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    @lennoncpa I saw this yesterday and thought of you. 6u6idzpjtbr0.png

    Omg that’s too funny!! @1theresamcvean
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    Weigh in Friday
    PW 219.2
    CW 217.2

    Didn’t get to post yesterday after the pipeline I kinda crashed for the night. I burned almost 4,000 calories yesterday and did 7.79 miles according to my Fitbit 🙃 I did get a lot done and will have about 2 miles left on Tuesday. It is funny I’ve been doing this career for three years and I get a lot of exercise with it but it proves how you can’t always outwork bad food. And the days I spend mostly driving I was terrible about snacking all day long.

    Both me and the fiancé are off for the three day weekend which is amazing normally one of us works on the holiday. So waiting a little bit and going to have a late brunch at the mom and pop breakfast/lunch joint in town it’s our weekly thing. I may go hiking with a co worker tomorrow it’s funny we walk for our job and still love to hike in our free time.

    Here are two pics from the pipeline I thinks it’s a really beautiful area and a fun adventure walking though the back areas


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    Check in for Friday
    Food-logged and over
    Water-64 oz
    Exercise-30 min Leslie Sansone video and PT

    As you all know, I have been trying to figure out my hunger scale and my overeating. I really think this is the key to me losing weight and why I gained so much in the first place. The day went well until dinner. We had a really nice evening. We took a boat ride to "Twisties" for dinner. Doesn't that just sound fun?! I love that name. Twisties is a restaurant that you can pull up with your boat (or your friend's boat in my case lol!) It is a rustic looking place, nothing fancy. They serve mostly bar food. I was ready in my head for dinner. I have been much better at paying attention to how I am feeling when I eat lately. In the past, I used to forget until I was already stuffed so I am making progress there. First stumbling block, I don't know why but I didn't look at a menu first. I actually have been great about deciding what to eat before I go to restaurants but I wasn't last night. I did know Twisties doesn't have many healthy options. More of a reason to plan I know but I didn't. My second stumbling block was Nachos. They ordered nachos for the table. I didn't do too badly but ate more than I should have. I justified eating them because I never have nachos. I find that if I am honest with myself, if I eat an appetizer, I don't have much room for dinner. Even a healthy appetizer. I had a side salad which I had half because I could feel myself filling up. My main course was Linguini and clams. I was all in on not over eating and I only had about 1/4 of my meal. My third stumbling block was I had bread to soak up the sauce which I also didn't need. Although I did stop, I must of over estimated my fullness because I was stuffed at the end. So not my best dinner out but at least I learned a few things. Planning is important. I need to also plan what I am going to do in certain situations like if we are sharing appetizers. I really think I should say no most of the times. I think if I have salad and an appetizer, I am satisfied. If I want to eat my meal, I need to watch what I am eating before. I think if I had planned and still ended up ordering what I did, I wouldn't have had the nachos and I would have limited the bread. I would have had more time to think about it. I am the girl who used to eat everything from soup to nuts. I thought I had a huge appetite. It is really strange to think that if I have an appetizer, I won't be hungry for dinner. Those of you who have been on this team with me for a while may remember when I went to dinner with a group of neighbors down here (last year I think, at the shore) and noticed how much more I ate than everyone else. It was a group of about 6 couples and I did my usual mindless eating but for some reason at the end noticed how much I ate compared to everyone else. I also ate way faster too. It was an eye opener. That is what lead me to where I am now and why I am doing this. I was kinda paying attention to hunger among everything else but it has really helped me to focus on it the past few months. I am learning a lot.

    Ok, that was a tangent but hopefully someone will get something from it Lol! It is a beautiful day at the shore too. I am looking forward to getting out there and enjoying it. Have a great weekend everyone!

