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  • PlaneMonkey
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    @ashleycarole86 and @bowens1973 I uninstalled and reinstalled the app from the play store and everything works now. Weird.
  • ashleycarole86
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    Yesterday was good, stayed within points, and everything was good... Got the Bike set up, so I will start that today... :smiley:

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone !

    YAY! Great news. Turned it around from your reported "terrible" to good - that's wonderful to hear
  • ashleycarole86
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    6/30 exercise:
    9321 steps, 61 minutes Peloton
  • jugar
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    Happy Friday / Canada Day!

    It is becoming a rather hot day here - I'm trying to stop procrastinating and get my exercise done before it gets seriously hot.

    Guess I had better hop to it, eh? Have a good one!
  • ashleycarole86
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    @jan110144 What a beautiful horse. It's so hard to be kept from doing the things we love because our bodies aren't cooperating. Hope you get some answers soon.
  • jugar
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    @jan110144 I second the praise of your lovely horse! And you look great on her. I know how hard it is to have some dreaded butt/hip/whatever problem that makes riding impossible, and I hope your return to riding is quicker than mine was last year!

    As to the habit tracker, please go ahead and use it right away! There is no need to have started last week - I blew off a week myself, so just go to our team tab at the bottom, add your own name, your list of things to track, and you're golden.
  • jan110144
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    @Jugar. Thanks. I was only considering starting Habit Tracker next month because I am feeling that I have enough on my plate at the moment.

    I really do think it is a great tool! Looking forward to adding it in Aug.
  • jugar
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    It looks like there might be some people who could not get through the app problems today to post a weigh-in - or maybe they just need to catch up tomorrow. Here are all the people due through Saturday - week 1 will be a wrap when we have all these numbers, so don't dawdle!

  • ashleycarole86
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    Great weigh-ins this week @lauren_989 @conleywoods
    Helping to finish our week 1 strong!

    7/1 exercise:
    6988 steps

    About 6000 of those steps was from our one long walk (60 mins) which means for the rest of the day I took under 1000 steps! Oops

    When we are at the trailer the space is so small that a walk to the fridge, washroom, etc. is like 2 steps. So, when we are here, we have to be intentional about exercise. The day started great with the one hour walk - the sun was shining. We then had a couple drinks and played some cards and then a short nap (really got some good R&R on Canada Day for sure!) and then we woke up to a crazy storm. The lightning just kept coming... it was pouring, mini hail at one point.. we actually just ended up going to bed early and I got 9 hours of sleep.

    Today will be similarly difficult as the rain is supposed to continue, so we'll see. I do have light weights here so I'll try to do some strength.

    Enjoy the day!
  • micki48
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    @AshenMoon CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wishing you all the best in your marriage. 🎉
  • Shawtytel
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    PW: 183.8
    CW: 178.6
  • veronica1359
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    steps 26-02 - Verônica
    Sunday -8,894
    Monday - 9,328
    Tuesday - 11,354
    Wednesday -3,727
    Thursday -0
    Friday - 0
    Saturday - 3,262
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