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    Feels so good to be back to my pre-vacation weight! Will it last? Who knows. Next week is US Thanksgiving, so I highly doubt my food intake will be ideal (although I won't be indulging until Thursday night, so maybe my next weigh in will still be pretty).

    Mindset - I normally don't write anything about this in my posts, but I'm trying to be more authentic with others, and I think it's important to remind everyone that no one truly is how they appear online (and sometimes even in person). I've been struggling quite a bit this week with feelings of isolation and hopelessness. Living alone during a pandemic has been both a blessing and a curse. And while I am most definitely introverted, I still require social validation - I just don't gain energy from social interactions. Some weeks, I've managed to gain enough socializing from my online networks and my small group of friends at the gym. But others... others I want to bake myself a million cookies and host a pity party for one.

    The bloat from the past week and a half has not been helping me. While I understand why it was there and that it was temporary, seeing the numbers on the scale was still demoralizing. The disconnect between the scientific brain and the emotional brain will never fail to confound me. Why couldn't I just whoosh the whole bloat off in a day? Why couldn't my body just get right back to where it was when I hopped back into my routine?

    Ooof, that turned out longer than I was planning - let's just move on, shall we?

    Well, before we actually move on, thank you for writing this, Ashley. I want to give you heaps of validation.

    Like you, I'm prone to hiding my authentic self if it isn't happy and bright and achieving and all that. I've struggled much of November. Even when I try to be authentic and tell people that I'm struggling, I follow it up immediately and rather apologetically by saying, 'but don't worry about me, tomorrow I'll be over it, I know what to do and am doing all the things.'

    Sometimes it's just nice when one person ~ you! ~ is authentic so the rest of us can say 'me too,' or 'I understand,' or as my grandmother used to say, 'go have a good cry.'

    Now that it's darker and colder (in this part of the world), those of us who live alone (and others too) are going to struggle without our daily dose of 'before-times' interactions with others.

    I'm an introvert too, but these days, I have no need to recharge my batteries with solitude. There are no occasions to drain them.

    When your scientific brain and emotional brain confound you, ask yourself how you feel not what you think. Then, as my grandmother used to say, 'go have a good cry.' There will be far fewer cookies involved.

    Big, giant, validating hugs.

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    Week 3
    Pw 189
    Cw 190
  • ljdanny
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    Well there goes my weight back up. Saw that coming. This was a crappy week all around for me but I didn't want to see 190 again. It's tough not being able to workout. I could make tons of excuses but I just need to hope it doesn't go any higher and get my walk on. Its getting cold out so I'm going to have my husband pull out my treadmill and I think I can do my walking videos but not much else. Next week is Thanksgiving and it will be small here. My oldest son asked me if I would be offended if they stayed home this year and relaxed, I told him I'm not offended even though I am a little, my youngest son said he's sleeping all day but I'm sure he'll stop by. I also invited my sister and niece. We have all been in the same bubble with each other this entire time so I figured we were ok. I didn't go crazy and invite my husbands family even though we have been with them too. I am supposed to go to a baby shower in 2 weeks for someone at work but I'm thinking of not going, numbers are going up here.
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    So I typed all of this out last night but evidently did not post it. 🙄 11100 steps 1400 calories yesterday. Thank you all for your concern. I am doing fine. I believe I probably do have covid. But I think I will be fine. I am not worrying unless I have a reason to. So far I have a runny nose, sneezing, occasional lightheadedness, occasional heart palpitations, a slight cough, and some body aches last night. But as you can see I’m staying active. I got my Christmas lights up. While t was 60 degrees and the sun was shining. Although I’m not completely happy with them and will work on them more today. I’m also going to rearrange my basement. I have so much construction material that I bought when I found a deal on it. It’s in my dining room right now and that makes me somewhat crazy and it has to go before my Christmas tree goes up. But don’t worry about me and covid. I only have the symptoms of a slight cold. But I was definitely exposed. I spent 5 hours planning a non profit event with a friend sitting next to her at the kitchen table. For her to find out she was covid positive 2 days later. I’m really rather angry at myself. Her son had been sick and cleared to go back to school so I assumed her cold what was what he had. Evidently not. And since I now have “symptoms” my daughter is also quarantined. I will have test results Monday. My drs office testing labs are slow and behind. So anyway I am 5 days post exposure and I think the worst of it has passed. I am taking my vitamins, drinking water, and I made chicken noodle soup for dinner yesterday. Which honestly I ate way too much of. I do know covid can be serious for some people. But for most of us, especially those of us that are in general pretty healthy, it won’t be that bad. But I’m doing my part to not spread it because honestly it does kill people. Typically older people and people with underlying health conditions. And as with any other virus there is always going to be that anomaly where it will just effect a young healthy person a lot more than we would expect. So I’m not down playing the severity of it. I also know that panicking will only stress out my body. Which is fighting it off. And I want to give it the best chance to do that. So if you do get it. Quarantine and take care of yourself. Eat healthy, take your vitamins, make sure your drinking enough water, and stay active if you can. 😁.
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    11/19 steps 3705
  • kandi3570
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    @sleepymom5 I hope you are feeling better.
    @Cafelelia I’m sorry you feel like your world is shrinking. I really wish this whole pandemic was just over already.
    @minstrelofsarcasm I’m sorry that you feel isolated. I think we all feel somewhat isolated. And it’s getting to everyone. Again I just want it to end.
    I think we all feel rather isolated and lonely at this point. I have said from the beginning of this there is a mental health component that is not being addressed. I watched my daughter last year sink into a depression. She didn’t move around a lot. And I make her. I make her clean and I make her walk with me sometimes. Because she needs that. I think this is especially hard for teenagers. Because it is the time where they are seeking more validation from their friends than their family. But after 8 months it has taken a toll on all of us. And I don’t have an answer. But, maybe in those moments of isolation FaceTime or Skype a friend or a family member. You are not the only one feeling this way. Reach out to those you love. Especially those friends who can make you laugh. We all need that right now. Hugs ladies. Hang in there! This can’t last forever.

