It is so nice that you walk him for your neighbors.
    @ljdanny It is so nice you could get out today and even bring your granddaughter with you. It will be nice to start having nicer weather.
    @CassieGetsFit2013 Don't let the scale derail you, just keep doing what you are doing. It is probably because of the TOM and you will have a nice drop next week.
    @podperson01 Hope you were able to go out and have fun!
    @amsandos Oh no! I hopIe it gets fixed soon! I am glad to hear your workouts are going well
    @tryingagain5 It is so nice that your brother noticed your weight loss. In November you started at 193.6 and ended the month at 189.4. If you want me to send you the rest of the weights I can. Hope you had a good night at work.
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx It is nice that we have another supportive member!
  • xX_PhoenixRising_Xx
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    Checking in for Monday 9th - food tracked and under, water 2 L, exercise 55 minutes of spin bike and elliptical, split between 5.30am before work and 6pm after work.

    I really need to find time to comment on individual posts in here but I'm finding myself so busy. Suddenly all four of my kids have extracurricular activities and two have jobs reffing basketball as well, and I'm either working, fitting in a work-out (very important!!) or being mum's taxi service!

    It's 11pm and alarm will go off at 5.30am to get son to basketball talent program at 6.15... I'm trying to convince hubby that he should take son so that I can get into the gym instead! But to be fair this is twice per week and I made him go both times last week. 😆 Still, I'd rather be in my gym!

    Have a good, positive day everyone!

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