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  • ljdanny
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    Week 1
    Pw 188.8
    Cw 190
  • ljdanny
    ljdanny Posts: 2,074 Member
    Going in the wrong direction and I even meal prepped all week. Had my epidural shot on Monday, i think i had a little reaction to it. Today I was going to go for a walk but I got the worst cramp in my neck I'm waiting for it to pass. I didn't sleep well last night and have a slight headache.
  • JillyBT
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    Thursday Check in
    On track for food but I still have dinner in a while
    Exercise still limited, toe feeling slightly better, going to work out with a trainer tomorrow. So looking forward

    Tuesday: 10,412
    Thursday: not over yet

    @CassieGetsFit2013 Have you tried foam rolling? When I had PT years ago, they suggested it for my knees. Rolling out my thighs (front, sides and back) were painful but really helped my knee
  • sleepymom5
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    edited March 2020
    daily check in
    food Logged and under
    water 88 oz
    exercise PT, Stretching and strength

    I ended up not walking Charlie today so I planned to go on the treadmill in the basement after dinner. I went down and got my PT workout done and then felt sick to my stomach. I am still not feeling too good so I am going to head up to bed early. Other than not exercising, I had a good day. So happy that I am out of that rut I was in. Hitting the hay early. I will see you all in the morning :)

    @Mrsbell8well Glad things are going well at work! :)
    @Cassiegetsfit You will get use to the walk. It sounds like a great situation for you. Enjoy it plus getting fit at the same time. Getting fit won't hurt. You will feel better with less weight on your bones and joints.
    @hope002 Wow! What a difference and on vacation! Awesome my friend!
    @phoebe112476 I hope all is well. I know you are busy but check in when you get a chance.
    @podperson1 I am glad you are having a better day today. Sounds like you are doing well with food and that class sounds amazing! I hope you can work something out so you can stay at your gym!
    @Freeglerock I am sorry, I should have known that Lol! Ugh! Thank you for clearing that up.
    @kirsten11872 You have really turned things around! March is your month girl!! I am sorry to hear about your son. I hope you find a counselor for him to see. It took about 2 tries before Mary Kate found one she liked. Hugs my friend.
    @ljdanny I am sorry you are not feeling well. I was hoping that the shot would give you some relief. Great job prepping your food for the week too.
    @amsandos I am glad you are enjoying your swimming sessions. I like the idea that you had to have some healthy snacks available so you can eat them instead of other sweets. I also think it is a great idea to have them in your car if you think you won't eat the stuff at work instead of going to your car. I might just say I don't feel like going out there and eat what was closer. Hopefully the car will work for you. Can you buy the individual packs of nuts? Nuts are healthy but they are very easy to overeat. It is hard when you try to avoid sweets and then are given stuff for your little one. Does that happen a lot? Maybe you can put it right into your pocketbook or a brief case so you don't have it out tempting you. Sounds like you have a good plan for tomorrow. It sounds like you feel guilty about taking a break. I think your body is telling you need to take one and have lunch. You need it to refuel for the rest of the day. No worries about the long post, like I said earlier, I am glad you are posting again :)
    @GingerPwr I don't blame you for having what your husband made Lol! Sounds delicious. I also think with not having lunch, everything else seemed to balance out. Sometimes life throws a few curve balls at you. I hope you were able to sort everything out with the students. Great job keeping your lenten commitment! I am sure some days are harder than others
    @JillyBT Great job with your steps. I am glad your toe is improving. Sounds like you are having a good day!
  • sleepymom5
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    Spring it forward challenge


    Food For Thought Friday - Share your favourite recipe!

    Post a pic or actual screenshot of the recipe, or just of the food itself! Just write out the receipt if you prefer!

    You can post here, on the link or both!

    Here is the link-

  • JillyBT
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    Thursday steps 9,597
  • Freeglerock
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    This is our favourite recipe for the familyf6elb5zlv57p.jpg
    . It is one that I cut out of a weightwatcher magazine many many years ago. Must admit, we do add chorizo, and more recently been adding peas sometimes instead of the beans.
  • Fi45
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    I’m so sorry, I forgot to weigh this morning. I’ll post results tomorrow xx
  • Freeglerock
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    Thursday steps 8,329
  • rosieposiesrl
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    Weigh-In Day: Friday
    Week #: 1
    PW: 65.75 Kg / 144.95 lbs
    CW: 65.30 Kg / 143.96 lbs

    Check-In: For The Week
    Food: Went Over In Calories This Week, But Ended Well!
    Water: On Track
    Exercise: Lawn Mowing; Treadmill; Dumbells & Squats

    Wow, that was good timing – I lost 800 grams overnight! I really thought the weight was going to keep increasing this week cuz I went heaps over in calories but I'm okay with that as I am in the process of adjusting to a new super strict diet & my health is really bad at the moment physically but hoping it keeps improving this week… Although the exercise really does help on my slightly better days, I am taking it easy on the bad days cuz my body scares me recently. From last week on I'm doing everything I can to control my diabetes (so no fruit etc & getting closer n closer to a vegan keto diet to cure my diabetes) & seriously avoid stress at all costs cuz I'm running on fumes in an empty tank.
    One step at a time! I'm doing really well adjusting - I think some serious relaxation & hermit-ness is in order!

