March 2022 Monthly Running Challenge



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    Oh, that trip sounded a little painful @Teresa502, but you're right.... the most important thing was no one was around to witness it :D Hope it heals quickly!!!!
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    Great treadmill run today @shesgotaplan . Whatever it takes to pass the time. What genre of book are you plotting?
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    March Goal: 100 Miles

    3/1: 5.15 miles
    3/2: 5.16 miles

    10.31/100 miles completed for March

    It was another beautiful morning and I ran 5 miles again. I got out a little earlier than yesterday so even though it was starting to get light it was mostly dark. But it was a really nice run. I didn't see any critters today. It was cool, but not cold. Tomorrow should be even nicer. I am going to enjoy this nice weather while I can.

    @Teresa502 I'm glad you weren't seriously injured!


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    @katharmonic Yeah! Two days in a row is great and so glad you had company for today's run to make it more tolerable. Your friend has run 50 marathons! Just WOW. Thanks for asking about my back. It is behaving, for the most part. It hurts a little in the mornings, but usually feels pretty good after about 15 minutes. No serious episodes since mid-December. I hope it continues that way. Running doesn't seem to bother it, thank goodness.

    Nice running @kgirlhart . Yes, enjoy the nice weather while you can.
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    shanaber wrote: »
    @Aine8046 - What a gorgeous place to run!

    No run for me for the 1st of the month. Tuesdays are typically rest days after my very active Mondays but I will get in some core strength and maybe some yoga today.

    Thank you! :)
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    Scott6255 wrote: »
    @Aine8046 you really are a great photographer!!

    Thank you, but I just have amazing places around! :)
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    @Avidkeo Looking forward to seeing your report on the mountain climb. You are going to do great. It's a beautiful mountain from afar. I'm glad your calf is feeling good. Taking the day off is probably a good idea. Hope you have another great run tomorrow.

    Another beautiful place to run @Aine8046 !

    @kgirlhart Great run to start out the month! Beautiful sunrise.

    I only ran 6 times last month and wun 4. I did walk at least 1 mile every day. I'm not really sure what I will be able to do this month, so I think I will make my goal to walk and/or run a total of 60 miles. That will be 10 miles more than February.

    I didn't sleep very well last night and worked in the baby room at daycare from 7:45 - 4:45 today. So, I was tired when I got home. It was really nice out, so I walked one mile doing driveway laps.

    I cannot imaging what it's like to spend 8 hours with babies! Take it easy and enjoy your walks! :)
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    kgirlhart wrote: »
    It was light enough out when I left the park that I turned off my noxgear. And I even took a picture of the sunrise. The pictures never really do justice to how pretty it was.

    It's so beautiful! <3
  • Teresa502
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    3/1 – 6.51 miles
    3/3 – 6.01 miles
    Total – 12.52/100 miles

    Thanks for all the well-wishes on my trip and fall in the woods on Monday. This morning was a perfect running morning. The temp was around 47F when we started at 5:00 am. I met a friend and we decided to change up the normal route and run in a different neighborhood. This particular neighborhood has beautiful homes and fairly good sidewalks but because it’s in the historic district, not a lot of street lighting. My friend is faster than me but she usually just circles back if I get too far behind. This morning I came out of a dead-end cul-de-sac we had turned on and she was no where in sight. I didn’t know if she had turn left, right, or gone straight across the street. I stood there almost 10 minutes but she didn’t come back so finally I decided to just go. That was around mile 2. We finally met up again around mile 5.5. We were both glad the other had not been abducted by aliens.

    @shanaber – I hate that you re-injured your shoulder again. I may get slower and slower but I don’t plan to give up the running thing until I’m forced to either. The smoke from that fire is scary! That osprey is huge!

    No picture today @Aine8046? ☹

    @polskagirl01 – Thinking of you and your family and your refugee aid efforts.
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    @shanaber Glad you got out for a walk. That fire looks like it spread quickly. I hope they get it contained soon. Love the osprey.

    @Aine8046 Another beautiful place to run. As for spending 8 hours with babies - it's actually pretty fun, except when one starts to cry and then the sympathy crying starts and they are all crying for no apparent reason. Fortunately, that doesn't happen often. LOL And, we only have 5 that day and had to send two home with a fever, so three are a piece of cake.

    I have my cardiology appointment at 11 this morning. I'll report back this evening. I'm anxious to see what he says. I am fully expecting that he will order a Holter monitor.