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  • sleepymom5
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    Check in for Thursday
    Food-logged and on target
    Water-64 oz

    Best day in a while. I did hit the candy again but logged it. I need to get back into exercise too but I get cleaning and the day gets away from me. Hope everyone is having a great day! TGIF!

    @minstrelofsarcasm I am going to give that cold brew a try! Love the weigh in pic Lol!
    @kandi3570 Wow! Just thinking about your knee hurts! I hope it is better soon! I hope you do not have Covid and if you do, I hope a mild case. I hope the same for your family members. Sending hugs!
    @1theresamcvean I should have gotten fruit gummies to give out! What a great idea! We are a little spoiled with all the choices we have here. The brand I found is Boar’s head if you want to type in a search. They had chocolate and the pumpkin pie. I am in for the spin challenge! I need something to get me back to moving!
    @podperson1 I find it a little easier to eat on track when there is food in the house so hopefully getting your grocery order will help you. I love your hygge ideas,especially the apple one! I am going to try that.
    @ljdanny Nice loss!
    @debbiewsharpe Those drops are something else aren’t they? I used to plan my whole day around my post op cataract patients. I hope you are through it soon and seeing better.
    @4newrunner22 Welcome Don
    @tryingagain5 Glad that you started PT. Good luck!
    @mainebeachbum How nice to have the heat from the wood stove warming the bathroom floor. Love that your husband sits down there lol! I am like you, I wouldn’t like sitting down there either. I have an unfinished basement with our exercise equipment in it. It doesn’t have the best vibe for me but better than nothing I guess.
    @Cafelelia It is so exciting that you are so close to your goal! You have a great attitude and you will be there before you know it! I love the hygge ideas that have been coming in. I hope you share your Christmas decorating. We still have to get through thanksgiving but I plan to decorate early myself. Thanks for posting the candy charts too.
  • lennoncpa
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    @sleepymom5 thats awesome about your son. The last part I passed was auditing and the funny part is, I worked as an auditor for large companies for many years! Maybe he’s just saving the best for last!😀
  • tryingagain5
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    Aww, thanks for saying you would miss me.😊 I would miss you and the others too. I know I need to do this. Can't be going to my annual doctor's appointment in January at the weight I am now.😥

    You're right, we (all of us) can do this!

    I hope the doctors can figure out what's really going on with your knee and get you back to normal.
  • tryingagain5
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    My physical therapy session yesterday was good. A little longer than it will be normally since it was an assessment visit and I had to fill out some paperwork.

    We talked about what was going on and then he did some stretching for it. Basically I laid on the exam table while he moved my leg around and tried not to hurt me too much. He also did an ultrasound "massage", which felt really good when it didn't tickle. I'm very ticklish. At the end of the session he had me ride a recumbent bike for about 10 minutes. He gave me just one exercise to do at home before my next appointment.

    We decided to do 2 days a week and it will be for 6 weeks. Hopefully this will help and I can get back to working hard in the gym. I'm still working with my trainer there but only upper body and will continue with upper body until the PT says it's ok to do more.

    We've been working so hard at work and must have caught up some because all 3 shifts have this weekend off. I spent my morning sleeping and have been getting some laundry done.

    Going to my sister's house later for dinner and will get to see my great niece, which will be 1 next week. Can't believe she's that old already! My other great niece, the 1 year olds cousin is 21 months, I think, I'm losing track.😊
  • hope002
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    PW 175.5
    CW 174.2
  • KUMEcyclingteam
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    My apologies for being a bit absent this week, all of a sudden I'm working 12 hour shifts and weekends, got to take it while the taking is good! I do get a minute once in a while to try and catch up. I'll try to post an uplifting comment tomorrow, right now I'm just all pooped out! Can I say "Pooped" or will it turn into a "Kitten"?

    KUMEcyclingteam (BJ)
    The scale moved again, this time in the wrong direction!

    Weigh in day Friday
    Previous weight 209.0
    Current weight 210.0
    LTD is at 40

    Steps for the week:
    Friday 16,612
    Saturday 18,298
    Sunday 20,598
    Monday 15,954
    Tuesday 17,441
    Wednesday 11,366
    Thursday 16,725

    For a grand total of 121,052

  • lenka1
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    So sorry I forgot to post in the morning. Too much going on lately

    Pw 148.2
    Cw 147.0
  • tryingagain5
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    You're definitely not alone on the bad habits creeping back in. Mine didn't "creep" back. They came back with a vengeance. You'd think I know better and, of course, I do. Definitely need a swift kick in the backside!😉

    I know my trainer would love to "beat" me more but with my knee issue we are pretty limited in what we can do right now. I actually told him that I missed doing jumping jacks!🤣 and I meant it. I'm sure that when I'm able to there will be lots of jumping jacks in my sessions.

    I know you'll get back on track and so will those of us who are having issues right now!
  • tryingagain5
    tryingagain5 Posts: 1,037 Member
    Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hugs!
  • kandi3570
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    @1theresamcvean I hope you’re feeling better soon. That sounds horrible!
  • tryingagain5
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    I'm still behind in posts but saw we have a few new folks. Welcome to all of you! I'd tag you but I would spend too much time trying to find the posts that have your usernames.😊

    Just know this is a great supportive group!
  • pacsnc6
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    Good morning. Let's stay on track this weekend. Today is Halloween but since we haven't had any trick or treaters in a few years and our city has asked that we cancel it this year to stop the Covid I didn't get any candy that I would have to eat.
    Welcome to all the newcomers, this is a very active group with lots of good advice so try to check in often.
  • kirsten11872
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    Weigh-in day:Saturday
    Previous weight:155.5
    Current weight:156.7
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