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  • donna25trinity
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    @RangerRickL i had to think really hard with regards to todays question. I must say how u deal with not getting stuck really rang true to me. My whole life i hve felt guilty for everything and anything. All my decisions in every day life were driven by guilt. Letting go of guilt is something i am in the process of doing and i feel like i am becoming a better person since learning to let go!! This has also helped with my health goals as im learning to enjoy all foods in moderation instead of feeling guilty for eating fun foods!
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    Today’s question - @donna25trinity - I agree. For me it was letting go of the guilt and allowing myself not to just start to take care of me, but to cherish and appreciate doing so.

    @alligatorob - that’s some serious fishing! You look like you had so much fun. 🐟

    Friday, June 18

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  • donna25trinity
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    @readyornot1234 yes yes and yes i could not agree more and loved how u pointed out the cherish and appreciate doing so. I hve been forcing myself to hve sum me time once a week even if its just for an hour or 2. I do this no matter how guilty i initially feel and let me tell u how much i love cherish and appreciate. I come back home motivated happy resilient and so grateful for all my blessings. Xox
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