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  • DD265
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    PW: 88kg
    CW: 88.2kg

    Not too surprising, it has been manic and I've felt constantly hungry. Lots of catching up on posts needed!
  • jugar
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    I know you're in slammed mode, @ashleycarole86 so if you don't get to the step and exercise stats this week we totally get it! Here are my numbers for last week in any case, but don't feel like you have to keep this on your absolute to-do list this week. Hope all is going better :heart:

    Sunday - 11,137 + 45 bike
    Monday - 10,694 + 45 bike
    Tuesday - 10,661 + 25 Pilates + 45 bike
    Wednesday - 9404 + 15 Pilates + 45 bike
    Thursday - 10,759 + 30 Pilates + 45 bike
    Friday - 8,775
    Saturday - 10,051 15 Pilates + 45 bike

    Hoping your weather for tomorrow does what you need it to do!
  • jugar
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    Time for the Tuesday line-up!


    And one last Monday person -
  • PlaneMonkey
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    Today we seeded the lawn on the newly rebuilt shoreline. The ground has been so soggy this year that while we were rebuilding the dock, every step we took from the shore to the water make a piece of mud break off. I rearranged some rocks and hauled down five 30kg bags of crushed stone and forty-five 25L bags of soil all 54 steps from the parking to refill the shoreline. I earned the brownie I ate for dessert!

    I had a NSV as well. From all the rock hauling and lifting I now have biceps definition again. That was one of my favourite things from when I was actively doing Crossfit. I've always been strong, even when I was much more overweight but as the pounds melt away it's like the muscles are the sun peaking back out from behind a cloud to say hello!
  • Gidgitgoescrazy
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    @jugar, I would like to change my Weigh in day to Saturday please and thank you.
  • jugar
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    @PlaneMonkey Isn't it amazing how hauling earth and stone like a prisoner can make your day? That was some impressive day's work, and yes indeed - you earned that brownie. Now, a prisoner would not get one of those... Those moments of revelation when the layer of fat that has been hiding your muscle definition goes away are enough to plaster a smile on your face that lasts longer than the happy from the brownie - we want bicep pix!!

    @ashleycarole86 golf clothes are something I have never had to think about, but I hear you on shopping procrastination. I hate clothes shopping with a seething simmering lifelong passion. Even now that I wear small sizes, I still hate it. I sometimes have to enlist a friend who actually enjoys it to go with me so that I don't give up before even making it 2 steps into the store. I always hope their enthusiasm will rub off - it sometimes works, at least temporarily. In any case, have a great time out on the golf course showing off your new outfits, and I hope your mom feels better soon. Great news on the sleep test, too! :smiley:

    @Gidgitgoescrazy you are now officially a Saturday person. :heart:
  • micki48
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    I am not sure why I can't get this together...

    PW 180.8
    CW 182.6

    I want to give up, and just say screw it, but that won't do me any good...

    I did a 10 min video this morning...

    I can sympathize! It’s so frustrating and difficult. I’m right there with you. Can’t seem to get back on track. Know exactly how you feel.
  • jugar
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    @CarolAnnM2 and @EvMakesChanges that is some moving and inspiring stuff. I'm so sorry Carol that your boss and friend is going through such a sudden and difficult tragedy. We never know when or what might hit us, but you are right to strengthen your resolve to keep your health at the best level you can. And Ev - you were right in there seeing what the danger signs look like up close and personal. Let's all keep working at thinning that layer, feeling our best, and hanging on when it gets tough. Thanks for those messages!

    Tonight's reminders for Wednesday weigh-ins:

    still hoping to hear from @MoonlitMuse as well!

    Thanks, everyone.
  • ashleycarole86
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    Happy 58th birthday you beautiful lovely human!!! It will be perfect because you're doing what you want and celebrating with your granddaughter. Enjoy!!!
  • ashleycarole86
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    @CarolAnnM2 Wow, that must have been so jarring.... I can't imagine what your boss is going through right now. Hoping for good results from the surgery.... and thinking of you as you await an update. After that many years as coworkers it must almost feel like family.
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