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    Shawtytel wrote: »
    I've had a great week and am very happy that I managed to get through that time of the month without ransacking my pantry and refrigerator. For me this is a huge win. I always look at the scale afterwards and saw a huge 10lb jump which is so discouraging. Although mentally I know its tons of water weight added with all the unnecessary eating I still end up feeling like why not keep eating the junk.

    These past few weeks I've managed to give myself that morning pep talk and keep pushing everyday for that win. As of last night im feeling defeated. I had a wonderful day with my boys and husband to only end up coming home and once I relaxed ended up with a major neck spasm. I've never had any pain like this in my life. Even keeping my neck straight still results in this unbearable pain. I looked it up and its the sternocleidomastoid muscle putting me in sooo much pain. I couldn't work out last night and cried in defeat. According to what im reading this pain will take a week to go away. A WEEK! I can't go a week wothout working out. Idk what to do. I seriously feel like I failed myself. I'm sure what reaulted in this pain was Fridays kickboxing workout…These neck exercises im sure will do nothing to help with the pain because I can barely move…
    Everytime im back in the game something derails me😔

    I appreciate the pain you’re in and know there are some wonderful techniques to help release the SCM muscles. Yes, it’s discouraging to have it feel worse two days later but remember, we live our lives every day, start making amazing changes including working out and BAM!! Stuff happens.
    Download the App called, “BALANCE”.
    It’s free for the first year & has practical guided meditations which help with pain, etc. Help is available. I’ll energetically send my hands to you and work out that neck-kink!
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    Week 4 has started off with some more beautiful green weigh-ins - thanks @deniners2 @YinxFed and @jan110144 !!

    Monday people get ready to roll -

    I hope your neck feels better fast @Shawtytel - that kind of pain can be nasty! Talk with a physiotherapist as soon as you can, and hopefully there are good ways to relieve the spasm and get the inflammation down. Hugs (gentle ones!) coming your way.

    I have had a lazy eaty kind of day today, but also had some lovely talks with my dad. Tomorrow I get to go on a hike, so hopefully the extra calories from today will get shifted. Tally ho, my friends!
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    It’s late and wanted to get my steps in before my phone dies.

    @ashleycarole86 Steps

    7/10 4262
    7/11 8740
    7/12 9220
    7/13 7064
    7/14 7030 12 minutes of Pilates
    7/15 8717
    7/16 10584

    Way to go Waistaways!!!! FIRST PLACE AGAIN! Our teams’ loss was 20 of 27 pounds total for all teams?! That is amazing! Keep it going team. Yay to everyone. 🎉👏🏼🌟
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    I was having a very good eating day and had everything planned out. Got to my evening snack and both of the brand new containers of cottage cheese had mold! Checked the expiration date and they expired a week ago. Sooooo annoying 🙄 Fine, I'll just use plain yogurt. Nope that one is expired too. I will be taking them back to the grocery store tomorrow. I did not hit my protein goal today so thats a bummer. I did get in a short hike for 35 minutes. My feet are still pretty sore and I noticed a little swelling this evening.

    This morning I stepped on the scale and I was lower than when I went on vacation! Woo-hoo 🙌 Hopefully my birthday tea won't throw it off too much. I will enjoy the treats at the tea house but don't have anything else planned dessert wise.

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    Good Morning all!

    So guess from last week to now...my overall change is nil

    PW: 139.4
    CW: 139.4

    Honestly - I'm not even mad because my SO made me a carrot cake for my bday (with 1.5c of oil and full fat cream cheese for the frosting) and I may have had 3 pieces yesterday (and a piece for breakfast this morning). Sooooo I guess I'll take a no change week lol.

    So last night we got a wicked storm with 80mph winds and crazy hail. More of my tree limbs have been ripped off which makes me beyond sad and my solar tubes look like swiss cheese. I want to take them down and replace them with panels but I'm afraid that they'll get damaged in the future since these hail storms are becoming more frequent.

    @jugar Let me know if this is the right format for everything...

