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  • Good afternoon,
    I have been warrior fasting for roughly a month now and I feel that I am having a positive outcome thus far.

    Who has done the warrior 20:4 fasting and how long have you lived that life style?
  • Hi I’m not really set on what kinda of fasting I’m going to be constant with but I would most definitely hear how you feel about 20:4 I might consider that one.
  • steelman0077
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    New to Intermittent Fasting. Not going lie - it's tough! But I am Type 2 diabetic, so this is my last ditch effort before going on insulin.
  • shanda_jean
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    Tell us

    1. How long you have been fasting? I've done different kinds in the past and didn't stick with them because I found things about them i didn't like - the 16:8, the OMAD and the 20:4. I just started ADF and am on my 2nd week and really liking it!
    2. What questions do you have?
    - Is there anyone here who had only 20-30 lbs to lose and how long did it take you to reach your goal? And please let me know if you exercised or not. Doesn't matter to me which kind of fasting you did. Thank you.

  • AmLyWe
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    Hi there fellow IFers! I started IF Mid-Jan 2020 and have lost 3# since then, but 20# overall! I plan on 16:8 but have gone as long as 19 hours... not eating at hour 16 unless I'm ready to eat. With Type 2 Diabetes in my family I've go to get myself in line so I don't end up down the same path!
  • candicemarquart
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    Hi everyone!

    I have been IF for about a week. I shoot for 18:6, but end up more like 16:8. I struggle in the evening...any tips?
  • Desikudinspain
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    Good going. Im starting tomorrow -its brfast at noon, lunch at 1600. & dinner at 8 pm for me. Hope I stick to it.
  • Desikudinspain
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    Today I wanted to excercise in ketosis mode before breaking my fast, and I was too weak to continue. I had to stop to have breakfast. Any update on resisting that phase and doing excercise on fasting mode would be appreciated as Ive heard that's when excercise is most effective- in fasting phase.
  • msannarichey
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    edited May 2020
    Hiya! I'm 39 y.o. and am about 10 pounds into a 40 pound weight loss goal. I just started IF about a week ago and am doing the 15:9 plan. I am using the Simple App (free version) and like it, but I really want to hear real-world experience with fasting. I can't think of any specific questions I have atm, but I'm sure I'll have lots soon :smile:
  • msannarichey
    msannarichey Posts: 18 Member
    Today I wanted to excercise in ketosis mode before breaking my fast, and I was too weak to continue. I had to stop to have breakfast. Any update on resisting that phase and doing excercise on fasting mode would be appreciated as Ive heard that's when excercise is most effective- in fasting phase.

    Could you just reschedule your exercise time to the afternoon after your fast is already over, or adjust your eating times to start in the morning and end in the afternoon?
  • Slightlyoffbalance
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    Hi! I started IF 16/8 & 20/4 with an occasional 24 hour fast in February. I've lost 29 pounds since I started. I also stick to the Keto lifestyle. As long as I log my food, I do GREAT, but once I stop, I snack way too often and get in more calories than I'd like. It has been a slow and steady pace, but a great journey so far.
  • annie5904
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    Hi Everyone
    I am new to the group but not to IF. I am starting back on it after a break. I just drifted away from it. It is the best eating plan I have ever done.
    I feel so much better and am lighter when I do 16/8.
    I do not eat meat or dairy but occasionally have fish.
    I am looking forward to doing I F again and hopefully losing some weight
  • Luckee_me
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    Hi all,
    I started fasting 10/1/19 and lost 50 pounds some time in 2019 I’m going to say most of it was after I started fasting.(didn’t weigh from 1/1-12/3) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  
    I started clean fasting 1/1/20 and have lost 36 pounds since then. I try to do OMAD, but it’s usually one bigger meal and then a snack when my window is about to close. Almost always 20:4 but sometimes it’s 22:2.

    I don’t really have any questions at this point.

  • aschroeder2749
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    I've been fasting for about 3 weeks - 16:8. I'm doing this in conjunction with a low carb diet and am seeing results. I don't really have any questions right now, but it's great to meet everyone!
  • froeschli
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    Hello! I've just started Tuesday (uh, 3 days ago) as my husband is in hospital and can't tell me i am being silly ;-) hoping i can make it a habit before he comes back.
    I'm working on doing +-16/8, quit eating around 7-8pm and start eating about noon.
    Having a hard time not to snack on things, like when i cut up cheese as a reward for my dog, or put away leftovers at the end of the day. It's all about paying attention. that is why i am back on MFP, to be more aware of what i eat and my calorie intake.
  • jennaatsuad
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    About two years ago, I was consistently doing IF (a mix of 20:4 and OMAD, depending on my schedule, with the occasional 24- or 36-hour fast thrown in). I was doing really well on my weight loss even without tracking, and I just FELT better. Then I became a teacher while still going to grad school and I was just in survival mode - cue gaining back most of what I lost. With COVID and teaching from home, I've gained an additional 30 pounds and now weigh more than I have my whole life. I'm 46 years old, so these pounds are no joke and losing them will not be easy, but I'm so tired of being tired, and of getting out of breath from even the most basic activities. I want to go back to school and be able to PLAY with my students! Friday was my "Oh crap, this is bad" moment, and I've been doing 16:8 each day since. Today I'm doing 17:7, and will slowly work my way back to 20:4. I've already lost about 6 pounds of the water weight I've gained, and have set my first mini-goal to lose my "COVID 30" and be able to start walking for exercise. I'm counting on IF to help me feel better in my body, increase my energy level again, and together with tracking what I eat, really help me with the slow metabolism that comes with getting older.
  • aprilgicker
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    fHello, I am starting my IF lifestyle today. No matter how hard try I cannot lose weight and keep it off. So I am going to reset insulin resistance. The idea makes good sense. Truly more sense than starving on 1200 calories exercising to eat food only be hungrier. It is just so exhausting and heartbreaking. I had no issues with weight until children. I would eat healthy but always put on an amazing amount of weight. I believe the small meals all day really messed up my sugars. By the time I had my last child I reached a postpartum of 200lbs. For 10 years have battled So I’m here now hopefully to get to the bottom these issues...
  • magster4isu
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    Hello -

    I have been doing intermittent fasting for 1 day. I had been debating trying this for a while and decided to go for it and try through at least the end of July, then decide from there if this is something I want to continue.

    My first question - I have decided on 16:8 IF. My normal feed window will be between 10am and 6pm. There is one day a week that I won't be able to have dinner until 6:30 so I want my window to end at 7. My plan is to fast from 6pm to 11am (17 hours) the night before then have my 8 hour feed window. My question is how to get back on schedule. Is it better to fast the full 16 from 7-11 and only have a 7 hour feed window the next day, or do I only fast the 15 hours and go back to my 8 hour (10-6) window? Or does it even matter that much which way I choose?

  • Gaygirl2120
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    Today is fasting day 1 for me. I wanted to ask if things like the 10 calories in my preworkout or the stevia I put in my coffee is ok during my fasting period? Thanks! I’m sure I’ll have way more questions in the future.
  • pmastro724
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    Hi! I started I.F. on July 16 (so almost two weeks) I am doing 16:8. I wanted to know if any females had any "time of the month related issues" sorry TMI. I had my period two weeks ago - I always had a normal cycle. I just got my period again yesterday :-( [sorry again for too much info] but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Also, is anyone using the app Zero?