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    @KUMEcyclingteam OMG I want a Maine Coon. When I lived in Australia there used to be one that lived between my house and the gym. I would walk to the gym and it would come out and love me half to death every time.

    Bazinga is my boy above. He's half Bengal, half Burmese, all attitude, and 16.5 lbs.
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    So now to figure how to favorite this thread so I can find it again more easily.

    @kandi3570 and anyone else who wants to know how to favorite:

    On the main page for the group, scroll all the way down to Discussions and click on the star next to the thread you want to favorite.

    Then, whenever you're on the Community page, you'll see notifications when anyone adds anything to the thread:

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    10/05 steps 9613
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    Hi all,

    @1theresamcvean - aww, thank you! The paw prints were a nightmare to get - one of my boys was really not having it lol!

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx - thank you! Yup, I am def a crazy cat person. It was funny as there was another woman in for some of the same time as me and we were chatting a bit - she was saying she has a doggie she loves but possibly not enough to go through that much pain :D Always love seeing your kitties - and I think all housecats are overly spoiled, we can't help it lol.

    @KUMEcyclingteam - Ricko is just gorgeous! I had to giggle at MYKitnessPal - I would totally sign up for that.

    @debbiewsharpe - aww, what a beautiful girl. I actually had a similar story with my girl - a friend found her adandoned as a tiny kitten in the middle of nowhere. Had her for 16 years and she got me through so many hard times, I've had others since and love them all, but she was super special - hence why I got the full portrait of her while the others were pawprints. I can understand that reluctance to get another pet - it was a tough decision for me when we lost her - but the house felt very empty with no furry paws running around.

    @ljdanny - hope all goes well - thinking of you x

    Back on the wagon the last 2 days. Had a plant burger with salad for dinner - it was nice but had to get a different kind of dressing as my normal one was out of stock at the store and realised when I went to use it today that it's def higher cals. Need to remember to go super easy with it now lol. Trying to work up some energy to do zumba tonight and then will chill watching Bake Off - and drool at all the cakes I'm not allowed :D
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    Hey everyone im a little but late posting but excited to be here!

    My name is Marcy, I'm 30 a full time student and mom to a 3 year old who keeps me busy and two dogs from Toronto.

    My weight has always been very up and down and im hoping to lose some pounds while staying consistent. Before I had my son I weighed around 125lbs and jumped to 180. I lost 45 lbs last year before covid and made it to my goal weight but quickly went back up being home all the time after being layed off work. I am currently at 155 lbs and am looking to lose atleast 10 lbs this month, I go to orange theory 3-4x weekly and absolutely love it
    My goals are to walk more every day as im currently really only being active if i actually go to the gym and really work on my diet, less fast food etc.

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    This was my Mollie, we had her for 161/2 years. She was pitched out of a truck into a nearby swamp, Larry just happened to ride by and see her. At the time we were talking about getting another pet but had not totally decided. He walked through the back door with this little puppy in his arms and said "I think I have found what we need." It was love at first sight for both of us. She rode with him in the truck everywhere he went from then on. She curled up with me on the couch every night. We haven't had the heart to get another pet yet.

    What a pretty dog. <3
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    Check in for last few days
    Not doing very well on food. Have been stress eating. Yes, I know that's not good. Too bad I don't have have the opposite of not eating when stressed.🤔😊. I know the scale will be up.

    Water: not enough
    Exercise: none , not allowed to go to the gym right now per doctor's office. I could have done some upper body exercises but didn't do that either.

    I've been working on the line I would be on if I get to go to 1st shift. It's a fast line and I'm having a lot of trouble keeping up. It will go well for a while and then I get behind and end up needing someone to help me catch up. Not sure that I will get that help on 1st. My coworkers are telling me I'm doing fine with it but I'm having second thoughts about it. I would be stressed every single day and I'm not sure it's worth it. I do need to remember that before Friday night I only did that line once or twice before so maybe it's just a matter of more practice. I know the bosses on 1st want someone who is confident and can keep up. The way I feel right now is that they wouldn't even want me because of all the trouble I'm having. I plan on talking with my boss about it.
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    I talked with a close family friend this weekend about my mammogram and that I have to go for more tests. She asked if it was a certain tech that did it and I said yes. She told me another of her friends had the same tech and had a bad experience to the point of making a complaint.