    @Freeglerock I love you 5K picture!!! I get those cows were surprised at the flash. 😁.
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    I'm not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow. I weighed myself just now and was up 3. Ive been eating more and I don't know how to get back on track. I know I need to figure it out or else ill gain all the weight back that I lost
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    @Freeglerock i love your 5k photo! What an interesting thing to see! Are you in a farming area?
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    Check in for Thursday
    Food-logged and under
    Water-over 64 oz

    I am feeling much better today. I actually ended up taking a 3 hour nap yesterday and resting the rest of the day. I also ate way too many carbs but I really didn't feel like anything else. I am planning to get right back on track and have a good exercise session today. I haven't been too active the past 3 days.

    We officially canceled our Thanksgiving dinner. We were holding off because it was all people that we have had in our bubble. With the new restrictions we would be over with the amount of people and with the spike, it just doesn't seem safe. I also would never forgive myself if someone got sick. We are still cooking, even without my brother who is usually the one who cooks. We are going to divide it up and deliver it. I plan to get everything out of the house except what we are going to eat. I am going to enjoy Thanksgiving but get back on track right away. I am doing too well to screw it up.

    I also wanted to add to the conversation about being authentic with our feelings. I really understand between the pandemic and the holidays it is a rough time for many people. I just want to let you all know, just like when you are struggling with weight loss, we are here for other struggles too. I know this is a weight loss challenge but I believe everything that is going on in our lives do effect our weight loss efforts. I like our team because it is a place that you can really put it all out there. We aren't connected in real life so it is a safe place to ask for support or to get something off your chest or to be accountable for something you aren't happy about. I notice when people start to struggle, they slowly start to comment less and then disappear. I think when you are struggling is the time you should be posting more. That is when you need the support the most. We aren't here just for the times you are successful and stay on plan, we are here for all the times you are struggling too, no matter what you are struggling with. I know you all have heard more than an ear full from me when I struggle Lol! I am not the best writer so with all of that, just know we are here for you xoxo

    Ok, I have a lot to do since I had an off day yesterday (but I did start to watch Schitt's creek) Hope everyone has a great day and weekend. Stay well! xoxo

    @Cafelelia I never thought of it but it is so true, we are certainly learning to improvise and live in the moment.
    @lennoncpa This is such a tough time and even tougher on people who live alone. You are right and remember yourself, you are not alone xo. You are such a good foster mama, have you ever been tempted to adopt any of your foster dogs?
    @Freeglerock Wow! How cool! I need to get started on my 5K route.
    @1theresamcvean That was written beautifully. Hugs to you.
    @ljdanny Hang in there, you have so many limitations right now from your surgery. It is good that you are keeping an eye on it so it doesn't start creeping up.
    @kandi3570 I am sorry to hear that, sounds like you are taking good care of yourself. Hopefully you have a mild case but if you start getting short of breath get to a doctor. My husband had flu like symptoms for about 10 days but once he started getting short of breath he declined quickly and ended up on a ventilator for 13 days. His flu symptoms were worse than what you are experiencing so I don't think you will be fine. I just couldn't believe how quickly the respiratory symptoms spiraled downward. Sending hugs, hope you feel better soon.
    @Zumba_Luvah Just take one day at a time. If you have been off track, don't try to jump back on where you were, just try to do a little better each day. You can do this. Don't worry about your weigh in, just start making changes and you will get back to where you were.
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    Week 4
    PW - 140.6
    CW - 139.8
    LTD - 29 lbs
    Ok, I am inching towards goal with 1.8 lbs to go. As with many people, I am finding those last 5 lbs are coming off slowly. However long it take is fine as long as I don’t go back to major fluctuations again. That is my real goal. Unless I have some huge gain next week, I feel like at the end of November, I will be at goal, even if not my precise goal of 138 lbs. I really don’t feel the need to set a new goal. I am in a healthy weight range, but more importantly, I feel really good and am healthy (confirmed by my latest bloodwork too!). So Week 4 will be my last on the weight loss team (I am hoping!). I may follow in the steps of @KUMEcyclingteam and take a month off to be on cheer squad, and then move to the maintenance team in the new year. A little vacation sounds nice. It may be dangerous with the upcoming holidays, but I think actually have some skills now to be successful!

