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    @Katmary71 The app didn’t really help me much unless I want to pay $35 a year for all the features. I’m utilizing Google task in my calendar and back to those good ole yellow sticky notes. :grin:

    @trooworld That must have been some good painting to keep you up so late! :grin: A foot massage sounds nice. When I was 17, I worked at Burger King and I dated a young man who was studying to be a chiropractor. He would give me the best foot massages after work. I dated him much longer than I should have just for those foot massages. :D

    @laurelfit57 that is a very good idea to portion out for meatloaf sandwiches. I swear I could eat one every day but never thought of just making a big meatloaf just for sandwiches. :grin: I wasn’t loving the Todolist but maybe I just didn’t give it enough time. Hmm? Spring is almost there for you! :)

    Hi Team! Today is a beautiful spring day. Mom and I went grocery shopping early and then Joe and I went to drop off our paperwork so we can get our taxes done. Afterward, I took Joe home and went to the car wash and got my girl shiny both inside and out. True that the stupid yellow pollen will make her all gross in the next few weeks, but I don’t care. My car has never been that dirty which just proves how busy my life has been lately. I also did some church work on the computer. I have to go into the office in the morning but leave early so I can get my hair cut and colored. These grey hairs are getting out of control! :# My eating has been pretty good. Yesterday, I made my first loaf of protein sparing bread. It's bread that is made from whipped egg whites, egg white powder, cream of tartar, and a little allulose. I didn’t cook it long enough and it was a little Styrofoamy in flavor but edible. And it didn’t deflate at all, which is a thing that often happens! I toasted it and used it to make my yummy meatloaf sandwich for a lovely carb-free meal. :grin:

    Here is a picture of it. It was HUGE!!! :p


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    @katmary71 alignment is so key when lifting weights, I hope using the machines will work for you! I did the try the giant Parmesan loaf it was delicious! I cut it up and froze it, already to make a few meals out of :-) :-). You have such a busy life!

    @trooworld That foot massage sounds heavenly and what a deal if it turns into a full body massage!

    @fushiakat dealing with emotional traumas are challenging, but so rewarding when you come out the other side. Hugs to you

    @Glombog congrats on the loss, I hear you on the schedules and routines! It will be so nice for you to be able to relax more on the weekends with your family!

    @teresaw2020 congrats on the loss! Tough to do with all the stress you have been under. It sounds like you had an absolutely lovely day, there is nothing like spring! I just realized my app is not called todolist it is just called To Do:). What did your protein bread taste like? It looked delicious!

    Hi team! It was a great day today! No more winter storm, the sun was out and I was able to get out with Vannie for a long walk with no spikes on my boots, I can’t even begin to tell you what a freeing experience that is! I did a spin class this morning, got Vannie out for a really good walk just after lunch and then we went to agility class! I am so glad that I have all my proteins already cooked up and in the freezer, I took a packet of chicken breast out this morning and did a super quick stirfry after getting back from agility, it was delicious. Now I am pooped and will try to stay awake until 9🤣
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    @amioc @Cornanda @Glombog @trooworld Way to go team!

    Haha, we're just a bunch of meatloaf-eating people! Too funny we're all going through meatloaf stages, now that the weather is getting better time to bust out salads and meals with lots of fresh veggies and herbs!

    @TeresaW1020 Impressive loaf! I bought gluten free flour but haven't made anything with it yet. That pollen is a pain. My allergies are so bad today! Sounds like a very productive day!

    Hi everyone! Not much new, still not lifting weights, have the food bank farm in the morning, I think it's warm enough that I'll be okay as far as cold making my pain worse so I'm going to help plant seedlings. Basically did the same in my yard today, I have a turkey watching me over the fence, it has to be the same one as last year that was in my yard for a week. Going to make some overnight oats then go read my book, have a great Tuesday! Oh, there's a new BINGO challenge that's pretty doable, check it out!
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    @Cornanda @amioc @Glombog Congrats on making it onto the leaderboard! Woot woot!

    @amioc @laurelfit57 @fatfifties Nice losses!

    @laurelfit57 I'm sure weekends go by quickly. Just check in whenever you can, no worries! There are no requirements for posting. :D Enjoy the warmer weather. Yes, the foot massage was so relaxing and it's amazing that they do the whole body! I'm glad you got out with Vannie. Yay for better weather! That's great that your food you prepped helped you.

    @FushiaKat Great job with the goals.

    @Glombog Great loss! I do better with routines, too. Congrats on selling your apartment. That's good you can quit your 2nd job without suffering too much.

    @TeresaW1020 Congrats on the scale going down! That painting I was working on, I really like it. It's got glow-in-the-dark paint on it and is a lot of fun. :D The massage was nice. LOL about the young man you dated! I would have done the same. That bread looks interesting. I'm glad it came out well for you.

