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    @pupowl I love the pictures you share, you really have a gift for photographing scenery.
    P.S. How does the spoiler work? Is there some kind of code you add before attaching an image?
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    JenHul wrote: »
    May 5
    Steps = 14,878
    Started of our evening walk with calm cloudy weather, but really warm with this time of year. On the last half of walk home it started to rain lightly which was kinda refreshing. My Daughter says she loves the smell of fresh rain.
    We got home just in time as the rain was picking up and the sky opened up! If we were just a minute later, we would of been soaked :)
    I really love these walks to wind down the crazy of the day, and try to change to a healthier life style. A couple of months ago I would get home from work, change, turn on TV, sit on couch and do nothing till bedtime.

    @JenHul I have your steps for the 3rd and the 5th, but missing the 4th. I went back and do not see them. Please update me. Thanks!

    I too love the smell of a fresh rain...and fresh mown grass!
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    PW: 195.6
    CW: 198.2

    I haven't been tracking my food as closely, but I think most of this gain is just bloating. Started training jiu jitsu again and have been keeping up with my other workouts.
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    Hello Friends!
    Here is my weekly weigh-in report:

    Weigh in day: Thursday
    CW: 303.4

    LTD: 16.6

    Goal: 220

    This has been a good week for me. I have been eating really well and going on lots of walks. Very excited to see the scale moving in the right direction. Best of luck to you all!

    @paulerdmann1 Just want to make sure on your weigh in because I'm seeing many different weights from your registration and even this report. I have a 345 as beginning, 316 at registration and now I'm confused as to where the 306.8 comes into play when CW is 303.4. Can you tell me which of these weights is the closest to a week ago? I've filled in today as 303.4. Appreciate your help. Great loss in ANY case!

    The best place to start would be the beginning. At my heaviest in 2018 I was 345. I lost 100 lbs in 2019. During the pandemic I gained most of that back hitting 320 as my new highest. I weighed myself at registration at 316 but changed to weighing myself in the morning when I first wake up. So, at registration I was 316 after a day of drinking water and eating food. Last Thursday I was 306.8 in the morning after I woke up and yesterday I was 303.4 in the morning when I woke up. That is why there is such a large difference in my weigh-ins. I hope that clears it up.

    And thank you! I am working really hard to drop the weight again and I appreciate the support.

    @paulerdmann1 Great explanation, thank you so much! We have your all time starting weight in a side chart so that as you lose, the weight chart at the far right will display your overall loss. Now, I will record the 306.8 as last week's weigh in (which is the beginning for May and then I have your 303.4 for this week's weigh in. Thank you again and enjoy your weekend! Great loss this week!
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    Yukie_OP wrote: »
    @pupowl I love the pictures you share, you really have a gift for photographing scenery.
    P.S. How does the spoiler work? Is there some kind of code you add before attaching an image?

    Click on the spoiler button found under the "paragraph" symbol. It will give you the BBCode and then you upload your photos in between those symbols and when they appear, they'll be under the SPOILER window for those who don't want to see pics. Hope this helps.


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    Last call for April steps for the Step Challenge...