    Now I'm thinking that the tech didn't get very good images. I told her about the cyst that I've had since before 2012 and where it was. The tech I had for the last several years always made sure to get good pictures so I wouldn't have to go back.

    Hopefully that's the case.
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    I'm Linda

    I'm not married and don't have kids but have 3 grown nephews who are married.

    I've been on this team since October 2019. Thank you to all who have encouraged me! It has been helpful.

    I have two great nieces, one who is 20 months old and one who is 11 months old. The two girls are cousins.

    I have had a weight issue most of my life and have lost and gained many pounds over the years. I had lost about 46 pounds since January of 2018 and probably had around 50 or so more to lose, then Covid hit and I gained probably 25 pounds back and have been losing and gaining since so now I probably have about 75 pounds to lose. I normally work with my trainer at the gym 2 or three times a week. He tailors workouts to each individual client which helps a lot. Since working with him I've gotten much stronger.

    I have support and accountability from my trainer and other people in my life but can always use more.

    My goals for October are simple.
    Get myself back on track.
    Eat more mindfully
    Get in water
    Get in some exercise
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    I don't have a dog - what does it mean if my cat is fat? 🤣


    She's happy...and your slipper is very cute.
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    It means you and I need to get them into MYKITTNESSPALS ASAP and start tracking their calories! LOL This is my 18 lb Maine Coon "Ricko"xwo9ancmlw9t.jpg

    Is that a fox or a cat?
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    kiane50 wrote: »
    Today was 9 hr work day followed by cleaning up after pets followed by practice for orchestra. Some thoughts include, if you want to be good at something you need to practice. This is a reminder to myself. Another thought, congrats to all those that are taking this weight loss journey. You are the ones that will change your destiny and get off the blood pressure meds and insulin and everything else that obesity causes like heart disease diabetes and cancer just to name a few. Something else I’m thinking about today, there is more to life than my next meal. It’s kind of nice to feel that way.

    I love the thought about practice. Of course, you are a musician. Valuable advice. Practice, practice, practice. Thank you for that reminder.

    The rest is just pure inspiration.
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    This was my Mollie, we had her for 161/2 years. She was pitched out of a truck into a nearby swamp, Larry just happened to ride by and see her. At the time we were talking about getting another pet but had not totally decided. He walked through the back door with this little puppy in his arms and said "I think I have found what we need." It was love at first sight for both of us. She rode with him in the truck everywhere he went from then on. She curled up with me on the couch every night. We haven't had the heart to get another pet yet.

    Awe, Debbie. I just teared up. Mollie is a love ~ beautiful and soulful.
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    Hi, I'm Patsy, 68 years old today, retired medical secretary with two grown kids and two grandkids. My daughter's birthday is Friday so we are going out for lunch today. She is a teacher so I let her choose the time to match her schedule. She is doing virtual classes still.

    I was not overweight as a child, in the 60s everyone was skinny - just thought we were fat! I weighed less that 100 pounds until I had my babies and then only 105. I put on all the extra pounds starting in my 40s but was told not to worry about a few pounds a year. I was always really healthy until last March - yes right at the beginning of the Covid scare in the US - when I was diagnosed with a very rare liver cancer. My symptoms were the same as being eight months pregnant with a big baby that wants out! Really felt weird at age 67.

    I had 4 months of chemo before changing to an immunotherapy drug. I have felt amazingly good through this ordeal - better appetite than ever, more energy than usual, a few aches and pain is really my only complaint. My next scan is next week so I am hoping to hear good news this time. My doctor wants me to try an maintain my weight or at least not gain or lose a lot right now. I would like to drop another 15 pounds at some point so I will keep trying to lose it slowly.

    I'm thinking of you and hoping for a good scan next week and great news, Patsy. In time you'll be able to tackle the weight and will have the fortitude to do it too.
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    Yesterday I went to have my covid test. That has to be the worst test ever. Little kids at my school have had it done, they are so brave, lol. I told one boy today that I cried and he laughed at me. Then I had to have blood taken and that took 2 nurses because they couldn't find my veins, I even drank water before I went. I looked like a pin cushion. I have been so busy trying to get things ready around my house. Tonight I'm taking my last zumba class for a while, that makes me sad. I'm hoping this surgery works. I'm also trying to get in all my steps at the beginning of the week because I wont have any at the end of week.

    Big hugs. Don't let the preschoolers shame you, Tracy. You've got a lot more going on. LOL.
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