WaistAways Team Chat - JULY 2022



  • Shawtytel
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    Congratulations @bowens1973 on your first Gran Fondo. That's an amazing achievement.
  • micki48
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    @ashleycarole86 Steps

    7/3 8299
    7/4 7022
    7/5 8402
    7/6 9673 + 29 minutes dancing; moderate effort
    7/7 9564
    7/8 8020
    7/9 8059
  • jugar
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    The Monday lineup - looking forward to it!
  • ashleycarole86
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    7/10 exercise:
    8024 steps + 93 minutes Peloton

    Good weigh-ins @DD265 @CarolAnnM2 Keeping the good results rolling!

    @Gidgitgoescrazy Not good about the stomach issue. The app definitely isn't making it any easier on people. Glad you are finding a way to be with us!
  • jan110144
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    Today is almost like a day off. Focusing on just getting my HabitChecker items addressed. Feeling a bit tired after a rigorous weekend so taking today as a recovery day.

    @jugar Mmmm, strawberries! I have some for lunch nearly every day. Fresh peaches are also delicious right now.

    @Micki48 Love summer for the fresh produce! The peaches right now are phenomenal!

    @DD265 Hard to picture England as sweltering. Every time I have been there it has always been far cooler than I anticipated.

    @MoonlitMusen Congrats on your sub 30 min 5K!!

  • jugar
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    Hi all!

    I had a total day off today. But not an off day! The taller half and I went to visit two wonderful women we really enjoy, and ended up spending hours there. OH built the house they live in 50 years ago (holy cow), so he has known one of them since then. Her son is OH's godson, who helped build our house when he was 18. In any case, they are good friends we have not seen often enough. If talking burned more calories we all would have had a torching day!

    @MoonlitMuse so good you're back! We missed you. I'm thinking about recipes your OH might enjoy in the vegetarian department. There is one that is a huge hit with everyone I know who is not too willing to accept that meals can be based on something that is not meat. It started out based on Molly Katzen's recipe for polenta pie here https://www.molliekatzen.com/recipes/recipe.php?recipe=polenta_pie but I have made major changes (I see them as improvements!). Instead of just a mushroom and zucchini based filling, I use lots and lots of swiss chard, some carrots, sometimes peppers, sometimes mushrooms - pretty much anything goes but the chard is amazing in combination with the polenta crust and the cheese. I make the filling ahead, usually, and often also throw in some chickpeas or any other beans I have around. In any case, it also helps to use a much tastier variety of cheeses than just mozza. It is possible to freeze squares of the pie (I bake it in a 13"x7" glass pan) and bring them for lunches. If you don't eat the whole thing for dinner! It is seriously delicious, and the filling can really vary with what veggies are in season and looking good.

    @Gidgitgoescrazy you are now a Wednesday person! If you are a bit late and weigh in on Thursday or Friday, it is still OK. I promise not to come running after you with a large stick in my hands :astonished:

    @YinxFed bon voyage tomorrow - I hope your return home is uneventful with no airport chaos or delays. I'm glad you were able to have your long-overdue visit with your son and daughter-in-law, and that you'll never have to wait so long again. Enjoy settling in back home, and we'll look forward to your weigh-ins starting up again!

    Tuesday line-up - ready, set, go!

  • micki48
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    @MoonlitMuse Congrats on your great time on the 5K! That is awesome. Must feel good to be under 30 min. Well done!

    @YinxFed Sending good vibes for safe travels. Glad your trip was so wonderful. Hoping you get some great restorative sleep when you return home.

    It was a beautiful day today. Had a nice walk with an old friend catching up on all the things. Went to dinner with hubby. Not sure if I kept it under calories, but it was good. Need to drink some more water, but I met my step goal today. Back is feeling better. Still no Pilates. Need to get on that mat!! Tomorrow is supposed to rain so we are headed to the library and I saw a cool water color art activity to try out with Juliet.

    Have a great night. Hope all you Albertans (is that right?) are having a great time at the stampede. :smile: :)
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