    @annliz23 Wow! What a workout! Great job my friend!
    @lennoncpa It is beautiful! Have a great weekend!
    @tryingagain5 I like you goals for the month. Keeping it simple is important while you are getting back into a routine. I am glad you are going to be able to get back with your trainer.
    @1theresamcvean I love the yoga pics! They are so cute! You are in a spot where I guess the scale doesn't matter as much as how your clothes are fitting. Do you need to lose more or are you at a spot that you won't lose while your body is adjusting and then start back? I have never gotten to that point. One of these day though!
    @lenka1 Your little one is starting kindergarten! I am glad she likes it. You are right-women are powerful creatures! We just have to remember that! I also love that post! So true! Have a great weekend!
    @mainebeachbum You really have been consistent. Give yourself a pat on the back. The 3 mile walking route sounds nice, except the walking along the road portion. Hopefully it is a quiet road.
    @Zumba_Luvah Wow! That is awesome! I hear (not experienced myself) that sometimes you have a big drop. This must be that for you. You have been doing so well so I am happy for you! What is your goal weight? You must be getting close!
    @Melzz19 Well I can certainly see why you crashed yesterday! Wow! I am glad that you both got off for the long weekend! Hope it is a great one! Nice loss this week too!
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    Wow! Those are beautiful pictures!

    I agree, I've had a previous trainer tell me "you can't outtrain a bad diet"

    It's nice that both you and your fiance are both off. Enjoy your breakfast and enjoy your time off.
  • tryingagain5
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    It's funny how we know what to do but don't do, even as we continue doing what we know isn't helpful for us. Not sure why we do that. You'd think we'd learn to get it straight and do what's helpful all the time. Of course, if we did all that we wouldn't have a problem in the first place.😉

    It does sound like you learned a lot while reflecting.

    Thanks, I figured if I kept my goals simple, I'm more likely to meet them. I'm really glad I'll get to work with my trainer again too. Hopefully he can whip me into shape again soon!😁
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    Thank you. I dont really have a goal in mind that I want to get to. Really whatever happens, im happy with.
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    Friday check in
    Quick post because I have to get going. I had a good day yesterday and stuck to my plan. I need to ramp up exercise this coming week, which should be an interesting challenge as it is a busy one. Happy Labour Day Weekend!

    @lennoncpa - I love your house, the new paint colour is awesome!
    @theresamcvean - Your grandkids are so cute doing yoga!
    @Melz19 - Really lovely photos!
    @sleepymom5 - Really great how mindful you were during that meal and the lessons that you took away from it.
    @Zumba_Luvah - Wow! Congratulations!
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    Weigh in
    PW 222.4
    CW 218.6
  • hope002
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    PW 172.0
    CW 176.1

    TOM and a party last weekend 😔😔😞😞
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    Hi all,

    @lennoncpa - I love your house, it's just beautiful <3

    @annliz23 - woot, fab workout - stick with it :)

    @tryingagain5 - glad you're going to be able to get back to the gym soon, know you've missed it. It's so hard when you have a routine that's been working for you and then it all gets taken away x

    @1theresamcvean - I sometimes find if I've been stuck around the same weight for a while even though am doing what I should be then it can help to change things up a little for a week or two - for example maybe try 5:2 or IF for a week? I don't know if it works for everyone but I find it seems to shake up my metabolism a bit and can kick start the loss again. Though that said, if your measurements are still going down then maybe it's just saving up for a drop lol.

    @Zumba_Luvah - woohoo, fantastic loss!

    @Melzz19 - that looks beautiful, gorgeous weather as well <3

    @sleepymom5 - I'm really loving your 'hunger journey', it's def something I struggle with as well but am trying to be more mindful of - and I agree, it's amazing looking back how much I could eat even though I see now that I wasn't 'hungry'. At least your dinner was a learning experience. I must admit I love nachos and it's so easy to overdo it on them. There's a place in town that does THE best nachos I've ever had ever (it's know for it) but they only come in two sizes - giant and extra giant. Like the giant one is a literal tower and serves 3-4 people!!

    @kandi3570 - woot, fab loss :)

    Well, sadly my decent sleep didn't last past a day lol. TOTM has decided to hit me hard (I have very bad periods and am normally on the injection to control them, but with my doctors only really taking emergencies it's run out), so lack of sleep last night due to pain pretty much everywhere and didn't feel up to my zumba class this morning. Managed a few yoga poses and they do actually help a little. Thankfully I don't have chocolate in the house and don't want to go out to the shop :D Think will be a lazy day cuddling the cats and hopefully sticking to my cals at least.