    @Katmary71 Yes we are lol. Yes, I do love a good salad! I hope you enjoyed your book.

    Hi all. I am shaking things up a bit and trying Intermittent Fasting (again). This time, I am easing into it. Last time, I just went straight into it and I think that is part of why I failed at it. It also helps that my officemate isn't in on the days I am because she eats a lot of crap that tempts me lol.

    My Spring Challenge commitment is:
    1) Exercise 3 days a week - No
    2) Drink 50 oz of water a day - 12 oz drank

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    Good morning everyone!
    Happy Tuesday! Happy to report the heel and ankle are so much better. I plan to go back to the gym tomorrow morning. The ability to walk with no pain is such a blessing and you don't know the extent of it until you have lost that ability. I am grateful!

    I spent the afternoon yesterday with my great nieces. o:) It was a total delight. I haven't seen them in about three weeks and we had so much fun...made memories. We went to eat at their favorite restaurant, Cracker barrel. We went to their favorite store, Dollar General. We went to the library. We played "Head Bands" which is their new found favorite game as of yesterday. Finally, they tried this new thing we bought at Dollar Tree called ankle skipping. At first it was a huge challenge. Then the oldest one "got it" and then it was on. The youngest one is still trying to get it but she made progress in learning how to hoola-hoop. They made this aunt's day in a mighty way!! :p

    Have a wonderful day everyone and let's go get it! B)
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    I lost a 1/2 lb. last week. 😁 I've been pigging out on Fresh Strawberries 🍓🍓🍓 400 grams a day. The first box I bought was like Strawberry Sugar Bombs. The one's I got today are not as sweet, but they do have good strawberry flavor. I better like them I bought 3 boxes at Sam's Club today along with a bag of Cara-Cara Oranges.

    I've been working on that forgiveness thing I need to do; I've almost got it. Lol, I talked to myself in the car on the way to the market and back. I need more self-chats. They work really well. Thursday I will also chat with my Talk Therapist. So, the gist is, if something is making me unhappy for whatever reason I just need to let that go. Tame the Nemesis 🤐 When I got sick, I learned how to give up things, it did not mean that I wouldn't miss them but that I would no longer be angry and wanting about those things I cannot do anymore.

    Lol, my illness does not define me, it just defines what I can and cannot do.
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    @katmary71 that food bank keeps you really busy, they are so lucky to have you! Overnight oats sound yummy, I’m going to have to try that sometime.

    @trooworld good luck on the intermittent fasting! I’m not sure how you guys do that, I have to be fed on a regular basis otherwise things don’t go well for me, or those around me 🤣. So hard to eat right when other people have really tempting food around you🤪.

    @askewcr so glad that your heel and ankle are so much better! I’m sure it will be great to be back in the gym again. Your day with your great nieces sounds like it was super fun!

    @19shmoo69 🤣🤣🤣

    @fushiakat yay on the loss!! Sounds like you have terrific insight♥️

    Can I just say…
    it was such a terrific day today! I must admit, my feet did get a little damp, there were a few puddles that I couldn’t quite jump all the way over LOL. I also fit into a pair of jeans that I bought quite a while ago, as well as a puffer vest that has been hanging in my closet for years! Walking in the sunshine in running shoes, new jeans and a new puffer vest, life is good!
    This picture pretty much encapsulates life in Alberta today. These are my two little Grandkiddos enjoying the weather
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    @askewcr I'm glad your heel and ankle are better. You are right, you don't know what you've got until it's gone. Sounds like a busy day.

    @19shmoo69 LOL! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

    @FushiaKat Congrats on the loss! I wish you luck with the forgiveness, that can be hard sometimes.

    @laurelfit57 LOL...yeah we'll see how it goes, I get pretty grumpy when I don't eat! Yes, it's very hard to eat when people are eating junk around you. Yay for better weather! Congrats on the NSV of fitting into the clothes! Your grandbabies are precious! I would be freezing lol...I'm such a wimp now that I've lived in CA for so long.

    Hi all. I had a slight loss this week for which I am grateful. At least I'm not gaining. Have a good day.