    I’m getting excited again – can’t wait to get even closer to my goal!! 8.3 Kg to go… when I get to 63.5 Kg / 140 lbs I’ll be half way there!

    Thanks everyone for the awesome support, it really does make all the difference! Greatly appreciated, more than you know!!!

    Have a Wonderful weekend everyone!
  • brown6267
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    03/05 steps 3917
  • Cafelelia
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    PW - 150.3
    CW - 150.0

    Ok, this is slow, but I will take it! I have to leave soon to drive to my Mom, who lives about 90 minutes away. I have a meeting with her and her bank and will take over her finances as PoA today. She has been very independent until now and still is, but she wants this arrangement as a safeguard. So, I have to run. Yesterday was a good one and I was on plan, water and exercise. It was best friend day at my house with the strike, so just more general chaos than usual. Have a great Friday everyone!
  • Cafelelia
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    I love to bake as well as cook. This is one of my favorite baking recipes for muffins from Skinny Taste (I love her recipes, they are healthy and they always work!). My kids love them and so do I. This recipe is so adaptable and you can switch out ingredients. You can use all purpose flour instead of cake flour, less sugar, berries instead of chocolate chips, entire eggs instead of egg whites and change up the flour for gluten free, playing with the wet to dry proportions a bit.
  • lennoncpa
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    Username: lennoncpa
    Weigh in Week: week 1
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous weight: 138.1
    Today's weight: 137.3
    Weekly Steps: 64,983
  • sleepymom5
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    I am so happy for another loss this week! I am starting out March strong! I also don't see an end in sight. I am feeling positive and am ready to keep this rolling!

    @JillyBT Nice stepping! Do you mind re posting your steps for Sunday and Monday? I have Sunday as 4892 and no number for Monday. Sorry, I did look back through the thread but couldn't find it.
    @Freeglerock That recipe looks delicious! I love one that is tried and true. It sounds like it is something that is definitely in your dinner rotation.
    @Fi45 No problem! Thank you for telling us. Be sure to post tomorrow as Sunday is a new week. Hope all is going well :)
    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Sounds like you are still doing well even with your pain. I am glad you are still taking the steps you need to stay on track although I know it isn't easy. I am sure your son appreciates that you went on the trip so he could go. That sounds like a fun trip that he would have had to miss. If he doesn't appreciate it now, he will when he gets older. I forgot what a good baker you are! I remember you making some pretty awesome cakes in the past. Happy 15 to your son! Is he your oldest? Hugs and hope you are feeling better soon.
    @rosiesposiesrl Nice loss! I am glad the scale was in your favor and you ended the week strong. I am not sure how often you check in but I am going to ask anyway. Why are you are going on a super restrictive diet? I know you have diabetes but I don't think that you need to be too restrictive. Maybe you can meet with a nutritionist or dietician? I am sure your doctor can recommend one. I know you need to eat differently since you have that diagnosis. Do you really want to be vegan and keto? If so, that is great. Keep it going. I like that you are making small steps to get there. If you don't think that is really what you want and if you are having a hard time with adjusting to the restrictions why don't you sit down and really focus on what you want and where you want to be. Make some changes but stuff you will be able to do. If you need to dial back on the carbs, start with the bread,pasta and sweets, once you get that down, cut back on the fruit and potatoes etc. I can't really say too much because I don't know what you eat now and I don't know what your sugars are like. That is why I recommended a dietician or nutritionist. I just know it is harder to stick to a plan that is too restrictive. It also may help to make your diet not be another thing you are stressing over. Maybe try to make a plan that you are willing to live with the rest of your life that also takes into consideration your diabetes and make some changes to move towards that. These are just things for you consider if the restrictions aren't working. Like I said, you may be happy with going vegan and keto and that is absolutely fine. It is whatever works for you. I just want you to know there are other options out there. Hugs my friend. I know it isn't easy. Hope you start feeling better soon too. Have a great week. xo
    @Cafelelia I am glad you are making those changes while your mom is still independent. My mom wouldn't let my brother be involved but thankfully had him as POA. She went 6 months without paying bills and no one knew it. We were lucky water and electric was on automatic bill pay. Her lawn person still cut the grass even though she wasn't paying. I will never forget her. What an awesome person. Good luck with everything. Love the muffin recipe. I think I am going to get on my phone and screen shot some of these recipes. I also like the idea of throwing in berries too!
    @lennoncpa You have been doing so well! Another nice loss! Guess tax season is agreeing with you!
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