  • 1theresamcvean
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    @podperson1 A lazy day cuddling cats sounds lovely. Maybe some flavourful tea and soup can help you stay on your cals. Hugs.
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    Weigh-in day:Saturday
    Previous weight:157.8
    Current weight:157.8
  • 1theresamcvean
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    Username: jedaschultz
    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW (Previous Weight): 202.4
    CW (Current Weight): 203.2

    I'm late in posting this week. Plus I'm not starting off the new month very well, but I have gone to the gym every day this week and have been writing everything down. Here's to a new month and a new start.

    Hi Debbie, Thinking about your slight gain (more of a maintain), I wonder if it's because you were at the gym every day. I'm no expert but have learned from @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx and @minstrelofsarcasm that the gym can cause water weight because your muscles are healing (I feel like I might have that wrong) and also perhaps your building some muscle. Keep going! Hugs.
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    I didn’t do well yesterday I was under my steps by 1400 and only at 940 calorie and that because I forced myself to have a banana before bed. It was a busy day as usual. I’m trying to catch up on the chat. I worked a few hours this morning and then we’ve been working on the patio. I’m on a break but I’m headed back out in a few.
    I probably won’t get my steps in this weekend but I can tell you my shoulders are burning so I’ll definitely build some muscle. 😁
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    Weigh in day!

    Well after I said I was going to have a gain, I actually ended up with a tiny loss. I will take it!

    Last weight - 161.2
    Current weight - 161.0
    Loss- .2
    Total weight loss of 58.4

  • tryingagain5
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    Thanks! I really have missed the gym. I had a good routine with it. Not being able to go did mess with my momentum. Not that I couldn't do workouts at home. For some reason it's better for me to actually leave the house and workout. I generally workout harder at the gym than at home. Probably from being around others who are also working out hard.

    Hope you start feeling better and get some decent sleep again.
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    PW 280.8
    CW 284.6

    I’ve had a really hard time getting in the app this week. I also struggled this week. We were on vacation the first half, we went to Rocky Gap Casino Resort in MD. I love it there. It is absolutely beautiful but the restaurants are not the greatest. And there isn’t anywhere close to go grab something. I guess one good thing to take away from the week is I have been doing about an hours worth of cardio everyday, and also some lifting.
    You would think this would be simple, just don’t put bad crap in your mouth and swallow... Geeeesh if only!!!!!
    I hope everyone’s doing well and has a great holiday here in the states!
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    Username: jedaschultz
    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW (Previous Weight): 202.4
    CW (Current Weight): 203.2

    I'm late in posting this week. Plus I'm not starting off the new month very well, but I have gone to the gym every day this week and have been writing everything down. Here's to a new month and a new start.

    Hi Debbie, Thinking about your slight gain (more of a maintain), I wonder if it's because you were at the gym every day. I'm no expert but have learned from @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx and @minstrelofsarcasm that the gym can cause water weight because your muscles are healing (I feel like I might have that wrong) and also perhaps your building some muscle. Keep going! Hugs.

    @jedaschultz and @1theresamcvean -

    Theresa is correct! When you work out, you're creating small tears in your muscles. In order to repair these small tears, your body needs protein and water. While they're being repaired, your body holds onto more water, because some of that water is being used to restore your muscles (in the presence of enough protein) or build them stronger (in the presence of excess protein). There's also a few billion ways for water weight to occur.

    I'm sure I've written a rant on it somewhere. I can find it, if anyone is interested in the science of water retention.

    @timibotkin -

    You may also be a victim of water retention! Excess salts and sugars, a common occurrence in restaurant food, require more water to be processed through the body. Do what you can - you know you have the ability to work off any bad food decisions anyway!
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    Week 1
    PW: 172.7
    CW: 173.6 (Weds weigh in)
    LTD: 44.9

    Not surprised at all. Was my daughter's birthday on Tuesday so that led to 4 days of less than stellar eating (and maybe a little drinking) in extended celebrations! Also the cake I made was a doll cake, so had lots of carved off pieces most of which ended up in my tummy...

    Weight has reduced a little since then, but my efforts to keep away from the cake are failing. This weight loss lark is a lot easier without cake in the house! Hoping the kids finish it tomorrow!

    This past week has been hectic with the birthday, Ben back at school and Violet starting school, and work has been really busy (looks like the project I am working on has resulted in me getting a new job role). Looks like it has been super busy here to - lots for me ro catch up on. Hoping you are all doing well xx
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