    My Spring Challenge commitment is:
    1) Exercise 3 days a week - No
    2) Drink 50 oz of water a day - 12 oz drank

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    Current Weight: 200
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    @laurelfit57 the bread doesn’t have much taste and its consistency is slightly like eating a piece of styrofoam. That could be because I over-mixed the egg white powder into the whipped egg whites. I’ve got a recipe for a bagel-style bread that adds in unflavored gelatin for a chewier texture that lots of people are loving, so I’m going to try that one next. That pic of your grandkids is a riot!! :D Only in a place like where you live will you see kids dressed in summer clothes and snow boots at the same time and think nothing of it. I love it and they are adorable!! <3

    @Katmary71 I’m ready to bust out the salads and now that asparagus is almost in season that will get eaten at least twice a week. What is your favorite veggie? :)

    @trooworld Interesting that you are going to give IF a try again. I have been thinking about doing that exact thing myself and working on putting a doable plan together that will work for me. Yayy on your loss this week! :)

    @askewcr how fun to hang out with your great-nieces and do all that awesome stuff together. How old are they? So glad that our heel and ankle are feeling better! :)

    @Fushiakat Learning forgiveness is very important and it is especially true if it’s ourselves that we need to forgive. Sounds like you are doing a great job at taming the Nemesis! :)

    Hi Team! Well, today I took Joe to the orthopedic doctor and his shoulder is slowly healing and they are pleased with that. The X-ray didn’t show any damage to his knee, so he thinks it’s a bad sprain and just needs to heal. They are recommending at least 4 weeks of physical therapy so that will be added to our list of fun things to go and do. We also hooked him up on a heart monitor that the cardiologist ordered. He is supposed to wear it all the time for 30 days. Joe wasn’t happy about it, but he is going to be a good boy and do what he is told. :/ We also had a long talk about how I have got to get back to taking care of myself. My weight keeps going up more and more and I’m getting scared of what I’m doing to myself. So, Monday is my official restart date. I’m thinking about going back to intermittent fasting and eating high protein, low carb as much as possible. Ohhhh and say NO to sugar and wine.
    2022 Word: INTENTIONAL I need to focus on this word and what it means to me! ;)
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    @trooworld congrats on the loss!

    @TeresaW1020 I thought I was doing pretty good in my running shoes and little vest out walking yesterday until my daughter sent me that picture of my grandkids🤣. People under 25 get into their summer clothes right away LOL! I’m sorry that Joe has to wear that heart monitor for 30 days, I did it for 24 hours and it was a pain in the butt. I will sure be thinking of him! I’m glad that you guys had that chat and that you are going to start taking better care of yourself. I know it is very hard to do when we’re focussed on those that we love who aren’t well. We will all be here to cheer you on!!

    It was another beautiful day here today, it got up to 70°! Most of the sidewalks are clear, it was a great day to be out enjoying the fresh air. I started doing backpack training with Vannie today, I love to go for a long bike rides in the summer and she is too little. I got a great dog backpack last year and just barely started with her. She is so high energy that I had to take her out for a really long walk, then feed her, then play fetch with her, then she was tired enough to get in the backpack and go for a 15 minute walk and be still :-). Baby steps!
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    Hi guys,

    I’m sorry I have been such a horrible member. Life has gotten to me , it’s been busy at work and I just haven’t made a decent effort .
    I promise to try harder this week❤️
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    Weigh in day Wednesday
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    @trooworld Good luck with IF, I'm curious to hear how it goes for you. Office mates who eat tasty food is hard, I worked for my aunt at a physician's group and we'd get sandwiches for the board meetings, she'd always get chocolate which is impossible to resist in my family.

    @askewcr So glad to hear you're feeling better, good luck with the gym tomorrow! The great nieces sound wonderful, what a fun day! You sound like a very cool aunt!

    @19shmoo69 I LOVE that, it's too funny! I love music humor as you probably know from being my friend on here. I was going to post the: “I went grocery shopping at Mamas and Papas and bought lettuce but all the leaves are brown” but figured people would unfriend me if I did it again.

    @FushiaKat Glad the self talk is helping. I know what you mean about not being angry about certain things, I hope you're able to continue to let go of things, I know it's not easy.

    @laurelfit57 Congratulations on fitting in the clothes, woohoo! Your grandchildren are adorable, you're being such a great role model for them taking care of yourself.

    @TeresaW1020 Glad to hear Joe is healing and doesn't have damage to his knee. I bet Joe's feeling like his (and your) whole life is caring for his body now. Monslay, you got this Teresa, get back in control and grab the bull by the horns! Favorite veggie is hard, probably asparagus or artichokes but I love them all aside of beets and celery.

    @18922 Nat you aren't a horrible member, stop that! Hugs my friend, glad to see you! Post as little or as much as you'd like, don't ever think you're not being part of the team or feel bad, this group isn't about negativity or I would've been gone after a month. I came on terrified because I'd gained a few times and the motivators and Teresa whipped me into shape, I really do see this group and my friends on MFP as being a big team where if one goes down we help that person up, brush the dirt off him or her, and keep going. We all take turns being the strong, weak, treading water person, etc.

    Happy hump day everyone! Did my workout, had some work, spent time in the yard, then Zoomed with a friend and am currently dehydrating lavender flowers and watching The Real Housewives (quality TV!), not much new here. For the BINGO challenge I made something with chicken and the friend conversation counts as talking with a friend and haven't complained so all that's left is the walk, I have to figure out something to sub for it! Have a great Thursday everyone!
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    Teresa- hugs to you and your husband!
    Favorite veggie- corn for me, please. Daily, and hold the butter😁.