    Pam is so correct about checking in here when you things are not going well and you really don’t feel like it. I have taken her advice on this more than a few times. It really does help to have this space to come to, even if it is just to vent or express what is not going well.

    I am so sorry to all of you who are not having the Thanksgiving that you wanted to have with your family and friends. Those of us in Canada went through this in October and we know it is not easy. But whatever you are doing, it is good to pause for a moment and be thankful for any blessings that we do have, big or small.

    @kandi3570 - I really hope that you and your daughter don’t have the virus, and if you do, that you don’t get very sick or at all. This pandemic has been particularly hard for teenagers. I have read so many articles about this. My teen went through some tough times in the spring. It is great that you are keeping her moving because I find that really helps. Take good care and I hope that you both stay well.

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    @lennoncpa That is why I enjoy grave yards. Mine has a ton of civil war/WWI/WWII vets, you can guess the one who died in the last epidemic; it is interesting. Love the 155 yr old!
  • lennoncpa
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    @melaniedscott thank you so much for the suggestion to walk through the cemetery. I actually live only a half mile from the village cemetery and have only been there for funerals.

    I have had an accounting office in town for over 30 years and usually I don’t find out that my clients have passed away until the following tax season when their loved ones contact me to do a final tax return. So today as I was walking through the cemetery I saw grave stones for several clients and it was actually really nice. As soon as I would see the name I could picture their smiling face and remember the pleasant times we had talking while doing their tax returns over the years! I’ve followed their lives for many years and then one day they are just gone. It was nice to have a moment to say hello to them today!!!
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    Week 3
    Last week - 206.4
    This week - 208.0
    LTD -42 lbs.

    Not sure for the gain this week, don't really know what happened until I walked past my mirror shirtless and then I realized......... I must of gained 1.6 lbs. of muscle! lol (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

    Stepping for the week
    Fri 10,522
    sat 12,396
    Sun 9,426
    Mon 14,230
    Tue 12,678
    Wed 11,088
    Thu 11,906

    Total 82,246
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    Todays Friday weigh in
    starting weight (Pryor to MFP) 8/21/20 232
    MFP starting weight 10/8/20 216
    Last week weight 11/13/20 209.4
    Today’s weight 11/20/20 207.8
    Lost 1.6
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    lennoncpa wrote: »
    I did my 5k walk today and the temp was in the mid 60’s. Perfect. So I’m actually close enough to walk to a nearby cemetery, which I included photos of. The first photo is just the entrance to the cemetery, then I saw a cool old tombstone. But the most interesting was dear old Chauncey Garfield. So as I walked I had 3 theories go through my mind — 1. He’s buried somewhere else, 2. They never filled in the year he died on the tombstone, or 3. .... he’s still alive which would make him 155 years old!!

    Sheryl, I spend most of my time doing genealogy and it sounds like you’d make a good one too. I’m going to go with Chauncey Garfield got married again since his wife was only about 38 years old when she died. So, your first answer is most likely correct. It would be much more fun if he was 155!

  • Saturday here so hubby and I did another 5km walk. Still on the beach because I never get sick of the scenery! I've attached a photo of our seagull friend who watched us intently today. And one of me with beach hair (don't care) 😝

    In other news my work Xmas party is 80s themed so I've been looking for an outfit to wear. You can't try on costumes at most places here, and I had to toss up on the one I liked because the measurements were actually a bit small, but the bigger sizes were all ugly lol. Well, uglier. We are talking 80s theme 🤣

    Tried it on at home and the dress fits, it's just too short! Like doesn't really cover my bum (so cheeky! 🍑) I'm going to fix that with some layering however, Cyndi Lauper style. 😹 Nobody gets a pic until party night, Dec 11. 👅 We're gonna party like it's 1985.


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