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    Is it really coming up on Monday? Don't forget to send in these weigh-ins:


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    @once_mas That's a fantastic achievement! What a way to celebrate your birthday. Bet the scenery was amazing!

    Didn't get to the Peloton as we had some boat issues at the lake (all resolved!) so we got home later than planned and we decided to prioritize our dog walk (which got us both to 10,000 steps as well) instead of heavy biking right before bed. Tomorrow I will try again!
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    Hi WaistAways. I'm Courtney, 41, living in Val-des-Monts, Québec with my husband and 2 cats. I'm working my desk job from home until September then we will gradually transition back to the office part time. Not looking forward to the commute, but that's not a 'today' problem.

    I managed June in the green all month and a lot of it probably has to with a new medication I was on that prohibited me from consuming alcohol all month. It's amazing just how many yummy calories are in a glass (or two) of red wine!

    I've been doing a lot of landscape work around our property and that will continue for July but I'm having a lot of lower back and hip pain that's interrupting my sleep so I'm going to commit this month to core workouts and stretches to fix this because relying on robaxacet is not a long term solution.

    My birthday is in mid-August so I think a reasonable goal is to make it to below 185 and stay there by that time. My pendulum has swung back up to closer to the top of this decade as I overeat on weekends but with some consistency and effort I can do this!

    Welcome new team members, can't wait to get to know you more and add your voices of encouragement to the other in my head when I reach for the snacks!
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    @once_mas That's a fantastic achievement! What a way to celebrate your birthday. Bet the scenery was amazing!

    @ashleycarole86 Thanks! 😊 yes it was beautiful and weather also was really good
    YinxFed wrote: »
    Wow! That is a long bike ride! I've travelled between Amsterdam and Haarlem many times (by train!) so this was a fabulous achievement. Happy birthday to you!

    @YinxFed Thanks! 😊 Oh cool! i had no idea you were also living in the Netherlands
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    Day 2 has gone better than day 1! Have spent some time thinking about realistic goals for this first month. Here they are:
    1. Log daily
    2. At least 30 minutes of exercise every day (This is actually less than usual, but in my current injured state I can’t do what I normally do and too often end up doing nothing ☹ )
    3. Eat meals, not snacks. Healthy choices (veggies, fruits, eggs, fish, chicken, minimal red meat)
    4. Keep a sleep journal to better understand how sleep relates to other activities. (Ultimately, I would like to achieve ‘good’ sleep on my FitBit and have at least 45 minutes of deep sleep on a consistent basis).
    5. Drink at least 64 oz water every day

      @once_masCongrats on your cycling outing. Quite an achievement!

      @DD265 You have had a lot on your plate! “Finding it difficult not to pressure myself, so I set these unrealistic targets for things to get done and then when I inevitably don't meet them, I comfort eat. “ … I share some of the same characteristics. Spending some time today to try to care out some productive but not excessive objectives for this week.

      @CarolAnnM2 Good job last week!!

      @Gidgitgoescrazy Right there with you. Not sure why it is so hard to get back into the groove, but it is!

      @PlaneMonkey The past two years has caused a lot of adjustment for everyone Hopefully transitioning back to the office part time will not be too bad.

      @jugar Interesting … your buttocks prob sounds similar to what I am dealing with (although doubt that it is a hematoma) I have dull pain in left seat bone area which becomes a sharp pain that radiates to the groin area when I mount, ride, or when I bend over and come back up. Can absolutely do anything else I would like to do. Anti-inflammatories help some as does sitting on an ice pack. (Seems like something gets inflamed and then presses on a nerve … although which nerve seems to have changed, as the pain changes locations). Very weird. Have appt with sports med doc tomorrow morning. Hopefully, we can identify the issue and get something done. A year without riding is simply not an option!!!

      @bowens1973 Wow!! A hundred pounds down is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!!
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    @once_mas happy belated birthday and congrats on the bike ride! It must have been beautiful!

    @Gidgitgoescrazy I think that is a great goal! Tracking the good, the bad, and the ugly. That's my plan this month, too!

    @DD265 I'm glad your room is almost done and you have slept in it the last few nights! It's amazing how much a good night sleep helps stay on track.

    My last 2 days have gone well! I have tracked everything I ate and stayed within my calorie limit 😊 The extra day at the gym yesterday left me a little sore today. Peaches are in season and I love a fresh, juicy peach! I am looking forward to another one tomorrow!
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    lauren_989 wrote: »
    Peaches are in season and I love a fresh, juicy peach! I am looking forward to another one tomorrow!
    I am seething with envy. My mom lives in North Carolina, and the only reason I would ever go visit her during the hot July weather was to eat the ridiculously delicious peaches. We cannot get anything close to that good up here! I eat an apple every morning in plain yogurt, but that would be a peach right now if I lived near you!
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    @jan110144 that sounds like a seriously annoying pain in the **kitten**! The nerve pain problems can be much more difficult to figure out - mine was a great huge swelling filled with blood. Not at all difficult to diagnose :grimace: I hope you find a good way to work through it. I had some good luck with acupuncture after the surgery while the entire area was still having odd nerve reactions.

    Your plan for keeping things on track looks great, though. It's so hard to stay motivated when injuries make it hard to do what we want. Food makes more difference than anything else in our body composition and mood - exercise sure helps, but start with the food and hopefully the rest will fall into line. Then 30 minutes exercise, plenty water, and getting sleep are great.

    @eggfreak what's the ugh? If it is more of those ice cream sandwiches, get out your sharpie! If other stuff, well, you have tonight to plan tomorrow's perfect day. If that is too much, then you'll get there soon. Hugs to you!!!!!

    I'll have an "on the road" kind of day tomorrow - starting at 0-stupid:00 to get my taller half to the airport in Montreal (almost 2 hours away), but then having breakfast out and then visiting a flutemaker who is going to work on one of my flutes to see if it can feel a bit better. It'll be a lot of car, sitting, eating, and (hopefully) trying cool flutes while he works on mine :smiley: Then more car time...

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    Hoping for the final people from Sunday - Monday:


    and anticipating those for Tuesday:
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    sorry for the 'ugh' - had a mini meltdown this afternoon. I'll log it all. But I did say 'no' this evening, when normally I would have had a 2nd or 3rd bowl of cereal (don't ask why but I usually can't keep cereal in the house either) I had just one and said, enough, to bed. and now I'll go plan my day better tomorrow.
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    Welcome to new members and hello to returning members. I’m Michele, 58, living near Philadelphia, Pa. I am married almost 39 years and have two grown children. I am currently living with my husband, daughter, SIL, and granddaughter.

    I’ve been with this group for a long time now. I lost at first, plateaued for a very long time, lost some more and recently moved and have gained a bit of weight. Well 12 pounds. I also realized that my new dr doubled my blood pressure meds in the last month at the same time I continued to put on weight. I am having some issues with my feet and ankles swelling. Now I am wondering if that has effected my weight too. But I know it’s also my died and exercise. So something to look in to.

    I like the mantra JUST TRY IN JULY. That is exactly what I need. I will say it to myself every day.

    My goals for this month will be to:

    •be on step team with a goal of 7k a day
    •log all of my food everyday-good, bad, or ugly!
    •drink 64 ounces of water 💦
    •Pilates 3x

    Happy birthday 🎉 and congratulations to @once_mas! Great accomplishment.

    Love your photos @YinxFed Your family is adorable. Hope you’re having a great time.

    Good luck with your interviews @Kali225 Wishing you all the best. Sending good vibes your way.

    Here’s hoping July gets us all where we want to be.
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