    Please update me with your guys have a lot of zeros...don't let your hard work go to waste.
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    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. :smile: Jessica already explained, but if you don't see the button on mobile, you can also just type the code yourself; it's pretty simple: [ spoiler ] and then [ /spoiler ] without the spaces.
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    May 6 - Friday
    Steps: 26.807
    Good morning Shape Shifters. I had a busy day with my most steps in a day so far. My mom broke her foot a while back. She is doing much better but should still take it easy a bit. I wanted to go for a walk that was a bit further away from my home. Since I don't have a car, and she doesn't bike, our options are always a bit limited. But the great thing is that we have a bus that goes through some areas of the national park! So we got up at 6 in the morning and packed our bags and took the first bus of the day which left at 6:45. At 6:53 we arrived at the start of our walk in very dense fog. It wasn't cold though, but we didn't see a lot either! The sun tried several times to break through, but while we were out, we never really saw it. I did this walk once before; there are no blazes so you have to pay attention to the map. I thought it would be fun to let my mom navigate, and as I expected, she would have probably gotten very lost.. :smiley:
    We had a really nice walk, except for the mosquitoes. I didn't really think they would already be out in such numbers. We were fine as long as we kept moving, but stop for a second and we got swarmed by 15 of them at once. The walk is around 6 km long and took our sweet time. The fog made for some really pretty scenery. We saw and heard a lot of birds and I even managed to spot a deer that was nearly invisible in the tall grasses. After it had hopped away, a second one followed. I always love seeing deer since it's not all that common in this part of the country and I like how they hop and jump. At one point I saw something strange hanging from a tree, and then I realised it was the leg of a bird of prey with some clumps of feathers. I will not share this picture since I don't think anyone wants to see it, but it looked really creepy! Makes me wonder what happened to it.
    The bus only goes once an hour so I was a little worried about how that would work out. Worst case we would have to wait a long time for it. But when we finished our walk and were back at the bus stop, we only had to wait around 12 minutes so that worked out well. When we got home, I had a shower, watered the plants in the garden, gave Tinus some love and the rest of the day we spent watching birds and chatting. I had made a reservation for dinner at the 'Bospub', a really cool place almost in the forest where you can eat lunch and dinner. They also often host things like live music nights and scavenger hunts for kids in the forest nearby. It is around 30 minutes walking from my home. Since the temperature was pretty nice, we got a table outside. Their vegan avocadoburger is to die for; it's my go to pick when I eat there. We had a lovely dinner and walking home in the sun after was really nice too. We usually play Rummikub when my mom is here, but I was not feeling so well. It always takes a lot of energy when she visits. Thankfully I did manage to avoid getting a migraine, but my headache was pretty bad most of the day and I had to take 4 paracetamol to keep it somewhat under control. So we spent the evening just chatting instead and headed to bed on time; it was a very long day!
    I will put some pictures under the spoiler again, hope you will enjoy them and thanks for reading my wall of text. Happy Saturday everyone <3
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    PW 133
    CW 133.4
    The sun is out & the birds are very happy tweeting away in the trees at the back of my house.I had to get up very early as I booked a food delivery.I also wanted to get alot done.Ive put 2 loads of laundry on.I had to get a sensitive non bio detergent as the doctor thought my rash maybe an allergy.Im not so sure as it has spread further since Sunday.Its getting me down but at least I don't feel ill with it.
    @Pupow I admire that you manage to carry on despite your headaches ,& migraines.Even if it means a few early nights.Sounds like you had a lovely day & evening with your Mum.Im glad @Yukie_OP asked about the spoiler I can never get it to work!
    I'm going for a walk after a shower & applied the cream x2 to my spotty body lol.
    Hope you all have a great weekend.I saw this & thought it was a nice thought.
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    Saturday weigh in
    PW 235.5
    CW 234.4
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    Thank you! I do my best with the headaches, but migraines are a whole different animal. I don't see my mom that often though (every 2-3 months) so I don't want to go to bed or skip things if I can help it.
    Is it possible your rash is from oak processionary caterpillars? I had that happen to me a few years ago, also went to doctors for allergy and stuff, but nothing ever came from it. Then my brother pointed out this could be an option and that seemed to fit. Some years we have a lot of trouble with them here. I hope it goes away soon!
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    The May Week 2 Group Challenge begins tomorrow, Sunday, May 7th. Join us to reflect, recommit and share your growth. Hope to see you there!

    Here's your link:
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    Friday weigh in
    PW: 140.6
    CW: 141.9

    My husband had a couple of late nights this last week. Also, my kids where home from school sick for a couple of days. I was in survival mode and missed some workouts and ordered meals on door dash. I knew this week was going to be bad...
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    PW: 221
    CW: 220.5
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    Great losses this week Team!!!

    Thanks y'all, for showing us how it's done!!! Keep up your momentum!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! :smile:
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    Saturday Musings

    Got up early this morning and walked a mile first thing!! Celebrating the arrival of the weekend and the survival of last week! Many of us have physical woes, difficulties, issues and the pain that goes with them...physical, mental and sometimes making it through the week is worth celebrating! In the group challenge this week, today was a day to celebrate. Hope you guys are enjoying the challenges...if you haven't popped in, you're really missing out. They're fun, different each week and VERY motivating. Just posted the link to the new one which starts tomorrow. Encourage you to participate...

    Last night, we had some severe storms, lightning, tornado warnings, etc...the winds were horrible and the thunder very loud. My Hazel was scared and it was hard to get to sleep, but once they wound down a little after midnight, I slept like a baby...even slept in for a bit this up around 8:40 and started walking a little before 9am. It's much nicer today although still partly cloudy...supposed to have more rain this afternoon, but at least no storms...getting ready to lie down and read for a bit...just want to relax today. Got my little bit of cleaning out of the way so I can!

    So, what's on tap for anyone who is celebrating Mother's Day this weekend? Planning anything special for your Mom, Grandma or special Aunts in your life? I remember as a child, picking flowers for my Mom and being so proud to present them to her, just to see her smile. It's the little things that are important...Hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you're a Mom, Step-Mom, Caregiver, Fur-Mom...Happy Mother's Day to you!

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    5/6 steps - 6066

    I had a very slack day. I did a lot of house cleaning but didn't go on any walks. My eesting heart rate was still fairly high, so I didn't push it.

    I got back out today for a walk. I kept it slow but did my full three miles. My heart rate stayed under 120, so it was much better though still about 10% higher than it normally is. I'm going out with the wife tonight for her Mothers day dinner with my weigh in looming tomorrow. It's been looking good all week but the bast three days put me in a tailspin. Hopefully it will okay.
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    edited May 7
    Please join me in congratulating all of our Step Challenge participants for the month of April. As a Team, we walked nearly 2.4 million steps! WAY TO GO!!! Great job all!
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