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    KUMEcyclingteam (BJ)

    Weigh in day Friday
    Previous weight 210.0
    Current weight 210.0
    LTD is at 40

    Steps for the week:
    Friday 3,568
    Saturday 13,212
    Sunday 14,822
    Monday 7,995
    Tuesday 6,234
    Wednesday 10,288
    Thursday 5,939

    For a grand total of 62,058
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    @ljdanny Must be that you are healthy and are recovering so well! Hope you heal quickly and get back on your feet!
  • brown6267
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    10/09 steps 9263

    Maintenance weight 133.8
  • tryingagain5
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    edited October 2020

    I hope you will have a good Thanksgiving.

    Hopefully your son will do better with the change in teacher and room. Sometimes that's all it takes.

    Apparently it's not just as simple as going to day shift. I found out yesterday that there are 8 or 9 people from other areas wanting the position. I have to go through an interview process first. It seems strange that I have to have an interview for a job in a department I'm already in.( I've been in the same department for the last 5 years, a little over 2 of those years in my current building)

    I'm pretty bad at interviewing so we'll see how it goes. My boss didn't even know we had to go through all that.

    So there is still a possibility that I end up staying on nights. You're right, I did consider finding a day job and do still sometimes consider it. Not sure what I'll do if I end up staying on nights. The pay and benefits are decent and I don't really want to have to take a pay cut going to a new job. It would be a lot to think about.
  • tryingagain5
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    edited October 2020
    Thanks! It's still kind if stressful but getting better. I have to go through a whole interview process before anything will happen.

    It is strange that so many health things are "idiopathic" like you said. My body never has the typical symptoms for anything so I never fit into a simple category for health issues.

    I hope you were able to have a good Thanksgiving,even with it being strange and different.

    Sorry you aren't able to be with your daughter during her surgery. Hugs.
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    GingerPwr wrote: »
    @KUMEcyclingteam great stepping!
    @kandi3570 good loss!

    Felt really bad yesterday, so I barely moved or ate anything. Today's better, so I'm determined to do some light cardio to get myself back into the habit of working out.

    I'm getting up.
    Any minute now.
    Gonna do it...


    Hope you continue to feel better.

    I've been awake since 6 but haven't gotten dressed yet and it's after 9.🤣
    I have been doing laundry so I have accomplished something but I guess I should probably get dressed sometime.😁
  • Cuddleme72
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    Week 1
    Weigh in day Saturday
    PW 306
    CW 303.8
    LTD 2.2
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    Hi all, weight in day.
    Going ape
    Last week. 155.8
    This week. 154.2
    Loss of 1.6
    Loss to date 65.2

    Feeling like I will be up after the giant meal I am planning for Sunday. Lol. I am going to enjoy the day and not mind the calories.

    I’m other news, it was time for bra shopping. I had last bought two bras at The Bay in July and I did great with hitting a sale. I alway like having two; a nude colour and a gray/black colour. This time I went to Walmart and had a really hard time finding what I needed. I did come out of the store with one bra but ugh it was a process. Lucky that they had the change rooms still open tho. I am down a cup size but the band size was still the same.

    I joined a mfp healthy habit group and will be making October’s focus to update my journal each day.
    Debating if next months goal is coming up with a good way to track my water...how does everyone here keep track of their water intake?

    @GingerPwr hope you are feeling better today!

    Also joining the step challenge this month and will post my numbers shortly.
  • GingerPwr
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    I'm so glad your mammogram was good! Been thinking about you a lot.
  • tryingagain5
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    Thank you! Me too! I tried not to think about it too much because what you imagine is always worse than the actual outcome.

    Thanks for all your thoughts.

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    @Melzz19 hope this week will be better for you
  • kiane50
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    @tryingagain5 thank goodness it came out all right
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