    I’m doing a March sleep challenge and although I didn’t improve dramatically (I wish), I’m discovering new things about myself to understand some 3h sleep nights. Funny what writing it down can reveal, right?
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    @TeresaW1020 Yeah, I'm kind of desperate...it's that or swallowing tapeworms lol! I'm glad Joe's knee wasn't damaged. I wish you the best of luck, you can do this, you've already proven you can by losing the amount you have! <3

    @laurelfit57 Thank you! It was beautiful here, too, high of 89F I think. I'm glad you got out and enjoyed the weather. Awww, I want to see Vanny in her backpack! <3

    @18922 Please don't apologize for that! Life happens. Congrats on the loss! Hugs.

    @Katmary71 Thank you. So far, it's been a bit rocky but I've survived. Yes to the officemate situation! And mine eats tons of chocolate, which is very hard for me to resist too! Have a great day, too!

    @Glombog What a great plan! Congrats on your success on it...great NSVs!

    Hi all. 3rd day of IF. I got a bit hungry yesterday but some seltzer water with lemon in it seemed to help. I was stressed yesterday, too (my pup had eye removal surgery in Mexico), so I had to try really hard not to munch on stuff. I did it!

    My Spring Challenge commitment is:
    1) Exercise 3 days a week - No
    2) Drink 50 oz of water a day - 75 oz drank

    My phrase for the year: "Something needs to change…so I will take no crap and eat no crap!"
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    I've been busy this week! I've kept up with all your posts and thought of you all often. Not really sure where my time goes. I'm trying to work on being more productive.... but there is definitely more going on here lately.

    I've been musing about brains. I'm working on my birthday challenge. Some things that happened this week:

    Things came up that I should have anticipated and planned better for. I started to beat myself up about this, but then quit, and just made adjustments.

    Maybe partially because of this and partially because I feel like I'm modifying the workouts too much- I feel like I'm not giving this 100% effort. Well, that may be true, but I AM putting in more effort than I did two weeks ago, so I decided to concentrate on that and not beat myself up about it. I can continue to tweak my efforts.

    I've accepted that I'm not a person who can jump into something with both feet- small changes work best for me.

    I guess I'm questioning if some of my modifications are because "I don't feel like it" or "I think I can't"...

    I guess I just think it's interesting that at times we can fool ourselves that we are doing everything possible and not getting results..... and then other times we don't give ourselves credit for good work we are doing. We have to hold ourselves accountable and at the same time give ourselves credit. It's difficult to keep those dials set properly at all times.


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    @laurelfit57 Well, Joe lasted less than 24 hours with the monitor. He called me this morning at work to tell me that he took it off and refuses to wear it. I have to support him because he is going through enough right now and he had all kinds of tests in the hospital and his heart is fine. So I’m praying this decision won’t turn around and bite us. How much does Vannie weigh? Is she fully grown yet? Does she try to climb out of the backpack? :grin:

    @18922 Hey, we all have times when life gets too busy. I’m the captain of this group and have had to bail for days on end. Don’t worry about it. We are here for you when you can make it. Good going on your loss this week! :)

    @Katmary71 Yes, we do feel that our life is all about caring for his body and we are sick of it and really praying that there is an end in sight. But we are also thankful for all we have and that it could be much worse. I have never had an artichoke unless it was in dip form. They scare me! :grin:

    @Glombog You are doing amazing with your weight loss goals and have become a real inspiration to us all. B)

    @GabiV125 Mmmm corn is super yummy! I look forward to corn on the cob season for sure. But yes, to butter and lots of salt. :grin:

    @trooworld Yikes, swallowing tapeworms is desperate but I totally understand the sentiment. :D Good job on day 3 of IF! I am going to officially start on Monday, but tomorrow I’m going back to the black coffee.

    @Cornanda YES to concentrating on what you are doing right and to stop the negative talk to yourself. I am totally with you on how important it is for us to be honest and hold ourselves accountable but beating ourselves up isn’t the way to do it. Keep working on that good attitude. <3

    Hi Team! No staff meeting today so I was able to go in and clean both buildings and get home at a decent hour. While cleaning I listened to some IF podcast with Gin Stephens. I came home and joined her Delay Don’t Deny Community. It cost me $59 for a year membership and at first, I was really torn about spending the money but then I thought about how much money I waste and this is something that can really help keep me focused because I will be in a community of fellow intermittent fasters. I’m gearing myself up to start on Monday with a new mindset and approach to get what I’ve gained off and to keep striving for a healthy goal weight. I can do it!!! 2022 Word: INTENTIONAL
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