    Sun: 17,967 (incl 5.1mi run + 3.09mi walk)
    Mon: 13.350 (incl 2mi walk) + 12.5mi bike + 39min weight lifting (lower body strength/hypertrophy)
    Tues: 13,956 (inc 2.54mi run + 2.09mi walk) + 12.5mi bike + 16min lifting (lower body pump)
    Weds: 10,071 (incl 2mi walk) + 12.5mi bike + 35min lifting (upper body strength/hypertrophy)
    Thurs: 8,440 (incl 2mi walk) + 12.5mi bike + 25min lifting (upper body pump)
    Fri: 9,756 (incl 2.25mi walk) + 12.63mi bike
    Sat: 10,262 (incl 3.29mi run)

    also @DD265 oh man, I need to get my (5) kitties that thing! My guy (only one is a boy) tried to get out this morning to investigate the damage and I think they'd love something like that. Mine are exclusively indoor cats and I'm afraid that if they get a taste of going out, that they'll turn into escape artists. Have you noticed that about yours? Mine are also intact - do you find that claws tend to be a problem with the mesh?
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    Good morning everyone or afternoon for some.

    @DD265 I love the kitty photos and the allotment. You have certainly been busy. It’s coming along nicely. I haven’t gotten any tomatoes yet because the critters are beating me to them.

    @conleywoods How frustrating when you go to eat something you just bought and it’s bad or expired. You handled it well. Kudos to you for losing weight on your vacation. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and hugs too. 🤗❤️

    @Shawtytel Sorry to hear about your next pain. Until there is pain, we don’t realize all the muscles we use just to hold our heads up. Hope @EvMakesChanges healing vibes help you. Don’t sweat the workouts. Listen to your body. It’s telling you to rest. Like @Kali225 said, focus on intake and rest. Our Pilates group has a mantra of “Grace over guilt”. Give yourself some grace to heal and remember your muscles have memory and will spring back. Take care.

    @jugar Have a great hike in lovely Maine.

    @Kali225 Hope your sunburn has calmed down especially your Jennifer Coolidge lips. That visual gave me a giggle. Hope it’s better now.

    Don’t have a plan yet today. Just trying to get my 💦 and steps in and log. The little one came in and we did 15 minutes of Pilates together. My little motivator. 🧘🏻‍♀️

    Hope everyone makes it a great day.
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    @MoonlitMuse It's great. Originally, before we had the catio built (which is apparently inferior to the tents despite costing about 10x more...), we got a dog agility tunnel and connected the tents to the conservatory door with a fly net/mesh curtain so they could come and go. Worked great, until they figured out how to force the fly net apart and escape! Now we take them to/from the tents, but they have free access to the catio through a cat flap, so they still can't roam at all. Claws don't seem to cause any issues; mostly they enjoy snoozing in the shade. :smile:

    Had a great 3.5 hour drive down to the customer's area today; no traffic issues at all which was unexpected but much appreciated. Certainly more comfortable in the car with aircon than at home! I went to Nandos for tea with my colleague and I had chicken, chips and corn on the cob as they were out of salad. Then we went for a walk on Felixstowe Beach which is only 15 minutes away and was lovely. I think it had been very busy earlier, but it was quiet and the temperature was perfect! If this is the theme for my week I shall be made up - and the 'wrong hotel' is fine ;)
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    It is amazing that the UK is hotter than where I live in late July. That hardly ever happens - but wow. Such temps.

    I had a fabulous hike this morning all around and up a small mountain in coastal Maine. I was worried it would be terribly crowded, since everything around here seems terribly crowded to me, but the trails reserved for hiking only were very empty. Most of the time I was the only person in sight. The summit was busy, partly because it was the only area with a nice breeze to keep the warm humid air and the bugs off, but the trails were still lovely. I'll post a couple of pics when I get it together.

    Off to Tuesday weigh-ins! Are you ready?

    @CarolAnnM2 (Monday, but either I missed it or you did not post yet - I'll check!)
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